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Being “Top 5” among world’s expensive cities…

When it comes to Hotel tariff’s, The back office rush to the city from Global MNCs has resulted in placing Bangalore among the top 5 expensive cities in the world!! says a report.

• Moscow remains the most expensive city with average room rates of 236.06 pounds (Rs 19,433).
• New York City at the second slot (180.29 pound),
• Dubai (166.73 pound),
• Paris (165.84 pound) and
• Bangalore, which has an average room rent of 162.04 pounds (Rs 13,341) for the first six months of 2007.

The rise in rates have been fuelled by a limited supply of hotels with rooms moving in the upper end of the market to meet the demand from the expansion in the banking, finance and IT sectors.

Let me warn you, don’t compete the infrastructure here, nor even the per capita income!! The city seems to have has just started earning to spend!!

Iron-ware, City market & Health connection….

Interestingly, while on my last City market visit came across a typical hardware store which has all iron utensils, a quick question came to my mind “in this era of modern cookware, why would anyone still cook the food in Iron cookware?”


Chipping Inn…

“Understand – Innovate – Enable” seems to be the mantra of Brand Bangalore…The fasted and biggest brand tagged with innovation and technical revolution, continues to thrill the world…

Growth Related Questions??

Now it is time that we should get used to realities of the realty….the recent announcement from CM again lurks around the real estate hunger illustrated earlier ..

“No family should go roofless. The State Government has launched many programmes to provide houses for all. In addition, I am concentrating on improving basic amenities to residents of Bangalore”

Indeed a great desire and motivation for the crowd but this becomes simple to digest if we can relate our common sense to few of these points…

Where are we going? The CII and BII Concerns…

“Since 2002, Karnataka has seen a rise in the investments approved — it jumped from Rs. 3,046 crores in 2002-2003 to Rs. 70,996 crores during 2006-2007”

The Chairman of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), Karnataka, Kris Gopalakrishnan said while speaking with Hindu.
As problems continues to galore in Bangalore such as Infrastructure bottlenecks and the nightmarish traffic jams. Yet, “Brand Bangalore” is still undisputed hot favorite of potential investors, especially foreigners. Despite the running discussions between industry tycoons, especially IT, and the Ministries / Government over upgrading, managing the current infrastructure and the so-called non-availability of land for expansion work. The Silicon Valley of Asia and IT capital of India is still the preferred destination though.

You may call it a typical phenomenon of best of available choices rather being the best in class, the city is witnessing the phenomenal growth and the possibilities of the ever growing stress on the locals and BII ( Bangalore IT Immigrants) will certainly continue many fold…

Facts(!) about Bangalore

This has been doing rounds on the Net as forwarded emails for quite sometime now.

I’m very curious to validate the authenticity of these claims…

The “so-called” facts about Bangalore:

1. Bangalore has highest number of pubs in Asia.
2. Bangalore is the only city in the world to have commercial and defense airport operating from the same strip. (What about Pune???)
3. Bangalore has highest number of public sectors and government Organizations in India.
4. Bangalore has the highest density of traffic in India.
5. Bangalore has produced the maximum international sportsmen in India for all sports ahead of even Mumbai & Delhi.
6. Bangalore has produced the maximum number of scientists considered for Nobel Prize nominations.

What say you?

Pollution Watch

I live very close-by to the Electronics City area. The primary reason is that I want my office to be close-by as I’m allergic to traffic jams.

Life has been good so far and my colleagues feel jealous that I reach office/home in 15 min flat :-)

Of late, I somehow get the feeling that the pollution level in Bangalore has increased.

Is it a local phenomenon near my place? Do you also feel so?

Looking at NDTV stats, only SPM levels are alarming.

I wonder what we should do about this…

KSPCB’s site is not impressive at all! Help me :-(

Fear and Stupidity in Bangalore

In the wake of the riots following Dr. Rajkumar’s passing away, Bangalore has been witness to disturbing levels of paranoid hysteria.

No, I’m not referring to the rioters. Enough has been said about their actions and motives. I am referring to those who, enveloped in their completely self-centered fear, lose all sense of perspective and make statements like the following:

I got some pictures of Talisma office being ransacked during the riots in Bangalore last week, following Rajkumar’s death. I believe that’s solid proof that IT companies were indeed targetted. I blogged about it; but I thought publishing the pictures on Bangalore Metblog would give it wider reach.

This was submitted by a reader of this blog, who has blogged about it here.

Decline of fatal accidents in the city

Read this encouraging report in the Hindu today. Apparently, the number of deaths due to accidents on the roads in 2005 has come down slightly. However, on the not so encouraging side, Bangalore was second only to Delhi in the numbers, despite the difference in population.

Last year, 1703 deaths were reported on Delhi’s roads as compared to 704 in Bangalore. While Delhi has 42 lakh vehicles, Bangalore stood at 24.8. Of course, the numbers rise with hundreds of vehicles getting registered every day.

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