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Zapperdockel and the Wock at Ranga Shankara:Play Review

Having missed the first staging of this German folklore-based play, I was very keen to attend the show when it was staged yesterday (27th October 2009) as part of the Ranga Shankara 5th anniversary celebrations.

It was indeed heartening to see the enthusiastic lineup of children just before the play, and I was also impressed that Sankar’s Cafe at Ranga Shankara also has a Readng Corner for children now. Theatre and allied activities seem to be actively encouraged at Ranga Shankara and this is a great thing to see.

“Zapperdockel and the Wock” is the story of two very different creatures, Zapperdockels being small, and the Wock being a very large being. A Zapperdockel is also a crybaby.How these two interact and learn to get along is the story of the one-hour play.

Throughout the play, I was impressed by the reaction of the children in the audience (the play blurb says it’s for children “4 and above”.) A crowd of them were also invited on to the stage, and they were clearly enjoying themselves.

Virginia and Anil Kumar (I don’t know if I got the male name right, though) were the puppeteers who brough the puppets to life, and with innovative props, excecuted a variety of tricks and capers on stage that had the children constantly amused, and, occasionally, enthralled, as when they lit a flame under a plastic bag, and sent it soaring up into the air.

Walking sticks that acted as scales, hats that filled with flour, a box that opened this way and that…the props were very inventive and creative, and the rectangle described by the ropes onstage created a stage within a stage where all the action happened.

I thoroughly enjoyed the music, too; it was composed by Kumaresh of the famous violinist duo, Ganesh and Kumaresh, and sometimes consisted of purely Carnatic renditions, sometimes percussion passages, and sometimes a violin duet…it was a delight to the ear at all times.

The puppets, made by Anurupa Roy of Kat Katha, were also lovely to behold, with several Wocks taking the stage at one time, but mostly having a blue-coloured Wock iinteracting with a littleyelllow Zapperdockel.

However, I must say that perhaps I was too old for the narrative: I could not follow the thread of the story too well, and sometimes it seemed to drag. Some of the tricks on stage seemed to really have nothing at all to do with the play at all..though perhaps, with the age of the audience tragetted, no such connection was necessary. I never felt that I had got the message that Aru gave the children just prior to the show…that the play was to show how different people can get along together.

I would like to make the point, however, that young children need not always feel that magic-type tricks and slapstick comedy are the only things that comprise theatre for children; I think they are capable of appreciating more sophisticated storylines and stagecraft than what I witnessed at Ranga Shankara yesterday. Personally, I felt that the play could have been cut short to even 40 minutes, and could have done with a more predominant, sequential thread running through it. The two Sutradhars did not always seem to have a “sutra” to convey to the audience.

Ranga Shankara is putting up four more plays as part of the fifth anniversary celebrations, for more details, please visit

All the plays have been staged before, but are being brought back by popular demand.

Dramanon Stages “Sic” once again at Alliance Francaise

DRAMANON presents “SIC” : An English Play at Alliance Francaise on October 24th 2009.

Show Details : October 24th , Saturday (4:30 PM & 7:30 PM)
Contact No’s : 9880036611 & 9845017975
Online Booking:

About the Play :

[sic] takes place primarily in the doorways and shared hallway of three neighbouring apartments. Meet Theo, the desperate & edgy
amusement park ride theme music composer, the struggling and ever-broke writer Babette, and Frank, the queer, happy-go-lucky
aspiring auctioneer. See them humorously trudge through the haunting morass of everyday drudgery and the biting emptiness of big city life. Watch, as the three of them come together to discuss, flirt, argue, share their dreams and plan their futures with unequal degrees of deep hopefulness and abject despair. [sic], chosen as one of the Best American Plays of 2002, is a neurotic, bittersweet comedy about the “quarter-life crisis”, and unfolds as three lives collide in one common corridor.

Girls on the Run!

On Sunday, 25 October 2009, join a bunch of enthusiastic, energetic girls for Bangalore’s first women’s only running event – brought to you by RunnerGirlsIndia (RGI)! Come and run or walk with us!

This Girls on the Run event is partnered with YLG Salon and Spa; each participant will receive a YLG MyWaxer Gift Voucher! Come to experience breakthrough services at conveniently located YLG salon and spa exclusively for women in Bangalore. And do join YLG on Facebook, just click here.

We would love to see women coming forward and joining us – and don’t worry if you’re not confident about running – the event is mainly to encourage all of you to get out your shoes and get walking, skipping and active and maybe rediscover your love for the outdoors! So drop your inhibitions – you have nothing to lose but some morning sleep!

The directions to the venue are on this page.


Don’t forget to send off a mail to girlsontherun at register for the run. And please spread the word around!

