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First Wash….

Thunders, showers and winds…y’day night was the first wash for the neighborhood. The temperatures mellowed down nicely and I observed while in the morning walk, trees cleaned of dust and lot of ‘subject matter’ scattered all over the roads…


It’s a pleasant weather now! The city’s ‘thermostat’ started working, I must say!!

Rain, Rain don’t go away!

The temperature in the city is soaring. So much so that a friend who had recently gone to Chennai commented on her return that Chennai was pleasant and much better than Bangalore. That could be very true factoring in that it was a brief stay & weather generally has the ability to surprise people. I recall a lot of people have commented on the hot conditions over the last few days.

After all the talk and newspaper articles on this topic and the usual after office thoughts when I was riding home today a simple development got me really excited. It was a drizzle.

Summer time in Bangalore

You can feel the summer setting in. As soon as you wake up there is a certain kind of smell & warmth in the air. Just a few days back we were pulling up our quilts in the early hours of the morning & now without much of an effort we are pushing it away. The fans that were switched off are now running at its lowest speed & as the summer sets in further, the first sound you will hear when you enter any room is that of the fan whirling above.

Napoleon of our times…

Napoleon’s daily routine rarely varied, He had the ability to doze and wake at will..


The concept of Siesta is not that odd, a classic cat nap or Power Nap is always known to provide health benefits. In New York, a company called MetroNaps has opened a branch in the Empire State Building, charging patrons US$14 for the use of facilities (semi-enclosed ‘capsule’ lounge chairs) for a brief power nap….

So, times vary, places vary but the needs remain common…

Get out your woollens, folks!

Well, the temperatures in Bangalore have definitely been dropping over the last few days. There’s something I like about this cool/cold weather though. There’s a slight nip in the air when you wake up in the morning. A bunch of folks gather around the local tea vendor to have a shot of garam chai. The neighbourhood dogs curl up a little tighter and the little pups stick close to each other sharing their body warmth. They’re not so keen on chasing strange vehicles anymore.

Ah, it’s winter once more! According to a report in today’s papers, it’s going to be a cold winter so look forward to a few chilly mornings and evenings in the weeks to come. Get out your woollens, socks, cardigans and jackets – it’s time to don some warm clothes – at least for a few weeks :) The temperatures might drop lower than previous years, it warns.

Hot bhutta on a cold winter morning in Bangalore

I think we’re so lucky in Bangalore to have near perfect weather – not so hot in summer and not so cold in winter! A little bit of chill in the air, is all the more reason to stay a little longer in bed, to curl up with a book and a hot cuppa chai (or coffee!) on the balcony, enjoying the winter sun, or bite into a hot pepper and lemon bhutta. Ummm… life’s little pleasures are hard to beat!

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