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Photography Expedition to Agumbe

Photography Expedition to:
Agumbe Rainforest
May 30-31, 2009

GreatEscapes, in association with Pixetra Club, presents an expedition in to the heart of the Western Ghats with wildlife photographer Amoghavarsha.

Spend 2 days in the thick rainforests of Agumbe, a
King Cobra haven that receives the second highest rainfall in India.
Camp at the country’s first rainforest research station – the ARRS,
and experience Radio Telemetry Tracking of animals first hand.

The photo expedition involves trekking through pristine forests which are home to several rare and endemic species of animals, found nowhere else on the planet. Photograph these rare species in addition to beautiful waterfalls and landscapes that would leave you mesmerized.

The total cost of the expedition ex-Bangalore is Rs 8900/-,
which includes a pre-expedition workshop, travel charges to Agumbe and back,
food and accommodation, local transport and guide and tracker charges.

For further details log on to

To register, please call

Ajay: 98441 61733 / 98861 01005
or Email

Or directly contact:


+91 9901044344




Janet has done some great tireless work for Bangalore’s green cover. With all the threat the trees are facing with the metro work, especially in Nanda Road and Lalbagh, we need to be more grateful that there are people like Janet around.

It’s no mean achievement but under the umbrella of her organisation, Janet has planted as many as 11,550 trees! In her own words: “We’ve been busy doing what we do best- planting trees that cool the globe and heal the earth.”

She continues: “We know this number is a humble statistic when compared to the number of trees that have been chopped and are slated to go under the axe, to make way for “development”.) But every leaf that sprouts on every new tree that is planted brings back hope.

A reassuring sign in these dreary times.

It’s a mad race of tree cutters versus tree planters. And you just have to look around to see who’s in the lead.

But hey, remember the tortoise and the hare?

We’re getting there. One tree at a time.

So relax, and enjoy your long weekend in a place far from the madding concrete jungle.”

If you are interested to plant a tree, gift someone a tree in their name (it makes for a great gift, you’d agree I am sure) or even volunteer to help Janet, do get in touch with her.

Sign the petition to save Lalbagh trees

The merits gained by planting trees for the benefit of others last forever.” – Buddha

North Kanara Meals@Kamats..


Served on a banana leaf the north kanara meals are a pleasure to enjoy. This meal is popular for soft and tasty Jowar (Sorghum) roti served with a brinjal curry, cucumber and onion raita (salad) in Curd, greens & lentils curry.

Orange or Blue, which one for you!!


The central business district is encircled b y these new HOHO (Hop on Hop off) bus routes, I manage to stand in front of one HOHO point near UB city and took this map for all….haven’t’ you tried hopping on one!!

Yes, we can

Interesting to see election posters in Bangalore, with the face that moved America.
As far as my memory goes, I haven’t seen any political icon beyond our shores gracing
an election backdrop in terms of face value.

There’s more.

My investment broker was talking to me about property prices in Bangalore and how things
would steady, now that Obama had taken over as President. At a coffee shop, I eaves-
dropped to hear another amazing take on Obama’s capabilities; how he could single-handedly
take India out of recession. I have seen school children fighting bullies with the ultimate
threat : Obama will come and beat you guys up!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a small Obama temple springing up somewhere in the city.
And people actually stopping by on the way to office – to say a small prayer …
make a small wish.

Long Shadows..


The magic of winter is fading, the summer spins have started showing up… The rain trees have lost their canopies to the winter fall and city gets deprived of their caring shadows for some time…

Hands On…


This young boy is cleaning sugarcanes for his family owned sugarcane juice stall nearby market. Many such individuals start learning tricks of the trade quite early in their lives ‘hands on’ as kids and evolve & engage themselves working independently running business of their own….

Winter Morning Warm-ups…


City has already succumbed to cold wave; many say that this winter is colder than the earlier few. Early morning at a signal nearby I spot few enjoying the fire warming up a bit….

Flora, Fauna and Filth !

Wondering if this is some dump yard in Kalasipalya? Well, hold back your thoughts. This is bang in the middle of the beautiful Hebbal lake. Take a walk along the boundary of the lake and this is what you will see after a short 100 metre walk. What you see here is hidden behind the vegetation on one of the man made islands on the lake.

The worst part is that this is where migratory birds and fauna around the lake ecosystem live and feed. And what do they get for food everyday? Plastic bags, water bottles, garbage, waste paper and lots of stinking, black, septic water.

Celebrating festivities…


City is busy celebrating Ganesha festival, even the busy streets like this SP road which is an electronics & engineering market does celebrate festivities by way of offering free lunches to the community.

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