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Restaurant signs in Bangalore

280520091248South Indian restaurants in Bangalore can be amusing to the onlooker who actually takes the time to notices these signs. For most of us they’re blind spots.

“Kindly pay cash to cashier only.” Who else would you pay cash to?

Typically, most South Indian restaurants – the smaller ones – have a cash counter at the entrance. So you decide what you want to order and pay up in advance. What the restaurant owner doesn’t want you to do is pay the chap at the food counter by mistake. That’s when you might get what you want, but the owner doesn’t get the money.

Another sign I’ve seen at a restaurant – which I must shoot one of these days – is a sign near the wash basin, just under the mirror. It says,  “Please don’t comb your hair here.”

There’s possibly good reason why that sign’s out there. I have seen teenagers take a good 10 minutes getting their locks in place, while other people are patiently waiting to wash their hands, after a good masala dosa.

But how do you know where the wash basin is, if you’re new to the restaurant? Just look for the sign that says “HAND WASH”  with an arrow pointing you in the right direction.

If you loved your job…

What do a founder of an NGO, an offbeat boutique owner, a Kathak dancer, a Radio Jockey and an Event Manager have in common?

They’re all living their calling. Are you?

“You’ve got to find what you love. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” These were the famous words of Steve Jobs at Stanford. It’s not surprising to see people around us suffering from Monday blues. If only they loved their job, things would have been different. So what does it take to find your calling? And what does it take to actually live it? Try to find out the answers from a few real people who are living their dreams, shall we? Let’s listen to them as they talk their story…

Tickets priced at Rs 500.
Visit to book online.

CPR Training Workshop

First Aid / CPR Training

Comprehensive Trauma Consortium, is a voluntary non-profit organization established in March 2000, specializes in providing round-the-clock Free Ambulance Rescue service (Pre-hospital care) to accident victims in and around Bangalore City . We have conducted 70,000 rescues so far.

The objective of this course is to create the importance of Pre-Hospital Care and equip the participant with first aid and CPR skills. This certified course is for one full day along with manual. The course fee is Rs.350/ per person. For registration please call @ 9880323829 and confirm before 30th May 2009.

Venue Details :

Date 30 /05/ 2009 (Saturday)

Time 10.00 am – 4.00 pm


Essae Chandran Institute

No.410, 100ft Road, 4th Block,


Bangalore – 34.

For any further clarification, please contact


Training Co-coordinator


Mobile : 9880323829

"Shraddha" Ceremony for the Death of Bangalore Trees


The people of Bangalore deeply mourn the sad demise of our life giving trees, which lost their lives due to our callousness. We will be performing a , ”Shraddha” ceremony for them, on Sunday 24th May at 11am. Please join us to pray for the departed souls.

This condolence meet will be followed by a meeting on the next course of action to be taken to save LAL BAGH and our other PARKS


Park at 32nd Cross and Nanda Road Junction Jayanagar

Organized by

“Sanmathi” and “Hasiru Usiru”

Preferred dress : White dhotis sarees /dress

Criss Cross…


Chasing patterns is exciting; here is one I caught while in HAL Museum with a good combination of sun and the style of the auditorium with contrasting colors …
The city is enjoying good weather after cooling off a bit from pre-monsoon showers good day for a long drive for sure…

"SP Road" – good deals, good pricing, good bargains

This is a photo taken recently on Sadar Patrappa Road (SP Road) near the Town Hall area. In the early eighties, I used to come here to buy L-angle sections, roofing material and water pumps for overhead tanks. Basically anything in construction hardware, at close-to-wholesale prices.

I now come here for computer hardware.

For starters, you can get the latest, latest configurations on assembled systems, at sensible prices. What’s more, your machine is up and running in 30 minutes or less – with all the peripherals that you could be looking for, in terms of printers, scanners, audio plugins and gizmos that might just get your computer to warm up your coffee.

I first noticed the trend to migrate into electronics in the seventies, when I went there to pick up those huge bulbous valves for my radio set. With the advent of the two-in-one and drastically priced “Dilli sets”, SP Road became a popular haunt for anybody looking for a good deal in electronics. But the shift to computer hardware was the biggest thing to happen here, largely enabled by the enterprise of second and third generation shop owners.

Another thing you can come here for is a great second-hand market for laptops* and systems, bought by the “kilo” by smart traders who pick up stuff from companies looking to upgrade on a large scale.

Believe me, this stretch is managed by young business gurus who could give you new business models on hardware retailing. And yes, they even give you bills with taxes deducted and prompt you to think legal on start-up software – which is also available.

Worth a dekko if you have the time.

* I saw a laptop in good working condition for 5,000 rupees.

"Nannavala Kagada" at Naani Arena on 6th June 2009

WeMove Production’s “Nannavala Kagada”, already staged in Bangalore and Mysore, now returns to Bangalore.

At Naani Arena, Centre for Film and Drama (CFD) on 6th June, 2009 (Saturday)

Be there to witness the most hilarious play of the season.

WeMove Production’s New Play in support for Stage Artists and Stage Performances

Please, find the ticket/booking information below

Hayavadana Rao, is an amateur poet, one day he receives a letter from his WIFE, he goes nuts and rushes to his in-laws place…
What was there in that letter? Why Did he Rush to his in law’s place?

