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It’s not only Hyde Park in London which has speakers in the park…

The Mini Forest in J P Nagar 3rd phase has a one-kilometre stretch of lovely trees, called the Mini Forest. This stretch is broken up into four parts, and it is intriguing that one part alone has been maintained very beautifully, with paved walkways, green grass, plants, communication boards, a playground corner, a yoga corner and so on. The other three parts have been left to their own devices.

Still, having even one part looking so pretty was good…some of it was by neighbouring software companies, who are doing their bit for the environment.

But yesterday, I was not happy to see this on the lamp-posts in the sector:

speakers being installed in mini forest 310308


Spot Puncher Services?

Stuck because of a flat tyre?

Don’t know where to go, whom to call, what to do?

Well, not to worry anymore!

Here is some useful information.


 Here are some more details.


An excellent initiative indeed!

Isn’t it?

Women’s day, my take…

Passing by the defense area in the city, I watch her riding in an elegant posture which demonstrates great confidence.


As she rides her bike into the defense area, this lady in the uniform and (tough shoes!) makes me proud and inculcates a feeling of safety….


My salute to this unknown lady soldier of my country and many more who are contributing their best of abilities to make our lives safe and secure!!

If this were modern art …


If this were modern art, I’d forgive the designer for going all over the place in terms of linear logic. I’d also forgive him (or her) for trying to make a 3-D puzzle for the bored passer-by.

I do hope I’m not sounding over-critical on an issue that could be a creative detour that wants to have an identity of its own. Creative expression, perhaps, that breaks the mould of narrow, limiting thinking. A bold departure, from design that has predictable guidelines.

In case you haven’t seen this building, it’s half-way down St Mark’s Road – at the turning into Vittal Mallya Road.

I’d really like someone to give me a perspective on this.

These Nirmala’s?


Well I am referring to “Nirmala – the pay and use toilet ” that is present almost every 3-4 kms on the main roads, in and around the city. Many a times it’s the government that is blamed of but being the common man, how far are we able to contribute to the betterment of the city.

It is obvious that one cannot avoid the nature’s call. But when an appropriate space is being provided, why not make use of it? Time and again, I have seen people answering the natures call outside the Nirmala zone that I might refer it to as. The first question that comes to the mind of a common man is ‘why pay?’

Think different!

Does this sound better ‘Why not keep the city clean? Or Why not make namma bengaluru a better place to live in?’

Any thoughts?

Bangalore One – one for all, all for one?

Setting up 20 BangaloreOne (B1) kiosks in the next 10 days. That’s the aim of the department of e-governance.

A lofty statement of intent made at the time of establishing the 19th Bangalore One center recently at the BDA complex in Indiranagar. An intent that called for strong result oriented action on the part of the concerned authorities in establishing the centers. As of now, one has no idea whether the target has been achieved. Further, the relevant page on their portal ( i.e list of bangalore centers ) has not been updated with their Indiranagar center details! The map feature on the Bangalore One portal to help locate their centers is as unhelpful as they come! I spoke to the Assistant Director, Bangalore One project on these two issues and have been assured that all these teething problems are known to them and will be set right soon. I also believe that February 25th is the date for all the other centers ( kiosks such as below, in the last pic) to be inaugurated.

Meanwhile, here are some pics of the Indiranagar centre that was opened recently at the BDA complex.


Pass that ‘Underpass’…

Underpass at Cauvery junction is finally ready, I see the BBMP folks getting out of the stress for planning, execution and most importantly Public relations abode. 3 days to 33 days, a symbolic situation which has raised many questions on capabilities, competence and completion of govt initiatives.

No, I don’t want to start over blame game as the topic is chewed off so much already, but the question is what have we as a system have learnt from this episode(pardon my unified expectations). Few questions at large…

Will we ever plan our public utilities and infrastructure better?

Will the Govt. Machinery ever use professional approach, structured planning methods and enhance communication by and between departments?

Will citizens continue to bear the escalated costs and fiscal burdens for the inefficiencies and ill-accountability within govt departments and scholar bureaucrats finally?

Will people vote for ‘citizen satisfaction’ as a parameter in elections for political parties?

What is it that we don’t like here?

It’s a simple question. All of us – who have been here for ever, those of us who have come in only recently, some of us who come & go what is it that we truly don’t like about this city? And as far as I know generally someone starts to raise a voice only when he/she feels, understands and is in the middle of a problem. If someone is not in the midst of that problem then largely that is not a problem to him. Generally politicians talk only vague things – Development, Better Infrastructure, Education for all, Poverty eradication etc, which for most of us ordinary citizens don’t make sense. Let’s state our problems & the things we don’t like here. Is what we don’t like here the Auto drivers, the ever increasing petrol prices, and the game that the city’s politicians are playing? Or is it something beyond that.

Tasty ‘Khara’…


Munching the fried varieties ( known locally as “Khara”) is a favorite snacking game for many, the range in which the varieties is mind boggling along mouth watering, here are few snacks ( don’t ask me names!!, I don’t know many) sold by a street vendor in Avenue Road…

Hot Stuff

Elsewhere on this blog, in a different post, a reader had commented about Veena Stores in Malleshwaram. When yours truly was passing by the place, it struck a tiny bell. However, due to circumstances, I could not stop to check out the place. Managed to take a pic, though. From first impressions, the place – no more than a hole in the wall, it appeared – strikes you at first go as a) it attracts customers from all strata of society – from the arriviste / nouveau riche right down to the humble daily wage earner, as represented by the SUV and the bicycle in the pic below and b) patrons seemed content to stand outside, oblivious to the heat, dust and passing traffic, sporting very satisfied looks as they ate!


Obviously, it called for a repeat visit. And that opportunity came by during the previous Saturday when your’s truly made it a point to stop and visit this well known and highly recommended place.

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