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Re-use and Re-cycle…

Re-use and Re-cycle…

While some prefer to buy new books, there are still many who prefer visiting the book lane ( avenue road) to these merchants / book sellers who encourage people to re-use and re-cycle ( circulate) the ‘used’ books for the needy, on a longer term this provides a great value not only to the user but the others as the cost of the books keeps coming down, a single copy is used by many thus is a noble cause for environment support too…

Fries Anyone?

Fries anyone

A wholesaler of local fries checkingout his cart customer early morning on his two wheeler, these cheap hot chips are munched along sipping the tea by local crowds …

Photography Workshop by Kalyan Varma

Kalyan Varma is well-known in wildlife and photography circles in Bangalore. Having started as a software developer, he is now into wildlife and photography on a professional basis. Kalyan won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in 2005, and has various other awards to his credit; in fact, he showed his photographs to the then President Dr Abdul Kalam, when he visited B R Hills.

Many of us look every day, at the calendar that is issued annually for the (Free and Open Source Software) event,
with Kalyan’s photographs. At the JLR office and JLR properties, too, one can find some of his photographs. His website is

By popular demand, he is conducting a photography workshop. Here’s the schedule:

Dates : May 10th and May 11th 2008 (Saturday and Sunday)
Location : Kormangala, Bangalore

A full-day classroom session on Day 1. A field outing on the morning
of Day 2 and classroom session for the rest of the day on the 2nd day.
Lunch is included on both the days.

For more details, here’s the link:

Please contact

kalyan at

to register for the workshop or if you need any more information.

Here are a couple of images of his: here



Formula for pearl-white teeth


There you are. A kitchen-trolley retail point, with a sign that catches your eye and a presentable chap who explains product use in great detail. His sales pitch is pretty convincing and the bigger brands would learn a thing or two in terms of imparting product knowledge to salesmen.

In fact, his presentation has two modules. One for people who use toothpaste and another for those who use tooth powder. And look at the cost of bringing it to the market – all you need is one man, with a kitchen trolley and around 30 bottles of the magic potion. Hire 30 young men to comb the city and you’re done.

So, am I actually going to buy this thing and squirt it on my toothbrush? Looking at the sparkling smile the salesman gave me, this is one tough question to answer.

Technology @ work…

Technology is seeping through into the Govt departments as more and more technical gadgets seen put to use in day to day administration work.

Tech @ Markets

A tax collector moves around HAL market to collect taxes from vendors selling vegetables in the market the device used helps retrieve tax dues and prints instant receipts storing the data that can then be uploaded onto the central databases once back in office….

It’s all about the money & to me it is not funny

Money, money, money! Everybody out there seems to be hell bent on making money. According to people out there everybody has loads of money, so charge what you want, ask what you want, quote what you want and you’ll get it. Yeah that is all. People will buy it, consume it & pay for it, no questions asked.

A few incidents over the last few days have completely stumped me. To me it just doesn’t make sense. Let me know if it does to you.

The return of SM Krishna

Over the last couple of days this is probably the news that most Bangaloreans have been eagerly tracking. The return of SM Krishna to active politics. When SM Krishna ceased to be the Chief Minister of Karnataka after his party failed to garner the required majority, a lot of people thought that Bangalore would lose as a result of he not continuing as the Chief Minister. A lot of them today would say it indeed has been like that.

So should & will SM Krishna return as the CM?

Your city buddy

Well, there are city search engines and more city search engines. Every city worth its name has one or has folks with entrepreneurial spirit unleash one.

Why the barrage of them, you ask? Well, the ‘biggie’ search engine guys have found that search engine data show many users – roughly between 5% to 30% – searching for local or geography based queries which, in turn, lead them to a buying / availing a service decision. As there is money or potential money to be made catering to these folks searching, well, you get the idea. Of course, moving onto a revenue model at the outset is tricky so things do take time.

Bangalore is no exception to these online services. There are many local search engines here – a simple type on google with “Bangalore, local, city search engines” will give you a number of them and more. Here at MB, we’ve even profiled one of them. If you’ve gotten over that one, here’s one more for you.


Freshness Redefined!!

How would you like to buy bread so fresh that it is manufactured not today but tomorrow

I just did!! Yes, Manufactured tomorrow Sold today!! Check out for yourself…


Nilgiris ( Mfg by :Appu Nutrition Pvt Ltd, Hosur Road, Bangalore) Whole wheat bread purchased by me today from a local outlet in Indira Nagar displays tomorrow’s date 21/09/2007 as date of manufacturing!! What more one needs to prove that the big brands do take customers for a ride!!

Hope in the face of difficulty…

Some of us were lucky to have our lives only marginally impacted by the rain. But for several, the daily livelihood was affected. Daily wage labourers and small shopowners, who had been looking forward to increased sales during the Ganesha Chaturthi habba, were at best, disappointed, and at worst, lost their wares as well.

Here’s a picture of both sadness and hope:

the optimist..the festival was over yesterday...170907

I went back later, a few hours after I took the photograph, and spoke to this man, who said that sales were very poor yesterday and the day before that, due to the rain; but he was back again today, waiting for at least some persons to buy his colourful dolls during the visarjana ceremony…I am hoping sales will be better today, he said. He is the optimist…he hopes even though it’s been tough going, and he has no alternatives, either…he MUST hope that today, business will be better.

Let’s spare a thought for those whose daily lives, and economics, revolve around these kind of make-or-break situations. What is an extra cup of hot tea and a little inconvenience to a wealthy person, means slipping further into debt for a poor trader…..

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