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"Run Your Restaurant" 21 and 22 Feb, 2009

Whip up your own cafe!

A unique workshop, tailored exclusively for those who have always wanted to run a cafe, an eatery or a specialty restaurant. Moderated by Madhu Menon of Shiok, the workshop will cover all aspects of what it takes to be a budding gourmet entrepreneur. A never before opprtunity to minimize all your risks before you actually start out. The course covers everything from cost analysis to crafting profitable menus.

Dates: 21st and 22nd Feb
Time: 11 AM to 6 PM
Course Fee: Rs.4500
Venue: Shiok
To register, call 9663857828
Venue: Shiok Restaurant, Indiranagar/Koramangala

Contact Mukta Darera on 98862 95353

or email your details to


Where to eat, when half of Bangalore is snoring…

We were driving down Cubbon Road the other day, way past midnight.
We were starving, hungry and ravenous – and almost as if on autopilot,
we turned into Central Street. The Empire glow sign from across the
road, was a sight for hungerbuds on overdrive.

Nothing to beat Empire, when half of Bangalore is tucked into bed.

Smileys in your coffee cup

The family dropped by at Coffee Day the other day for a steaming night cap, after dinner. When the coffees came, my son pointed out to the smiley poster on the wall. The message there was interesting : If you don’t see a smiley in your cup, the coffee is on the house.

As you can see, my cup had something that looked like a coffee bean – not even remotely close to a smile. I alerted our friendly waiter about the smiley and sure enough, they didn’t charge me for my coffee.

Net takeaway : If there’s no smiley in your coffee cup, there’s bound to be one on your face … when you see the bill. Nice gesture.

(Not sure how long this offer is open, so do check this out the next time you’re at Coffee Day.)

There’s a link to “latte art” here, if you’re interested.

The roadside aromas of Jayanagar 4th block

As a proud resident of Malleshwaram a few years back, the only the other place I ever wished to live in was – you guessed it – Jayanagar 4th block. For vegetarian middle-class souls, these two areas in Bangalore are worth Paris, London, and New York rolled into one. And not without reason. There are few such places in this universe where one can go around with a list of tasks and get them all done in a single walk. From getting clothes altered, to sipping a cup of coffee and tucking in an idli or two, to saying a hello to a desired God there is a little bit of everything for the mind, body, and soul.  Because of the restrictions of space and patience of my readers, I am going with my  gut feeling and writing about that one thing that you, my readers can never have enough of – great food that is light on the wallet. (more…)

Turkish Halwa!!!

If you get into ‘Blue Bell Sweets’ located at Unity building JC Road, don’t miss trying ‘Turkish Halwa’..
The name may sound a little weird but the taste is awesome.


This is how it looks but hey don’t go by the color of it.



Hot Hot Jalebi’s…


If you are a great fan of Jalebi’s, here’s one interesting place where you can relish some yummy Jalebi’s.

The place is called ‘Gundappa’s Store’s’. This is located at Basweshwarnagar. (Opposite Pavitra Paradise)


Here are some more pictures . Have a look at the way it’s being done.

3.jpg 4.jpg

It tastes really awesome! Try them. It’s worth it.

Fiorano: An Italian restaurant in Kormangala

This is a vegetarian’s perspective of the restaurant. 

Here on, I will not be labeling my outings with my stomach this explicitly, unless they include someone with a meat tooth. My trip to this Italian restaurant, I must admit, was light on my purse because a friend paid for this indulgence. That is the least you expect of someone who has made it to Stanford. And again, hoping that he will turn out to be another Larry Page, you expect a little more. (more…)

Eating out, try Bobby-Da-Dhaba@Ulsoor

– Pure Punjabi taste in an atmosphere so down to earth!

No nonsense but good food at an affordable price. It took me sometime to absorb the shock looking at the place and the stunning crowd that flocks it…all those reactions took off as soon as tastebuds took over..

The Menu

Ok, where? Bobby da dhaba shares a common wall with Ulsoor gurudwara , the little shack with just five to six table has been keeping people busy licking fingers and fulfilling ‘paratha’ desires… !

VV Puram Food Street not the same anymore

I was at VV Puram a couple of days back & decided to visit the famous area near VB Bakery to eat something. This area is called by different names. Some call it Food Street & others like my friend who resides in that area calls it Circle. It is basically one small stretch of road where hawkers & small hotels sell varieties of food ranging from capsicum bajjis to ‘obbattu’ to the regular idlis & dosas. This specific area has been written about previously as well in Metblogs. (you could check those posts by searching for ‘street food’)

Tasty ‘Khara’…


Munching the fried varieties ( known locally as “Khara”) is a favorite snacking game for many, the range in which the varieties is mind boggling along mouth watering, here are few snacks ( don’t ask me names!!, I don’t know many) sold by a street vendor in Avenue Road…

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