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Book Library for your entire family

For those of us who still enjoy the experience of browsing through & the touch & feel of numerous books, then this lending library is definitely a wonderful place to be a member.

Book: Beantown Boomtown


Second Hand, First Rate

Hmmm…why do I buy books when I know for sure I won’t be reading them beyond the day of their purchase? For fun and the heck of it. Mostly, I don’t know. I do suspect that, in a previous birth, I must have been a squirrel or a chipmunk, hoarding food for the lean times and this attitude is now spilling over. I justify to myself and my better half about buying books for my ‘twilight’ years. Both of us know that I’m kidding. For I don’t expect the twilight years till I’m perhaps 90+ and father time gets the better of me. Until then, I fantasise about packing a dozen books each year, taking off to some lonely island, reading to my hearts content and then, when I’m bored by it all, coming back to namma Bengalooru and the urban chaos that we put up with. *Sigh*

With ‘second hand’ bookstores like Blossoms in Church Street around, one can’t help but revel in buying, buying, buying. When you just can’t afford them first hand, cool your heels for some time and voila, you’ll find them second hand. I visited the place yesterday after a long time and went amok buying up books and generally making up for lost time. I’ve also taken a couple of pics of some verrrryyy creative posters for you which I’m sure you’re gonna love. Here they are.

More waiting for Bhairappa’s Avarana

SL Bhairappa’s latest novel, Avarana was slated for release in the city yesterday, and rest of the world a little white later. I was hoping to get hold of a copy, but it looks like all copies of the first set of prints have been pre-sold and there is none available in the market! My guess is that most of the copies would have got sold in the US, as the publishers Sahitya Bhandara have a good sales network and online presence in the country.

Image source: Vijaya Karnataka ePaper

VK reports(the page is mixed with another story..) that more copies will be made available in the city on Feb 9th, but knowing how Bhairappa’s works sell, you would be better off reserving a copy if your book vendor gives you such an option.

Crossword in Indiranagar

Book Lovers in Bangalore, rejoice. Particularly, those living in and around Indiranagar.

The well known national chain of bookstores, CROSSWORD, had recently opened its 3rd bookstore in Bangalore.

It is housed in a swank looking building on 12th Main, Indiranagar and spread over, perhaps, 2500 to 3000 sq. feet. Knowing my math, I could stand corrected on that. I get the feeling that once the store is filled with a sizeable number of browsers, the place could turn cramped. That apart, in terms of choice, there are plenty of sections to buy books from apart from a very well stocked music & films (unique way of displaying DVD titles, I must say!) section. The best part of course was the tiny cafetaria within the bookstore. Here are a couple of pics, for your viewing pleasure.

Strand Book Sale is on…

The Annual Strand Book Fair is on. And if you’re looking for a bargain, then you can head towards Chinnaswamy Stadium where it’s being held till this weekend.

Rows and rows of books – bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction, coffee table books – vie for space in the 4 halls that the book fair has taken over for the duration. I went over the weekend and not surprisingly, the place was packed with people. If you work somewhere in that area, a good idea would be to drop in on a weekday during lunch or tea instead. Otherwise, you’ll be jostling for space with another few hundreds book lovers. The aisles being rather narrow (especially on the sides) there’s barely place for 2 to walk people side by side. So, be prepared to be pushed around a bit when you’re browsing!

The discounts range from 15-50% but you might walk away with a reasonable bargain if you have enough time to look around. The books are arranged according to topics – children, cooking, travel, photography, reference books, fiction, wildlife etc. to make life a little easier. The fiction section is tougher to navigate through as there are books everywhere and not in any particular order. Happy browsing folks!

Book Festival

For the book lovers out there, here’s some good news – the Bangalore Book Festival is on till the 19th of November.

I went last evening and browsed around a little. Of course, it’s difficult to finish all the stall in a few hours so I am hoping to revisit the festival one of these days. Even if you don’t land up buying too many books, just browsing around can be quite a pleasurable activity.

Most of the major book stores are present there. And there are quite a few from outside Bangalore like Chennai and Hyderabad so there’s a wider selection and variety of books to choose from.

It’s on till around 9 pm in the evening. So don’t forget to drop by the Palace Grounds before the 19th!

Why I love the Magazine Store


If you don’t look hard enough, you might miss the Magazine Store. It’s located in the basement of the same building that houses the eatery, RR, on Church Street. I’ve passed by many times myself without noticing till someone told me about the place!

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