Janet has done some great tireless work for Bangalore’s green cover. With all the threat the trees are facing with the metro work, especially in Nanda Road and Lalbagh, we need to be more grateful that there are people like Janet around.

It’s no mean achievement but under the umbrella of her organisation, Janet has planted as many as 11,550 trees! In her own words: “We’ve been busy doing what we do best- planting trees that cool the globe and heal the earth.”

She continues: “We know this number is a humble statistic when compared to the number of trees that have been chopped and are slated to go under the axe, to make way for “development”.) But every leaf that sprouts on every new tree that is planted brings back hope.

A reassuring sign in these dreary times.

It’s a mad race of tree cutters versus tree planters. And you just have to look around to see who’s in the lead.

But hey, remember the tortoise and the hare?

We’re getting there. One tree at a time.

So relax, and enjoy your long weekend in a place far from the madding concrete jungle.”

If you are interested to plant a tree, gift someone a tree in their name (it makes for a great gift, you’d agree I am sure) or even volunteer to help Janet, do get in touch with her.

Sign the petition to save Lalbagh trees

The merits gained by planting trees for the benefit of others last forever.” – Buddha

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