Get to know more about Hayavadana Rao and his escapades…………

WeMove Productions®

Presents the most hilarious play of the year

Nannavala Kagada
(My Wife’s Letter)

NOW, Staging at “Nanni Arena” Centre for Film and Drama (CFD)

No 71, Sona Towers, Millers Road (Next to Cunning Ham road)


6th, June 2009 Saturday @ 7.00 p.m

For more information log on to /

Buy Tickets online @ or call 9986016207/ 9980169269

Mango Festival at Ranga Shankara

Mango Party at Ranga Shankara

The annual mango party is back at Ranga Shankara and will be held on Saturday May 23rd from 2 PM to 6 PM. A one of its kind event in the country dedicated to the Mango, one of India’s special gifts, Mango Party is all about celebrating the mango every year in so much abundance and variety.

Keeping in tune with the Indian tradition wherein the mango is seen as a community fruit, Ranga Shankara has celebrated the Mango Party annually with great zeal involving large numbers of people. With the theatre community being in attendance one can look forward to spontaneous songs, scenes and entertainment.

This year there will also be special entertainment for children and others in the form of mango stories by Padmavati Rao, mango games, Paint-a-mango, on-the-spot story writing contests, best mango recipe (send your recipe to to enter the competition) and much more.

The party is open to all. All one needs to do to enjoy the party is bring a kilo of mangoes and eat as much as one can from the pool. Ranga Shankara will strive to bring as many varieties as possible to the pool.

Ranga Shankara
36/2, 8th Cross
J P Nagar, II Phase
Bangalore – 560 078
P: 080-26493982 / 26592777

Catch the Tibetan Film Festival

The Choe Khor Sum Ling Center in Bangalore is holding a Tibetan film festival from May 14-19. The CKSL is a center for the study and practice of Mahayana Buddhism following the lineage and example of Lord Buddha. The Center, whose name means ‘The Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma’ was founded in 2003 by Lama Zopa Rinpoche at the request of HH the XIVth Dalai Lama.

Poster: Kundun

Poster: Kundun

The festival started with two movies yesterday: “The Tibetans: Life in Exile”, Robb Bradstock and “Kundun” by Martin Scorsese. The first movie showed how the exiled community mainly in the Dharamsala area and the challenges it faces, including the monks and nuns. It was quite an interesting look at the problems of the community.

The second – Kundun – is a 1997 film written by Melissa Mathison (at the behest of the Dalai Lama himself) and directed by Martin Scorsese. It is based on the life and writings of the Dalai Lama, the exiled political and spiritual leader of Tibet. It stars Tenzin Thuthob Tsarong, a grand nephew of the Dalai Lama as the adult Dalai Lama. It traces his life in episodes from the time he was “found” to the time when he had to flee Tibet. Kundun was nominated for four Academy Awards.

The rest of the schedule is as follows:

Friday, May 15
5.30 pm, “DREAMING OF TIBET”, Will Parrinello
6.40 pm, “WINDHORSE”, Paul Wagner

Saturday, May 16
5.30 pm, “THE LOST WORLD OF TIBET”, Emma Hindley

Sunday, May 17
5:30 pm, “UNWINKING GAZE”, Joshua Dugdale
6:50 pm, “THE CUP: AN INSPIRING TRUE STORY”, Khyentse Norbu
7:10 pm, “H.H. The DALAI LAMA in conversation with RAJIV MEHROTRA”

Monday, May 18
8:10 pm, “TIBET’S CRY FOR FREEDOM”, Lara Damiani

Tuesday, May 19
5:30 pm, “ART IN EXILE”, Nidhi Tuli, Ashraf Abbas
6:10 pm, “DRAMGYEN: THE LUTE”, ashi Eugyalaversion
6:30 pm, “RICHARD GERE IS MY HERO”, ashi Wangchuk, Tsultrim Dorjee
8:10 pm, “UNDERCOVER TIBET”, Channel 4

CKSL also offers courses in various Buddhist meditation techniques and teachings on the various aspects of the graduated path to enlightenment. Teachings are offered free to the public and are conducted in English or in Tibetan (with translation in English). In addition to regular teachings every few weeks the Center invites senior Lamas to give talks on important aspects of the Buddhist path.

For those interested in Tibet, its history and the present day problems and issues, this is a good chance to catch a few of these films. And do pass the word around!

For more information, you can check out the The Center’s Website or call them on 080-41486497.

Barcamp at IISc on Green Innovations

In the true spirit of creating the community of practitioners sharing their perspectives on the subject of Innovation and Creativity, every month Wipro hosts WiCamps at various cities in India. After very successfully hosting the Delhi edition of WiCamp at IIT Delhi, the camp now moves to Bangalore. These un-conference styled meeting grounds are essentially discussion forums where startups, researchers, professionals, freelancers, faculty members, students, and investors, among others, gather and further their understanding on a subject.

The current edition of WiCamp is hosted at the esteemed Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

The details of the event follow:

Theme: Green Innovations

Day and Date: Saturday, 9th May, 2009

Venue: Seminar Hall, Dept. of Management Studies, IISc Bangalore

Duration: 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM (Lunch and High Tea Included)


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