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Invitation from the Shiri Dance Company


My friends at Shiri want me to share this event invitation with the readers of Bangalore
Metblogs – especially those in Bangalore.

Shiri Dance Company invites you to ‘Prayana’- a neo-traditional presentation
progressing from the classical form, into the subtleties of expression and further
into today’s urban reality. Join us for an evening of theatre, movement and verse
featuring guest theatre artiste Anil Desai.

‘Nitya Nritya’
Ravindra Kalakshetra
Kannada Bhavan, JC Road
on April 28, 2008, at 6.30 pm

More information from :
shiri dance company
No 16/1, First Floor
Behind Nritya Apartments
18th Cross, Malleswaram,
Bangalore 560 055
Tel: +91+ 2356 2758 / 98451 90333


Minorities Empowerment….

Those who belong to the “mainstream” are often unaware of some events that touch the lives of those who belong to the “fringes”.

I was walking down the Jayadeva flyover when I noticed these posters:

Here’s the English one:

sexual minorities english poster 140408

and the Kannada one:

sexual minorities kannada poster jayadeva flyover 140408

I had never been aware at all that there was this kind of initiative to give some voice to some of the minority groups in our city. Unfortunately, the posters do not clearly specify where the venue is (I do not know where Bannappa Park is) and so might have lost a lot of their effectiveness in getting a gathering there.

I wonder who organized this rally and cultural event, and how it went.

Life is tough enough when one belongs to the “normal” category; I can only imagine how it must be if society in general does not accept one, and one faces derision and castigation at every turn….many people handle it by not being open about themselves. Those who are honest enough to declare themselves as being “different” are those who face the maximum difficulties.

I saw the posters too late to attend the event; but they made me think a lot about the human condition, and tolerance, or the lack of it, in our society.

A green slogan….

Spotted this lovely slogan….

greenery creates pleasant scenery jpnagar 060408

Surely something that the BBMP can remember, in their haste to cut down as many trees as possible in the quickest time…

The Election Campaign Begins…

At this house…..

kumaraswamy house 060408

the election campaign for the Janata Dal is beginning, with this vehicle. Here’s the front view:

front view of election bus

The back view:

jAthyAtheetha janatha daLA bus back view

and the side view:

election bus side view

the name says, “jAthyAtheetha janatha dal” (secular janata dal; literally translated, “beyond caste”).

Then comes the banner that asks if you are on the electoral rolls, and if not, tells you what to do:

electoral roll banner

The elections, they are a-coming, and we’re getting ready, too……

Nava Varshada Haardika Shubaashegalu…

With this picture of the creation of new life in the forest, I wish everyone a happy New Year!

sixty-nine...crimson rose bfly mating devarayanadurga 050408

It is only with the introduction of the “new calendar” that the “English” New Year started in January; before that, it was in April, when spring brings new life to Nature. Indeed, it was when old-fashioned people insisted on celebrating the New Year in April that others started teasing them, giving rise to the practice of April Fools’ Day!

Ever wondered…

Ever wondered what a girl auto looks like? Here it is:

girl auto devarayanadurga 050408

It’s obviously waiting for a boy auto!

The Glow-Worms of Nanda Road Park!

While many of us rush off to the parks and the jungles, hoping to see birds and mammals, there are quite a lot of creatures all around us, which are, quite literally, underfoot and often not noticed.

Karthik , the Chief Naturalist of Jungle Lodges and Resorts, who conducts the Naturalists’ Training Program that I attended , had mentioned that he had been seeing glow-worms in a park near his home. Each year, for a few days around this time, he has been seeing the glow-worms in his own garden; but this year, he didn’t find them there, but in the park where he goes for his evening walk.

Since I was interested, I called up Pallavi, Vittal, and Anush. Vittal brought along his wife Santrupti and son Adu (dare I call him very cute?!) and we all trooped off to Karthik’s place where he gave us delicious Darjeeling tea, and we then walked (risking life and limb in the traffic, may I add) to the Nanda Road park.

Here’s a picture of a glow-worm in Adu’s hand:

glow worm in Adu's hand 190308 nanda road park


Three kinds of flowers….

This photograph shows the three kinds of flowers that most Bengalureans are used to….

three kinds of flowers btm layout 110308

On the extreme left is a florist. Floriculture is a major business in Bangalore, and indeed, of this part of Karnataka. Cut flowers are exported to all parts of the world from here; and one can get excellent Dutch roses, for example, or even exotic-looking orchids, for really very reasonable rates here.

The pavement stall, of course, deals with the traditional flowers….marigolds, roses, jasmine, and such flowers, which are either sold loose or strung together to form garlands, and are sold for city-dwellers to use in worship.

And above the little stall is a wonderful heritage that we have….that’s the Tacoma Argentina, whose leafless trees are a blaze of yellow at this time, and whose carpet of yellow on the road heralds the arrival of summer. Dr Krumbiegel, the German botanist, was responsible for the planting of trees in Bangalore in such a way that there is always some variety of avenue tree in flower….the African Tulip, Akasha Mallige, Jacaranda, various kinds of Tabebuia, the Gulmohar, the Copper Pod….

The way we are losing trees in Bangalore, I wonder how long we will enjoy this third category of flowers…..!

The Basava Temple, Basavanagudi

One of the temples that Bengaluru is famous for is the Bull Temple (Basava) at the eponymous area of Bengaluru, Basavanagudi. Basava stands for the bull, Nandi, who is the vehicle of Lord Shiva. The shrine contains a monolithic granite figure of the mighty Nandi, set atop a hillock, surrounded by beautiful, majestic trees, on a base of rock which is amongst the oldest formation of rock visible on the earth’s surface:

Here is the view from the front of the temple into the sanctum (all pictures taken with permission):

front view of Nandi

Bangalore Experiences to savor

Here are a few recommendations based on my interests & knowledge that according to me give the perfect Bangalore flavor. Give in yours, and add to this list. Anything & everything that you think someone from outside Bangalore or even a resident Bangalorean should see/visit/experience here. I am sure there is a lot more.

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