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Hadu Hakki Habba

Ananya initiated the ‘Hadu Hakki’ project with the aim of introducing and encouraging learning and appreciation of Carnatic music among children. Supported by a grant from the India Foundation for the Arts, ‘Hadu Hakki’, a series of 19-episodes were aired through all the All India Radio stations of Karnataka, last year. The series were designed as simple interactive sessions to present the children with an overview of Carnatic music and were accompanied by articles for children in Ananya’s monthly magazine ‘Ananya Abhivyakti’.

As a fitting finale to this, Ananya now presents ‘Hadu Hakki Habba’, a festival that aspires to encourage an exciting and fun-filled approach to the learning and appreciation of Carnatic music among children through activities such as essay, collage, quiz, games, presentations, group events and interactions with senior musicians, all based on the theme of Carnatic music.

All the episodes of Hadu Hakki that were aired on AIR will be released as a set of ten CDs at the festival.


It’s not only Hyde Park in London which has speakers in the park…

The Mini Forest in J P Nagar 3rd phase has a one-kilometre stretch of lovely trees, called the Mini Forest. This stretch is broken up into four parts, and it is intriguing that one part alone has been maintained very beautifully, with paved walkways, green grass, plants, communication boards, a playground corner, a yoga corner and so on. The other three parts have been left to their own devices.

Still, having even one part looking so pretty was good…some of it was by neighbouring software companies, who are doing their bit for the environment.

But yesterday, I was not happy to see this on the lamp-posts in the sector:

speakers being installed in mini forest 310308


Bangalore media – Newspapers & now Magazines & then what?

Once upon a time there was only Deccan Herald & a few others. For most of us who had to know anything that is happening in Bangalore we would either have to wait for the newspaper the next morning or switch on to the 7.30 regional news on Doordarshan. Needless to say a lot has changed since.

Talking Billboards


I was driving down Cunningham Road last week and suddenly saw a large hoarding with a huge 3D model of a laptop. I hit the brakes and heard a squeal of tyres behind me. Oops ! Sorry ! Got to check this out.

I had heard on Radio Indigo about promotions for Lenovo’s new laptop and here it was : larger than life. Lenovo 3000 Y 410 – the laptop with an Audio DJ feature.

There was a staircase near the hoarding and I clambered up to discover that Radio Indigo had actually set up a live feed studio, 20 feet high – right behind the monitor of the 3D laptop. From a synergy point of view, two big names in technology and music, got together to give Bangalore a whole new dimension. An idea that pushed the magic of FM to new heights.

Fever 104 FM

Fever 104 FM with a slogan “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC”, A new FM station has been added to the list of FM’s in Bangalore.This FM is in air from quite few days and not sure it is still a testing phase or live, however it is reachable for audience now.It is very very early to judge the quality of the program of this, may be we get a fair picture of the quality in next few months.


FM Radio’s in Bengalooru

Namma Bengalooru (Bangalore) has been blessed by many FM radio stations in the City, Many new listeners are getting addicted to this FM’s everyday! People are with lot of choice to choose what they want.


Its Raining Radio Stations

Some more updated about the new radio station, especially about the RJs.

I have been listening to it since yesterday and am impressed with the music they have been playing so far. The list of RJs they have are all completely familiar names to the city, which includes Sihi Kahi Chandru, Shalini of pacho Sreemathi fame, Sindhu – the girl from the movie Nenapirali, Kiran Sreedhar, etc. Upendra is going to host a show by himself. But I am looking forward to listening to the shows from Mimicry Dayanand who can get really funny.

I have to say again that I am mighty impressed with the music they have been playing so far, and if they manage to keep it up, they have me hooked!

BIG 92.7 FM in Bangalore !

This October witnessed one more new FM station in Bangalore, This time it is BIG 92.7 FM with big hope from Adlabs Films!

Radio VeRVe: Showcasing independent musicians

It began sometime back as an experiment called Infinity Radio and was started by Kaustubh Srikanth in late 2003 to help independent musicians across the country promote themselves. Based in Bangalore, the experiment expanded to included two more members.

Shreyas Srinivasan and Gaurav Vaz joined Kaustubh in 2005 and formed the nucleus of Infinity Radio.


Today, RadioVeRVe, as it is now called, is all set to ride this wave and change the face of entertainment in India. Drawing on the experience of the many years of intimate involvement with the music scene, the technology advantage and the limitless possibility of the world wide web, RadioVeRVe aims to be at the forefront of the “Indian Independent Music Revolution”.

Shreyas Srinivasan talks about Radio Verve and the exciting plans they have for the future.

One more FM Radio on air!

Another FM Radio is on air in Bangalore, This time it’s a turn of Radio Indigo on 91.9 FM with a caption “the color of music“. This station looks quite different from other where they are now airing a large choice of international music from jazz to hip hop, contemporary to retro, blues to hard rock.

Earlier Radio Indigo was with Worldspace & now turned to be an independent FM station.


Also Radio Indio has announced that it will start Kannada programs from 01 November this year where they will play non-film music like Folk, Bhavageethe etc.

More info on RadioIndigo.

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