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Vasanthi Hariprakash writes about being an RJ..

Vasanthi Hariprakash, the familiar Radio City RJ is a guest writer in Today’s Vijaya Karnataka, where she writes about her experiences, pleasant moments and challenges in being an RJ. Don’t miss it, it is an good read.


If you can’t get hold of a copy, you can find it online at

Bangalore’s 7 gifts to the World: # 6 – Prakash Padukone

Bangalore’s list of gifts to the world would sound incomplete, without one of the greatest sportsman of our country Prakash Padukone. To come from a cricket crazy country, which turns a blind eye towards any sports apart from cricket and achieve so much in the field of badminton is no mean achievement.

Known as the ‘Gentle Tiger’, he was won the London Masters Open, Swedish Open, Denmark Open and All England Open. If am not wrong, winning the All England Open is equivalent to winning the Wimbledon in tennis.

Bangalore’s 7 Gifts to the World: #5 – Mr. N.R Narayana Murthy


Nobody can deny that N.R.Narayana Murthy’s contribution in helping put Bangalore on the world map. When people think of Infosys, they know it’s a company headquartered in Bangalore, the city where NRN also resides.

In 1981, along with 6 other budding entrpreneurs, NRN began the company Infosys, leaving behind a plum job. 25 years down the road, there has been no looking back for him – only with pride and typical of the man, in restrained style, perhaps – and the organisation that he started. Today, NRN and Infosys are, in my opinion, synonmous with each other and have become role models, not only in the Indian scenario, but also on a global scale.

I have been along time admirer of NRN. Thanks to our current blog theme, I have the opportunity now to express & articulate my reasons for staying an admirer. While this is purely my opinion and is adulatory, to say the least, I will not be too far away from the truth that there are many amongst us who feel the need for more Narayana Murthy’s for India’s sake. In the Indian firmament, there are too few stars a.k.a heroes, far too many petty politicians!


AUTORAJA, This word brings a thousand sensations among the auto drivers in Bangalore! , Autoraja is a person being worshiping by thousands of auto drivers & also his fans here. I guess many have noticed that majority of Auto’s in Bangalore exhibit his picture in there vehicles.


Interview with Mr. V Madhu, MD, Bangalore Metro

After many unsuccessful attempts to upload the file, success finally.

Here’s the interview. Listen up. Feedback – critical or otherwise – is welcome


“Heegaadre Hege?” – A Kannada play

[Photo from here]

“Heegadre Hege?”, a play by Kriyative Theatre Trust, is a comedy based on the short stories of T Sunandamma, the first female humour writer in Kannada.

The play, which was staged at Rangashankara early this month, and will be staged again early next month, strings together a number of funny stories. Though some of the stories have been written long back, they have been adapted cleverly to reflect modern times.

NRN the next President?

Mr Narayana Murthy as our next President? Well, this blog, named Mutiny, is suggesting some rumors to the effect.

If indeed true, how sad will this be. I’d rather have NRN inducted as a minister, so that he gets a functional role in shaping our policy. With due respect to some great men who have been the Supreme Commander, what good are our Presidents for? If you ask me, we dont really need them, Supreme Court judges will fill in just fine.

Remember how Narsimha Rao drafted an apolitical person as our Finance Minister back in 1991 and that move changed the destiny of our country. Mr Manmohan Singh, can you try do the same with NRN and help shape our destiny yet again?

Part II – Interview with Suresh Moona

Part II of the interview.

This portion ends with a quote written by Kannada literateur D.V. Gundappa…take a listen.


Talking all about Bangalore – Interview with Suresh Moona, Director, Aarambh

My fledgling experience with podcasts went out the window when I began interviewing Suresh Moona, the ‘Heritage Man’ of Bangalore. Why, you ask?

Prior to the interview, I was anxious not to take too much of his time and so had told him that I would not exceed, max, 30 minutes. What would I know??!!. The interview took over 2 hours and though I managed to ask the questions that I had prepared, I would have honestly dispensed with them and just listened to Mr. Moona talk! I was transported to another realm. His knowledge of and passion for the city shone throughout the interview and had me captivated, enthralled. Anybody who loves the city and craves to know more about its past, Mr. Moona is perhaps, one of the very few, you should ask for detail and authenticity. He tells me that his 800 odd articles on Bangalore constitute only 30% or so of the city’s history!!!

I have split the file into 4 parts and am posting the first one of them here. Listen and enjoy to an authentic, soulful, passionate source on Bangalore’s history, folks.

Tata’s Gift to IISc

Bangalore’s very own Indian Institute of Science (IISc), will turn 100 in a couple of years. Ratan Tata, the chairman of Tata Group, has committed himself to making a “significant contribution” to the institute on that occasion. This amount, it is believed, could be much more than the 100-crore that the Union Budget gave the institute this year.

That’s huge, isn’t it? :)

Tata says,

I want to convey that the Tata Group and the Tata Trusts are proposing to commemorate this 100th year in various ways and it has been decided that as this institution is really something that is very dear to (Jamshedji Tata’s) heart…we have planned to define the area and the mode in which this contribution would be made shortly.


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