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Mango Festival at Ranga Shankara

Mango Party at Ranga Shankara

The annual mango party is back at Ranga Shankara and will be held on Saturday May 23rd from 2 PM to 6 PM. A one of its kind event in the country dedicated to the Mango, one of India’s special gifts, Mango Party is all about celebrating the mango every year in so much abundance and variety.

Keeping in tune with the Indian tradition wherein the mango is seen as a community fruit, Ranga Shankara has celebrated the Mango Party annually with great zeal involving large numbers of people. With the theatre community being in attendance one can look forward to spontaneous songs, scenes and entertainment.

This year there will also be special entertainment for children and others in the form of mango stories by Padmavati Rao, mango games, Paint-a-mango, on-the-spot story writing contests, best mango recipe (send your recipe to to enter the competition) and much more.

The party is open to all. All one needs to do to enjoy the party is bring a kilo of mangoes and eat as much as one can from the pool. Ranga Shankara will strive to bring as many varieties as possible to the pool.

Ranga Shankara
36/2, 8th Cross
J P Nagar, II Phase
Bangalore – 560 078
P: 080-26493982 / 26592777

Gumma Bande Gumma Kicks off the Ranga Shankara Summer Express

Ranga Shankara’s Summer Express (for children) programme opens on Monday, April 6th, 2009. Under the umbrella of AHA!, Ranga Shankara’s sustained Theatre for Children programme supported by Britannia Industries Ltd., this years Summer Express will reach 920 children across six locations in the city. Limited seats are still available for the summer workshops.

“Gumma Banda Gumma”, Ranga Shankara’s flagship play under AHA!, will kick off this years Summer Express on April 5th at Ranga Shankara. There will be two shows of the play on the same day, at 3.30 PM and 7.30 PM. “Gumma Banda Gumma” has done more than 50 shows so far and is a favourite among children and adults. Close to 20,000 children and parents have watched Gumma Banda Gumma not just at Ranga Shankara but at Seva Sadan, Malleswaram, Udupi and Bellary.

“Gumma Banda Gumma”, is directed by Vibhawari Deshpande with Padmavati Rao as assistant director. It is an adaptation of the original German play, Max Und Milli. [Max and Milli]. It is a five character play performed in the tradition of GRIPS Theatre.

The play focuses on the ability of a child to communicate and bond with another regardless of all the barriers adults create. It is about unconditional friendship, sibling love and rivalry, parent child relationships and how all of these can be quite full of fun and happiness. The play is for children 5 years and above.

Ranga Shankara can be contacted at 26493982.

— Ranga Shankara
36/2, 8th Cross
J P Nagar, II Phase
Bangalore – 560 078
P: 080-26493982 / 26592777

Ranga Ugadi at Ranga Shankara, March 22, 2009

Ranga Ugadi ’09 at Ranga Shankara on Sunday, Mar 22


a. Two full-length plays from outside Bangalore will perform for the first time at Ranga Shankara
b. Rangayana will bring their well acclaimed production of Mahesh Elkunchwar’s “Chirabandi Wade”. T B Dam Kannada Sangha brings Jayant Kaikini’s “Jothegiruvanu Chandira”.
c. Yakshagana comes to the Ranga Shankara stage for the first time.
d. Vidwan R Paramashivan, who is among the oldest living exponents of Kannada Nataka Sangeetha leads the Theatre Songs category

Ranga Ugadi ’09 at Ranga Shankara on Sunday, Mar 22


a. Two full-length plays from outside Bangalore will perform for the first time at Ranga Shankara
b. Rangayana will bring their well acclaimed production of Mahesh Elkunchwar’s “Chirabandi Wade”. T B Dam Kannada Sangha brings Jayant Kaikini’s “Jothegiruvanu Chandira”.
c. Yakshagana comes to the Ranga Shankara stage for the first time.
d. Vidwan R Paramashivan, who is among the oldest living exponents of Kannada Nataka Sangeetha leads the Theatre Songs category
e. Two young prodigies present a flute recital
f. Manavi Kala Tanda, an all women team present the “Tamate Nruthya” — a unique group dance
g. The entire Kannada theatre fraternity will come together to sing theatre songs
h. Exquisite Kannadiga cuisine at the Ranga Shankara cafe
i. Day long programme — starts at 11:15 AM and goes up to 10 PM, on Sunday, March 22.

Ranga Shankara
36/2, 8th Cross
J P Nagar, II Phase
Bangalore – 560 078
P: 080-26493982 / 26592777

Ranga Chitra at Ranga Shankara on Nov.4th 2008

Ranga Chitra, a day of film screenings on travelling theatre, is scheduled to be held at Ranga Shankara on 4 November at 2.00 pm and 7.30 pm. The screenings are a part of the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival ’08 which pays tribute to Company Theatre, which dominated the Indian stage in the early part of the 20th Century.

