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Beg, Borrow or Steal…

The simple way perhaps for Dainik jagran is to steal; y’day came across this edition of city plus and was surprised to see my photo from Bengalooru Habba 07 post being used without due credits in their front page Habba news report….

City Plus Sat Dec 08 07
City plus, Saturday Dec 8th 2007

The stolen photo..

Being familiar with Midday using Metblog photo’s now it’s another daily trying to get their hands on the snaps (protected by creative commons). Not a good gesture from print media for sure!!

A new chapter

Well, they are not the first city-focussed magazine but they certainly have a first mover advantage in terms of having Bangalore’s new name Bengaluru in their masthead. I’m certain you would have come across some of their hoarding(s). The first one certainly caused a little of a ripple too!

Ok, I’m talking about ‘The Bengaluru Pages’, a new magazine launched recently – about 3 editions back – and entrenching itself slowly but surely among city folk’s reading habits. I got in touch with their editor and here’s what she has to say to my posers:

Deep rooted!!

Janet Yegneswaran and ‘TREESFORFREE.ORG’ efforts are maturing; we witnessed the second anniversary of y’day at Bal bhavan, Cubbon park when it was inaugurated by a truly inspiring personality of ‘Salumarada thimakka of Magadi taluk.

Salumada Thimakka101_6197

Big brand, no message


You must have seen the “Standard Fireworks” hoardings in town – supposedly a visibility exercise before Diwali. A small line on the hoarding says “the finest since 1942”, which makes it a brand that’s 65 years old. It also means familiarity across a wide age spectrum – from today’s 10 year old, to someone who is eighty, or more.

So, what’s the point I’m trying to make ?

When you have a brand that’s practically a household word, how should you be spending your advertising money? The answer : intelligently and responsibly.

Instead of a boring slap-the-logo-on-the-hoarding exercise, the brand owners could have worked on a safety theme for Diwali. Every year we read about accidents during Diwali, that could have been prevented with a little more awareness.

Another soft spot for fire-cracker manufacturers is the child labour angle. So, if the brand owners are squeaky-clean on this issue, that’s another useful theme for the communications.

Okay, even if all this is hard to fathom in terms of strategy and logic, I think the hoardings could have at least carried one simple message : “Happy Diwali !”

Talking Billboards


I was driving down Cunningham Road last week and suddenly saw a large hoarding with a huge 3D model of a laptop. I hit the brakes and heard a squeal of tyres behind me. Oops ! Sorry ! Got to check this out.

I had heard on Radio Indigo about promotions for Lenovo’s new laptop and here it was : larger than life. Lenovo 3000 Y 410 – the laptop with an Audio DJ feature.

There was a staircase near the hoarding and I clambered up to discover that Radio Indigo had actually set up a live feed studio, 20 feet high – right behind the monitor of the 3D laptop. From a synergy point of view, two big names in technology and music, got together to give Bangalore a whole new dimension. An idea that pushed the magic of FM to new heights.

64 kb…128…256…2 Mbps now goes 8 MBPS

– The Broadband is getting broader by the day!!

Broadband speeds are poised for an explosive growth. Pushing the limits, Bharti Airtel on Wednesday announced the launch of broadband internet access at 8 mbps for the first time in the country. The speed offered is much more than the 256 kbps to 4 mbps now available for the mass users. At 8 mbps, the Airtel broadband network will be IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) ready. The high speed broadband will be commercially available within the next three weeks in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkatta, Delhi and the National Capital Region, with a subsequent roll out in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

So what are you waiting for!! The new revolutions make it easier now to choose your TV channels via Internet anywhere in the world!! Isn’t it a time to bring Dreams into reality!!

Insertions in the Newspapers through Press Club of Bangalore…

When my friend wanted to put in insertions in all the newspapers regarding her upcoming venture, someone suggested the Press Club of Bangalore, situated in Cubbon Park. So we went there to find out more.

Here’s the office of the Press Club:

Press Club of Bangalore

We were told that if we paid Rs.300, the Press Club would send our insertion to several newspapers and TV Channels; so we decided on the date we wanted the insertion, and paid the fees.

Friendly neighborhood newspapers


As an advertising professional, I have for long reserved a certain fondness for what I call “friendly neighborhood newspapers”. Community newspapers may not figure in large-budget media plans, but certainly have a homegrown flavor that large newspapers can’t even come close to.

So how do they achieve that ?

They voice even the smallest concerns of the neighborhood. They showcase talent. They provide useful information and news. Who’s what ? Who’s where ? Who’s who ? And with some luck, if the paper features a matrimonial column, it might even set some hearts aflutter.

But the biggest feature of the community newspaper is its ability to bring people together under one small banner. It gives the residents a common platform – “space” they can call their own.

Guilty until proved otherwise!!

Western Governments have turned around the cardinal principal of criminal law, Instead of ‘Innocent until proved Guilty’ it has now become ‘Guilty until proved otherwise’.

Like a celebrity, he is welcomed back home at Bangalore Airport; his wife goes on media saying sweets are being prepared and he likes sweets…Mohamed Haneef was reunited with his wife and newborn daughter in his hometown Bangalore after spending 25 days in Australian jail on a charge of supporting last month’s failed attacks on London and Glasgow, Scotland.

About Metroblogging – A small talk with NDTV

Few days back Amulya Gopalkrishnan (NDTV) sent me an invite for a small interview about metroblogging, indeed the word seen spreading out side blogosphere. Then came the call from Pavitra Jayaraman ( NDTV,Bangalore) and we decided to meet at NDTV Bangalore office late noon today.


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