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“Yelli Iddira”, Where are you Volvo?

I tried this and it worked! No not giving the position but message like…“Sorry, No data available presently for this route, for details pls visit, Thank you!”

Not bad!! Technology has come helping hand when you are fed up with No-No Auto’s ( the species only found on Bangalore Roads and is protected by RTO to be wild and always nodding heads saying “No No” once customer approaches”) and despite more demand and less supply still if you dream of traveling via AC Volvos…all you have to do is SMS and you get the location of the route within 5 seconds…

Soft-wearing the Corruption!!

– A technical revolution in the making

No, don’t get confused I did stumble upon this question, how the hell can a software curb corruption and that to in the country which feeds it’s parallel economy with.

One of the biggest problems in India is the number of layers of bureaucracy built into the government. The path of money allocated for social or infrastructure improvements leads from central government agencies, to state agencies, to district agencies, to village agencies. There are typically 5-6 steps along the way, and each step is an opportunity for somebody to siphon off some of the money” as illustrated by Steve Hamm, writer of famous Bangalore Tiger.


Reva, the Revolution…

While on Bangalore roads many must have observed tiny traveller silently waying through and bettering between autos and cars.. yeah, It about an electric car called ‘Reva‘ and it’s in the news yet again…


Recently REVA became the first Indian automobile company to receive $20 million in funding led by Draper Fisher Jurveston and Global Environment Fund. The money will be used by the car manufacturer to expand its global reach.


Vint Cerf Lecture

Vint Cerf gave a lecture on the past, present, and future of the Internet last night at the Dr. Ambedkar Bhavana Memorial Trust. The invitation-only event was sponsored by Google as the kickoff for an ongoing technical speakers series. One of the highlights of the evening was his discussion of the design of network protocols to support an “InterPlanNet” or IPN as a sort of “deep space” backbone for transmission of data from spacecraft and planetary probes.

More photos of the event on flickr

Vint Cerf @ Goggled Bangalore…

Vint Cerf, one of the founders of internet, co-inventor of TCP/IP, Currently chief internet evangelist & VP, Google was in Bangalore y’day…

Image source : Bart Nagel

Reuters Bangalored…

“Latest from US financial market direct from Bangalore” a crazy headline isn’t it?

But so true, “In an office in central Bangalore, dozens of employees are arriving to work on the night shift. They are journalists employed by the world’s biggest news agency, Reuters. Their job is to cover US financial news. And they are working overnight so that they can report company news live as it happens on the New York Stock Exchange – from India.” Reports BBC.

Being Bangalored is the cost effective phenomenon to manage today’s business in US, Reuters journalists in Bangalore now access the same basic information – in the same time frame – as their colleagues in New York, thus the news written in Bangalore can be sent around the world as quickly as the news written in New York – the key importance factor for a wire service, this indeed talks about the data transmission capability of Bangalore and further confirms ‘Outsourcing, Outreaching or Off-shoring is here to stay!!”….

Leaping 3G to 4G via WiMax way!!

With recent breaking news on WiMaxing Bangalore the bandwagon will shortly be joined by biggies…

VSNL has also begun pilot operations in Bangalore for WiMax services and plans to roll out the services in 100 cities by the end of 2007.

BSNL, India’s largest telecom service provider will in the next few weeks deploy what it claims to be India’s first certified WiMAX network after buying Aperto PacketMAX. BSNL believes it has gained a major advantage over its rivals by collaborating with Intel to create India’s first wireless broadband system.

WiMax Update….

Bangalore has joined the elite club of cities enjoying high-speed wireless Internet services, popularly called WiMAX. On Thursday Aircel Business Solutions (ABS) a Chennai based company launched the WiMAX service in the city. Base stations (towers) have been set up at Electronics City, Airport Road, St. John’s Road, Jayanagar, Rajajinagar and Koramangala, each covering a radius of 5 km to 6 km. More to come up shortly…

Cricket and Thread?

Really, all I wanted to do was check scores from Aus-Eng ODI. So I go to Cricinfo, and a few windows like this one pop up to greet me. What exactly is a thread BTW, never knew cricket had a caste angle as well :)

I even ran into a kilometer wide pop-up that proclaimed with joy: hey look, we found you a FileNotFoundException! Eeks, how ghastly!

What exactly is it then. Technology sucks, or just the engineers who bring it to us? Most will say both. And I only hope this is not a result of Cricinfo moving to Bangalore!

Knowing Wibree : The technology update…

– The Orkut of the technical community is arriving, with a concept called ‘Wibree’..


Wibree is the first open technology offering connectivity between mobile devices or Personal Computers, and small, button cell battery power devices such as watches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports sensors. By extending the role mobile devices can play in consumers’ lives, this technology increases the growth potential in these market segments.

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