Six films will be screened as part of Ranga Chitra including Naveen Kishore’s Performing the Goddess: The Chapal Bhaduri Story; Ariane Mnouckine’s Molière; M S Sathyu’s Gubbi Company; K Madhusudhanan’s Maya Bazaar – The Survival of a 120-year-old Theatre Family and Anand Gupt’s The Role of Theatre Brochures. Envisaged as theatrical journeys with the repertory companies, five of the selected films examine the life and art of traveling actors in France and across India (in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka and West Bengal). One film showcases one of the most durable artifacts of what is truly an ephemeral art: the theatre brochure.

Ranga Chitra will be screened in two sessions on 4 Nov (Session 1: 2:00 to 5:30 pm; Session 2: 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm). Admission to the film screenings is free. Entry passes are available at the Ranga Shankara ticket counter from 10 am – 12.30 pm and 5.00 – 7.30 pm (all days).


Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2008: First Internship Program

Ranga Shankara announces its first internship programme during its upcoming Theatre Festival 2008. Applications are invited from interested candidates before 24 September 2008.

Since its commencement in 2004, the annual Ranga Shankara Theatre Festivals have brought the best of Indian and international theatre to Bangalore. This year’s Festival will provide six interns the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of how a theatre works and to work with India’s leading theatre professionals in a positive and energised environment.

The Festival Internships run for 45 full days, starting on 1 October 2008 and concluding on 15 November 2008. The internships are open to graduates available to work full time for the 45-day period. Graduates in Journalism, Mass Communication and Event Management are especially encouraged to apply. Certificates will be issued to the interns on completion of the internship. The internship is an unpaid position.

The philosophy of the programme is to have interns work with the staff and theatre practitioners on a daily basis in preparation for the Annual Theatre Festival, observing practical applications of skills required in theatre and festival administration and applying those skills to assigned tasks.

Through this exposure to theatre professionals at work—and to their audiences—interns will learn what a Theatre Festival means to the life of a community, and how the life of a community enriches its theatre. Interns will, thus, experience the rewards and challenges associated with producing theatre in the professional theatre community. While every effort is made to make internships a valuable educational experience, interns are expected to perform a variety of tasks, not all of which will be glamorous.


Dhwani North Indian Music Festival

The Bangalore Kidney Foundation is proud to present Dhwani 2008 – 5th BKF Mallikarjun Mansur Music Festival

Saturday, 20th September 2008, 5.45 PM – 10.00 PM
Pt. N. V. Gopinath, Sitar
Smt. Shruti Sadolikar, Vocal

Sunday, 21st September 2008, 9.45 AM – 2.00 PM
Pt. Samaresh Chawdhury, Vocal
Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar, Vocal

Sunday, 21st September 2008, 5.45 PM – 10.00 PM
Pt. Jayateerth Mevundi, Vocal
Pt. Ajay Pohankar, Vocal

Venue: Shivarathreeshwara Hall (JSS Auditorium), 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Donor Passes: Rs. 50 only | Available at the venue
Also available at: KC Das (25587003) | Landmark (22067777) | Calypso (22452368) | Channel 9 (55392728)

For more details contact: Mr. Y. Guruprasad on 98454 24053

Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer Centenary Celebrations

Bangalore Gayana Samaja, K R Road, Basavanagudi, is holding the centenary celebrations of the great Carnatic musician, Semmangudi Dr R Srinivasa Iyer, with its 40th music conference being held from July 27 to August 3.

14 experts will hold lecture-demonstrations on Semmangudi’s life and music. Those who won the Talent Promotion Youth Festival, and the annual music competitions, will receive their prizes now too.

From 9.45am to 12.30 m, daily, from July 28 to August 2, technical discussions centering around the theme of Semmangudi will be held.

At the valedictory function at 10am on August 3, the Conference President, Bellary Venkateshachar, will have the title, “Sangeetha Kalaratna” conferred upon him.

Artistes of the Year awards will be given to several musicians, musicologists, and music reviewers.

For more details, contact the Samaja office:

@65 6049 2120 8643, 2661 2244.

AHA! Theatre festival at Ranga Shankara

Ranga Shankara and DHNiE (Deccan Herald Newspapers in Education) are staging a theatre festival, which will kick off on July15, and will feature a total of 35 shows till the end of August.

The festival starts off with “Gumma Bande Gumma” (an adaptation of the German play, “Max Und Milli”, from July 15 to 18. The play is about a child’s ability to connect to others regardless of adult restrictions.

This play will be followed by “The First Leaf”, written by Padmavati Rao. The play is about Putti, her brothers Dodu and Chinna, and their neighbours, facing the challenges of a middle-class family.


Bengali Theatre Festival coming up at Ranga Shankara

Here’s a message I got from Moitree, which I am putting out here….

Attention Theatre-lovers!!!

mukhOsh is all set to treat you with three days of rich theatre

*Mark your calenders now for MOITREE – the Bangla theatre festival in
— six plays
— a panel discussion
— music and poetry
— bengali delicacies
— and ofcourse, the inevitable Bengali adda!!

