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Community Protest against building a road through GKVK

‘Save GKVK’ Campaign – Community Protest

Date: 10:00 am – 11:00 am, Sunday, October 11, 2009

Venue: GKVK Main Gate on Bellary Road

Program: Protest against proposed 80 feet link road through GKVK campus

Proposed construction of a major 80 feet link road through GKVK campus entailing cutting of 3000 trees and destruction of several research plots

Current Status

GKVK has transferred the land to BBMP. BBMP has felled hundreds of trees and has initiated civil works. Court has issued stay order on further felling of trees. Forest department has filed a FIR and is investigating the issue. However, BBMP is still planning to carry on with road work. We have now lost hundreds of trees, but the land still remains. We can atleast regrow the trees and we can prevent a road from running through a green patch and destroying it. If we lose the land, we lose the battle fully and we’ll have a road running through an urban green patch, impacting the rest of the green patch negatively!


Voluntary Blood Banks

Bangalore, obviously, must have several Blood Banks where volunteers can donate blood which will then be used during emergencies.

I know of the Blood Bank that the TTK group runs, it is ably managed by Lakshmi Ravichandran.

But I have been noticing this sign also, near my home:

voluntary blood bank jayanagar 100308

What are the guidelines that govern the setting up of a Blood Bank in Bangalore? How do the administrators ensure that the blood is stored properly and does not lose its viablity? I will be going to this Blood Bank and asking a few questions, but meanwhile…if anyone has some info, that would be welcome!

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