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Its Raining Radio Stations

Some more updated about the new radio station, especially about the RJs.

I have been listening to it since yesterday and am impressed with the music they have been playing so far. The list of RJs they have are all completely familiar names to the city, which includes Sihi Kahi Chandru, Shalini of pacho Sreemathi fame, Sindhu – the girl from the movie Nenapirali, Kiran Sreedhar, etc. Upendra is going to host a show by himself. But I am looking forward to listening to the shows from Mimicry Dayanand who can get really funny.

I have to say again that I am mighty impressed with the music they have been playing so far, and if they manage to keep it up, they have me hooked!


Bangalorean’s has got another weekend to celebrate Rock Music concert with INXS,
All Rock music lovers have a great time tomorrow!!!

TICKETS Rs1200 & Rs700 available at Planet-M & Landmark in Forum.

Radio VeRVe: Showcasing independent musicians

It began sometime back as an experiment called Infinity Radio and was started by Kaustubh Srikanth in late 2003 to help independent musicians across the country promote themselves. Based in Bangalore, the experiment expanded to included two more members.

Shreyas Srinivasan and Gaurav Vaz joined Kaustubh in 2005 and formed the nucleus of Infinity Radio.


Today, RadioVeRVe, as it is now called, is all set to ride this wave and change the face of entertainment in India. Drawing on the experience of the many years of intimate involvement with the music scene, the technology advantage and the limitless possibility of the world wide web, RadioVeRVe aims to be at the forefront of the “Indian Independent Music Revolution”.

Shreyas Srinivasan talks about Radio Verve and the exciting plans they have for the future.

Vamos a Bailar! Let’s Go Salsa-ing!

The very first exercise activity I embarked on after giving birth to my daughter five weeks earlier (now eight weeks ago) was dancing. Not any kind of dancing, but Salsa, the kind that requires more grace than most and more hip swinging than most. Being a certified klutz, it was rather difficult in the first class, to put it mildly. Instead of tiny lady-like steps in Rumba, I was taking huge strides and swallowed up the dance floor with atleast five more steps to go. Instead of a quick sashay in Cha Cha Cha I stumbled sideways and missed a few beats. Sigh!

Six classes later (four more to go in this set), I’m glad to report that I’ve acquired a semblance of grace (even though I do say so myself). Much credit goes to the teacher, Mridula, who is patient, obviously skilled in the Latin dance forms and her enthusiasm.

Online Kannada radios

After online Kannada CD store (first of its kind), here is another first – 24/7 Online Kannada radios for music lovers.

Kannada Kasturi – first ever Kannada online radio –
Maintianed by Kannada, with a maximum capacity of 75 listeners

Imchara – a recent addition –
Maintianed by Kannada having a max capacity of 32 listeners

No more hassles of maintinaing music files, searching them and adding to playlists in your desktop. Round the clock music. If one server is down you have choice to switch to other :p

Happy listening.

One more Radio Station

Bangalore badly needed more FM radio stations and now there is at least one more. Radio One has been on the air for a while in testing mode and has launched officially today, as you would already know.

My first impression is to rate it much above all other stations – Rainbow, Radio City and Mirchi. The music content is much better and the best part is that the radio jockeys are non-intrusive. Unlike the other stations where they think music is no more than a substitute to support the rambling of the jockeys, guys at Radio One are relatively silent. And the music is good too – I have listened to many good oldie Kannada numbers today that I haven’t heard in a while. And as I am writing this, there is another nice number playing on the radio:

Onde ondu aaseyu ninna muddadalu…

Lets hope they stay this way in the days to come and we don’t have to bear with listening to occasional songs in the middle of ads!

Music and dance this weekend!

I had just written a couple of posts before about how the Alliance Française holds cultural events very frequently. Well, here’s one this weekend that you just can’t miss!

The FĂȘte de la Musique is on Saturday to commemorate the 25th anniversary of World Music Day and anyone who’s a music lover has to be there…

Thejesh has posted more information here.

Here’s a sneak peek of the performers: Aurko, Bangalore School of Music, Bangalore School of Performing Arts, Galeej Gurus, Geetha Navale, Jazz Revival, Lounge Piranha, Maximum Pudding, Paradigm Shift, Parikrama Choir, The Raghu Dixit Project, Amit Heri Trio and dance performances by Body Language, Rock around the Clock, STEM, etc.

The event starts at 4.30 pm so those of you who are interested, do head to the Alliance over the weekend!

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