Men, do encourage the women in your lives to participate and don’t forget to forward this message to them!

The National Do Not Call list – the most successful nation wide “Stress management program” ever!!

First, I was wearing a winning smile and authoritative tone to respond to unwanted calls from insurance, credit card and even stock broking houses ringing in… since Sept 2008 I was informed my number is on a” National DO NOT call list” the much hyped process that delivered just a promise of respecting my privacy… it is been a while now and the I have matured! I came to know that there is nothing in India that is promised and delivered as a system when it comes to such arrangements. The very fact that each operator first took your complains and never let you know if they have informed the caller or even bother to keep track of the numbers that called me umpteen number of times that was directly proportional to the complaints I registered…

Soon came the prohibition of SMS, that were too drafted in that act to provide additional layer of the comfort to all user that the respect for privacy comes along in made shapes and shades…the shady work continues as operators now send me SMSs using a character name of sender so that your can not identify the number from where they were sent as well as you can never complain against them… the saga continues raising the tolerance levels as I continue to change and learn patience… the program which should have been called NATIONAL TELECOM USERS STRESS MANAGENT was yielding results in the context of useless words and never even successful marketing initiatives amidst the unsolicited calls… the years passed by!!

As a matter of fact I now have learned to accept that each of such calls make me speak to someone who also is under the same stress management program but gets paid to do so. The aggression has tamed down and given my way to politeness eventually…I learnt it hard way and thanks to “whom so ever” drafting the act and the process thereof” I continue to be polite, indifferent to the callers and the principle who continue to boost corporate social responsibilities by their honchos yet enable triggers that ring in me time and again…!!

Theatre Appreciation Workshop at Ranga Shankara

The Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2009 will include the third edition of its very successful Theatre and Arts Appreciation Course, designed on the lines of the well-known Culture Course at Neenasam, Heggodu.

The Course, launched at the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2007, provides a unique opportunity to learn the essence of art appreciation by developing new ways “seeing and listening”.


Deepavali Firecrackers for a good cause

Hosur Round Table as service organisation is doing a fund raiser selling cracker gift boxes.

The proceeds of the sale will be used to promote education of underprivileged children by providing classrooms, mulitimedia education aids, salaries for teachers etc. Hosur Round Table also funds environmental projects through Kenneth Anderson Nature Society.

A primary school in Kodekarai a remote village in the Melagiris is being adopted by Hosur Round Table by sponsoring the salary of 2 teachers for a year. Thirteen class rooms have been constructed at various remote villages in the last few years and two multimedia education kits (projector, P.C and education material from classes 4 to 10) have been donated recently.


Screening of “Neerundu Nilamundu”

‘NEERUNDU NILAMUNDU’, a film by Bala Kailasam, is being screened:

Day: Saturday

Date: 10th October 2009,

Time: 6:00pm


BANGALORE -560001; Phone: 080-22210154


The not-so-pretty side of Commercial Street

260920091652A few days ago, we were driving through Commercial Street and trailing this garbage truck that patiently did its clean up act. Can’t believe Commercial Street can generate so much of garbage.

Also can’t believe that one of Bangalore’s most sought after shopping destinations can have its awkward sights. A garbage truck right in the middle of your frame, with a trail of big brand signs on either side of the road.

The World of Mario – An Exhibition…

The World of Mario, seen himself as a social cartoonist rather than a political one, even when he was associated with mainstream news publications such as The Economic Times and The Illustrated Weekly of India. Featuring over 8000 panels chronicles Miranda’s oeuvre right since 1947; a grand exhibition is on from 3rd Oct till 24th Oct at Indian Cartoon Gallery, off MG Road.

His work displayed ranging from the sketches he drew as a child to cartoons and drawings published in magazines to works exhibited at international exhibitions. A must see Bangaloreans….

More about Mario…

Community Protest against building a road through GKVK

‘Save GKVK’ Campaign – Community Protest

Date: 10:00 am – 11:00 am, Sunday, October 11, 2009

Venue: GKVK Main Gate on Bellary Road

Program: Protest against proposed 80 feet link road through GKVK campus

Proposed construction of a major 80 feet link road through GKVK campus entailing cutting of 3000 trees and destruction of several research plots

Current Status

GKVK has transferred the land to BBMP. BBMP has felled hundreds of trees and has initiated civil works. Court has issued stay order on further felling of trees. Forest department has filed a FIR and is investigating the issue. However, BBMP is still planning to carry on with road work. We have now lost hundreds of trees, but the land still remains. We can atleast regrow the trees and we can prevent a road from running through a green patch and destroying it. If we lose the land, we lose the battle fully and we’ll have a road running through an urban green patch, impacting the rest of the green patch negatively!


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