Moitree is the festival of friendship. We have arranged for the cream of
Bangla theatre to visit Bengaluroo, which is now home to over a lakh of
Bengalis. We aim to re-create the vibrant cultural ambience of Bengal that
we miss away from home, and to create a platform where the two cultures,
that of Bengaluroo and Kolkata can interact. This would be a first-of-it’s
kind experience for the city. The schedule for the festival is given below:
Friday, 23rd May, 1100h:*
Panel discussion on “Globalisation and the Indian regional theatre
– a camouflaged threat?”
Eminent theatre personalities from Kolkata and Bengaluroo would be
on the panel.
*Friday, 23rd May, 1930h:*
Play “Daibaddha” by Sayak, Kolkata
*Saturday, 24th May, 1100h:*
Play “Dildaar” by Sayak, Kolkata
*Saturday, 24th May, 1930h:*
Plays “Mallabhumi” and “Shoorpanakha” by mukhOsh, Bengaluroo
*Sunday, 25th May, 1100h:*
Play “Galpo Hekim Saheb” by Sundaram, Kolkata
*Sunday, 25th May, 1930h:*
Play “Sajano Bagan” by Sundaram, Kolkata

mukhOsh is a forum where scientists give expressions to their passion for

Moitree is a friendship that attempts to provide a platform for the
interaction between the theatre enthusiasts of Bengaluroo and Kolkata.

We would be bringing out a booklet on the occasion of Moitree, that would
reflect the unification of the two cultures, and of the sciences with the
performing arts. Eminent theatre personalities as well as scientists would
be contributing articles in both Bangla and English for this booklet, that
would surely be a reader’s delight.

The booklet would be priced at Rs.20/- per copy. Book your copy now!

Tickets for the shows are priced at Rs.150/- each.
Tickets would be available at the Ranga Shankara counter from 15th May.

For tele-bookings, call: Souvik (9900498000);
Anindita (9886307249);
Ayan (9886807298)

Note: Tele-bookings would be confirmed against payment by 20th May 2008.

mukhOsh attempts to add some sunshine to the lives of the underprivileged
through its performances. The proceeds of the festival would be given in aid
of paraplegic children to the Mathru Foundation, an NGO run by the
Para-olympian, Padmashree Smt. Malathi K. Holla.

Book your tickets now to experience the richness of Bangla theatre and also
to make a little contribution for the children of a lesser God.

Visit us at for updates, and to catch glimpses of our

Looking forward to having you with us.

– Anindita

The Ramanavami Concerts….

Dr K J Yesudas’ inaugural concert for the Ramanavami series at Sri Ramaseva Mandali, Chamarajpet on Ugadi Day (April 7), with the classic pieces like the well-beloved “Vatapi Ganapathim Bhaje” as well as lesser-known padams like “Enanittu Mechisuveno” was good …… but if only he hadn’t also studded the concert with the speech, no, preach, about money, remuneration for artistes, sponsors, and so on….that really did not go with the mood of the concert.

In fact, there are times when I wish that even if lecture-demonstration concerts, there is less of the lecture and more of the singing! But this of course is only my opinion….

But music lovers have many good concerts in store yet, but how people are expected to arrive for a concert at 5 pm on a working day is not something I can understand…nor the different timings on different days. However, there must be some logic to this.

Venue: Government Junior College, Fort High School Grounds.

Monday, April 14:

5pm, Saptha Swara award presentation to the following artistes, Parasala Ponnammal, T K Govinda Rao, Manakkal Rangarajan, Tiruananthapuram R Venkataraman, Mysore Mahadevappa, H G Krishnamurhty.

6.45pm, Kadri Gopalnath on the saxophone, with Kanyakumari on the violin and percussion by Harikumr, N Amruth and B Rajashekar.

Tuesday April 15:

5pm, Manasi Prasad and party.

7.15pm, Pattabhirama Pandit, TKV Ramanujacharyalu, Arjun Kumar and B N Chandramouli

Wednesday, April 16:

5.15pm: Kamakshi and Meenakshi, vocal duet.
6.30pm: R K Padmnabha, Parur M A Krishnaswamy, H S Sudhindra, and Sukanya Ramgopal.

Thursday, April 17:

5.15 pm: C Arvind Athryea and party.
6.30pm: N Vijaya Siva,N Charulatha Ramanujam, Neyveli Narayanan, N Amruth.

Friday, April 18:

5.15pm: Padmashree and Godamani, vocal duet
6.30pm: Malladi Brothers, Sriram and Ravi, TKV Ramanujacharyalu, K V Prasad, and B N Chandramouli.

Saturday, April 19:

5.15pm, Surabhi and party
6.30pm, Mysore Nagaraj and Mysore Manjunath, violin duet, Tiruvarur Bhakhtavatsalam and Vaikom Gopalakrishnan.

Sunday, April 20:

Founder’s Day.

9am: Felicitations to senior musicians and musicologists. Nedunuri Krishanmurthy, Nagai Muralidharan, K V Prasad, N Amruth.

6.30pm:Hyderabad Brothers, Raghavachary and Seshachary), S Varadarajan, Mannargudi Easwaran, B R Ravikumar.

Do enjoy as many of these concerts as you can!

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