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New authors for Bangalore

It’s that time of the year when I call for new authors for Bangalore Metblogs (BM). After changing to the new look and feel, we haven’t had a chance to recruit fresh blood. So if you’re looking to come on board the Metblogs team, here’s your chance.

The system works slightly differently now. You need to be registered on Bangalore Metblogs and commented a few times. If you have done so in the past, and are now interested in being upgraded to an author, you need to leave a comment on this page.

BM is looking for enthusiastic, committed and interested authors who are passionate about the city. The basic criteria is basically an interest in the city (events, activities, projects etc.), an ability to post a few times a week and of course, an inclination and ability to write decently well.

You can write on topics as diverse as events, politics to food and architecture. But they need to be related to the city or have some connection with Bangalore – that’s the basic requirement.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment and mention how long you’ve been following the blog and if you have commented earlier.

A green slogan….

Spotted this lovely slogan….

greenery creates pleasant scenery jpnagar 060408

Surely something that the BBMP can remember, in their haste to cut down as many trees as possible in the quickest time…

The Election Campaign Begins…

At this house…..

kumaraswamy house 060408

the election campaign for the Janata Dal is beginning, with this vehicle. Here’s the front view:

front view of election bus

The back view:

jAthyAtheetha janatha daLA bus back view

and the side view:

election bus side view

the name says, “jAthyAtheetha janatha dal” (secular janata dal; literally translated, “beyond caste”).

Then comes the banner that asks if you are on the electoral rolls, and if not, tells you what to do:

electoral roll banner

The elections, they are a-coming, and we’re getting ready, too……

The Brand Equity Quiz in Bangalore

Yesterday (31st March 2008), the Bangalore round of the Economic Times and Idea/ Brand Equity Quiz took place at the Chancery Hotel, Residency Road.

True to celebrity-convention, Derek O’Brien, the quizmaster, had Andrew Scolt to “open” the quiz for him with 30 questions that the 50 teams who had registered had to answered. Andrew seemed to relish moving about the hall and interacting with the enthusiastic crowd, but is yet to master the expertise, and also the easy banter that Derek has. He went around asking a lot of audience questions, and distributed some audience prizes too.

andrew scolt brand equity quiz 310308

Six teams made it to the finals: as Derek announced, in alphabetical order,they were: CISCO, Deutsche, Kotak, Nokia,Wipro, and Yahoo.



Today is unique; as my friend put it, it is “Amar Akbar Anthony” or “Ram Rahim Robert” day. Holi, Milad-un-Nabi (the birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him) and Good Friday are all being celebrated today.

It is probably simplistic and idealistic to wish, as someone I know did, that each community feeds sweets to the others; but I do think that’s such a nice thing to wish for, anyway!

Having been born a Hindu, I have been privileged to be exposed to Christianity and Islam as well. We lived near two churches where I would visit very often; they were quiet citadels of peace where one could “recharge one’s battery” as it were. I would attend midnight Mass regularly during Christmas; the service on Palm Sunday, when everyone would walk out of the cathedral with candles in their hands, is still etched in my memory.

When I moved to this city, I lived within walking distance of two mosques, and learnt to understand the call of the muezzin to prayer; and realized that the words addressed to God mean much the same no matter what the religion. I also had a neighbour who was very knowledgeable about Islam and the Quran, and shared some of that with me. On Muslim festival days, I would get kheer (specially prepared for me as I was a vegetarian!) from her home, and I would send across “payasam” and “vadai” on Hindu festival days.

And since I grew up in the north of India, Holi was also something we celebrated though we hailed from the South. In fact, being in a land different from one’s own meant, to me, that one had more festivals than just one’s own, to celebrate!

So, for me, colours have a special meaning. Like the rainbow, I strongly believe that humanity comes in all colours of beliefs, and each of them is as valid as the other, provided each does not hurt anyone else. To me, the Festival of Colours is not just a Hindu festival, but a secular one, celebrating differences.

Today as I went about my shopping chores, I watched so many children drenched in many colours, dodging about happily; and I thought I would like to share, not the colours created by human beings, but the colours that Nature herself has created and shared with us.

Here is an image from Biligiri Ranganna Hills, about 4 hours’ drive from Bangalore:

rangeela k gudi jlr 180308

The blue of the sky, the red of the new leaves, the greens of the older ones…Nature indulges Herself in colours, variety, and differences, too.

And Bangalore has also been experiencing the colour of green because of the rains:

rainy day casa ansal 210308

The raindrops fall, and they dance at the tip of the palm fronds; they bring life to the trees and the plants of Bangalore, and bring a reminder that green is a colour that seems to be fast vanishing from our environs, and being replaced by the grey of concrete.

So as we celebrate one or more of the three festivals of today, let’s remember two things: One, to respect our differences…it takes seven colours to produce the beauty of a rainbow, and two, to protect the colour green in our city!

A note to our readers!

All of our regular Bangalore Metblogs readers must have noticed the makeover that the site has gone through. Well, some of us authors are also still finding our way around the new site so it might take a while longer before you see a few of us!

You might have also noticed that you need to now login to post a comment. We value your comments so make sure you create your login ID – the process is immediate and simple. It’s a one time process only and hardly takes any time. You can use any login name but your email ID needs to be genuine.

So go on – get started now!

Want to write about Bangalore?

It’s the new year and also the time when we look out for some new folks to join the Bangalore Metblogs team. Fresh perspective is always welcome on the blog and I think it’s important that we get on board a few new writers who brings along his or her own point of view. Keeps this place more interesting, exciting and dynamic!

To join the team, you need to be:
– Passionate about Bangalore
– Passionate about writing and preferably have a blog so we can get an idea of whether you’re upto the job :)

The Metblogs team has a few core members who have stuck on through the last couple of years and a few members who’ve come in and out. Most of the team know each other and make it a point to have meets once in a while over coffee and dosa to keep the flag flying high! If you’re looking for a great paying job, this is obviously not it! But if you’re looking to join a dynamic and engaging bunch of Bangalore citizens, to discuss issues ranging from infrastructure to environment, and from theatre to tradition, do join in!

If you’d like to join the gang, please contact me on anitabora at yahoo dot com.

Glittering 2008…


All those colors, all that shines…

Few from your dreams, few from mine…

New hope on the horizon, new bottle of wine…

Wishing you a great 2008, safe and fine..

Beg, Borrow or Steal…

The simple way perhaps for Dainik jagran is to steal; y’day came across this edition of city plus and was surprised to see my photo from Bengalooru Habba 07 post being used without due credits in their front page Habba news report….

City Plus Sat Dec 08 07
City plus, Saturday Dec 8th 2007

The stolen photo..

Being familiar with Midday using Metblog photo’s now it’s another daily trying to get their hands on the snaps (protected by creative commons). Not a good gesture from print media for sure!!

About Metroblogging – A small talk with NDTV

Few days back Amulya Gopalkrishnan (NDTV) sent me an invite for a small interview about metroblogging, indeed the word seen spreading out side blogosphere. Then came the call from Pavitra Jayaraman ( NDTV,Bangalore) and we decided to meet at NDTV Bangalore office late noon today.


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