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Multimedia Exhibition about Krumbiegel

The German botanist Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel is a part and parcel of Bangalore history….

Now, Max Mueller Bhavan is hosting an exhibition about him:

G.H. Krumbiegel: “Whatever he touched he adorned”
A multimedia show curated by Suresh Jayaram

17 – 30.04.2010
9.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (Closed on Sundays)
Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan
Inauguration on 16.04.2010, 6.30 p.m

More details at

Invitation – Tour of Less Known Hoysala Kingdom @over weekend..

Do you long for the feel of the rain brushing against you!! Do you relish being out when it rains? And to top it up do you enjoy bit of a history that goes around the Hoysala Dynasty along the monsoon? You might have to call Arun to book your seat for a tour called “Tour of Less Known Hoysala Kingdom” Next weekend…yes you read it right, next weekend…
* 2 days and 1 night
* Rs.3,850 per person, all inclusive on twin sharing basis
Tariff includes all meals, transportation from Bangalore in AC vehicle, stay at a spacious and comfortable resort inside a coffee estate and guided tour at all destinations.
* Pickup from MG Road on Saturday ( July 4th 2009) morning at 6.30am
* Stay at a resort near Belur
* Return to Bangalore by Sunday night (Drop off at home)
Places Covered
* The temple with four shrines at Doddagaddavelli
* Belur
* Halebeedu
* Ancient town of Dwarasamudra spread around Halebeedu
* Hulikere Tank
* Belavadi Temple
More details are here, Please email at arunchs @ yahoo d.o.t com or call Arun/Lakshmi at 9880006460 / 9902070689 to register for the tour, or for any questions….

  • have a great weekend!!
  • Criss Cross…


    Chasing patterns is exciting; here is one I caught while in HAL Museum with a good combination of sun and the style of the auditorium with contrasting colors …
    The city is enjoying good weather after cooling off a bit from pre-monsoon showers good day for a long drive for sure…

    Contemporary Architecture of Bangalore:Exhibition by, and at, Max Mueller Bhavan

    080 Transform – Contemporary Architecture in Bangalore: Exhibition & Events
    October 10 to 26, 2008
    Only an informed city can shape itself better. Find out how Bangalore is shaping up at 080 Transform, a unique presentation of the emergent architecture in Bangalore, conceptualised and curated by InCITE. Complementary events include Design Dialogues, Design Walks and Meet the Architect Sessions.

    For more details:

    click here

    Calligraphy Exhibition at Ethos Art Gallery

    Having been interested in calligraphy, I decided to visit the Ethos Art Gallery that has come up in Jayanagar, and look at the work of Poosapati Parameshwar Raju, a calligraphic artist from Hyderabad.

    Calligraphy has a long association with Islam and is less often practiced in the Hindu idiom. But Parameshwar has done a fine job of it, demonstrating a skilled command over the use of his nibs and pens.

    There were several works on display, mostly done in red ink, and they have been chosen from eight series, starting from mythology, with thems such as Ganesh, Shiva, Narasimha, Om and so on.

    The vowels of the Devanagari script are also treated in a variety of designs and forms:


    What’s the significance?

    At the Karnataka Road Transport Corporation bus stand last week, I noticed this strange sight:

    upended pot in bus stand 260408

    The pot was not there to provide a home for birds (in fact, I would say that pigeons and crows rate as pests and are not encouraged there) and it was upended in a net, so that the opening of the pot faced down. I could not find anyone who could give me a reason why it was suspended from the roof of the bus station. Any explanations, anyone?

    Energy-inefficient design

    This is the Airtel office on Bannerghatta Road, near the Jayadeva flyover. True to the “modern” trend in architecture, the facade of the building is all glass; but look at the effect on the inside.

    Since one entire wall is glass, the afternoon/evening sun pours in through it.

    airtel office window 140408

    This is all very well for cities in cold countries where sunshine is a rare commodity, and buildings need to be heated. But here, where the mercury yesterday was at 34 degrees Celsius, it meant a huge volume of space where things were very uncomfortable.

    Here are the staff, who have to sit facing the hot and intense sunlight throughout the afternoon:

    airtel office everyone in the sun 140408

    The customers also have to sit in the sun, but at least they have their backs to it..and they are there for far less time.

    The Airtel office is air-conditioned; I can also guess at the amount of energy and electricity it must be taking to cool down the space heated by the glass design of the building.

    The architect who designed Jal Bhavan (it’s the building in the dead centre of that map, next to that “pleated” building) has said that glass is a bad material for architecture in India; it heats up the inside of the buildings, which then have to be cooled down at enormous cost in terms of electricity/energy.

    Having been in the Airtel office, I would tend to agree.

    If this were modern art …


    If this were modern art, I’d forgive the designer for going all over the place in terms of linear logic. I’d also forgive him (or her) for trying to make a 3-D puzzle for the bored passer-by.

    I do hope I’m not sounding over-critical on an issue that could be a creative detour that wants to have an identity of its own. Creative expression, perhaps, that breaks the mould of narrow, limiting thinking. A bold departure, from design that has predictable guidelines.

    In case you haven’t seen this building, it’s half-way down St Mark’s Road – at the turning into Vittal Mallya Road.

    I’d really like someone to give me a perspective on this.

    Disappearing Landmarks..

    ‘Old is Gold’ may not apply to the construction industry. Here the old has to let the ‘new’ take it’s place in the modernization ambit…

    Jamal arches

    Here is a famous landmark building on MG Road getting reconstructed, the old structure was quite stylish as seen by the arches of designer corners that once used to hold tapering wooden roof….

    Excellent design

    When we say, “designer”, we generally seem to think only of clothes or cars…but design is a part of everything around us, and it is a joy to see excellent design.

    Most staircases I know are NOT wheelchair-friendly. Some are…with awkward ramps and ugly railings….

    But here’s a fantastic set of stairs where the wheelchair access just blends into the steps themselves, and is so unobtrusive….

    excellent design for wheelchair access on stairs Alliance Francaise de Bangalore 121007

    I don’t know who designed this…but what a neat,elegant design it is! Definitely shows lateral thinking…

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