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Democratic Business…

– Elections are coming!! 


This synergy of political alliances seen in this shop where all political symbols / flags are seen standing together. This shop in a market area must be running a successful business of democracy!!

Tasty ‘Khara’…


Munching the fried varieties ( known locally as “Khara”) is a favorite snacking game for many, the range in which the varieties is mind boggling along mouth watering, here are few snacks ( don’t ask me names!!, I don’t know many) sold by a street vendor in Avenue Road…

Technology @ work…

Technology is seeping through into the Govt departments as more and more technical gadgets seen put to use in day to day administration work.

Tech @ Markets

A tax collector moves around HAL market to collect taxes from vendors selling vegetables in the market the device used helps retrieve tax dues and prints instant receipts storing the data that can then be uploaded onto the central databases once back in office….

The Strike Continues..

Marathalli Junction

As the Private transporters strike continues the roads look deserted. Public transport & private vehicle drivers got their paradise back while driving on these almost empty roads, their time to travel regular destinations is a record low.
On the other hand, several employees, especially in the IT and BPO sectors, had been affected by the stir and have opted to work from home. The busy marathalli junction was almost deserted at the peak morning hour and it took me a record 20 minutes to drive from Indira nagar to ITPL….

Re-discovering Volvo Routes…

Now that it is evident that Volvo incorporation into BMTC is useful for the commuters and many have opted using it for regular commute giving away their own vehicles. I still feel that it is important for BMTC to cater to this V-class commuters more and introduce more buses on major roads / area’s and enable criss cross travelers to enjoy Volvo travel within city. Here are few more options worth think about….

1. There is a huge opportunity to use these buses more creatively and assess crowded areas connecting them back to residential areas like connecting Commercial Street to Bannerghatta road or Indira nagar.
2. Tying/Teaming up with corporate to give monthly passes and use them as point to point shuttles to Whitefield. Electronic city etc help take off the private buses employed by IT companies.
3. There is an opportunity to ply them on weekends from and to major malls in the city from different area’s like forum mall to Indira nagar then to KR Puram and HRBR layout. Or Garuda mall to Malleshwaram etc
4. Add point to point buses from religious important places like Iscon temple to Koramangala, Bull temple to Indira Nagar etc.
5. Simply map these buses for every normal BMTC route and add them in say ratio of 1:8, one Volvo for every eight normal buses. These can run only on peak times ( 7-10 am and 5-8 pm) to start with and gradually increase the ratio and timings…

The demand to elite travel within the city has been rediscovered by these buses and eventually it has started growing with expectations, in future these Volvo’s have potential to become the backbone of v-class travel and have ability to provide flexible options which can not be provided even by metro rail. As we continue to add more roads we should get far more creative adding more options for travel for those who opt for private transport …this certainly will have more space being created on roads for public transport and reduce no of private vehicles on city roads! What say??

Bengalooru Habba, 07

Bengalooru Habba is back with its repertoire of cultural events that include Carnatic music, folk dances, Yakshagana to fashion shows…

Kala madhyam

Kerala Darsanam via Eby Joseph

Chitrakala Parishat gallery has become window to Kerala’s serene beauty via some great canvas paintings by Eby Joseph.


This series of portraits, named as Kerala Darsanam (Kerala Landscapes) are being exhibited from November 2 to 15, 2007 It is fourth time that Eby’s exhibition of painting is being held in the City…

Lenses & Senses of a Musafir!!

The weekend was busy unlike other… had a feast for eyes with a fabulous display of the Musafir‘s, the photographic odyssey of four wandering photographers, captured through their Senses / Lenses…


This was perhaps my second visit to such good event, first being the Wide angle 2007 which glues me to Chitrakala Parishat (now that I can drive without getting lost from and to the place) this second event confirmed that a visit there makes me relax, revitalized and motivated!!

Deep rooted!!

Janet Yegneswaran and ‘TREESFORFREE.ORG’ efforts are maturing; we witnessed the second anniversary of y’day at Bal bhavan, Cubbon park when it was inaugurated by a truly inspiring personality of ‘Salumarada thimakka of Magadi taluk.

Salumada Thimakka101_6197

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

On Saturday program on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle was conducted by Saahas, an NGO working on the solid waste management along with the volunteers from a leading software company.

I was privileged to join the cause and help create awareness about the three R’s ( Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) via exhibition cum event at Forum Mall in Koramangala on Saturday. Sahaas took this opportunity to deliver strong signals/messages to general public making them aware of the principles and practices of solid waste management with some great examples working in Bangalore.


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