"Alarms and Excursions" at Ranga Shankara on Feb 5th and 6th,2009

Dramanon, the young theatre group of Bangalore, is staging “Alarms and Excursions” on Feb 5th & 6th at Ranga Shankara.

About Alarms and Excursions:

Alarms and Excursions by Michael Frayn, is both farcical and comic. The play comprises of two playlets that share a central theme: a humorous & critical commentary on disconnection between people. The play explores the obtuse humor in our off the hook, disconnected relationships with ourselves and with each other – and the resulting tragic-comedy of such a set up.

The first playlet “Doubles” involves two couples who check into identical hotel rooms next to each other. Their rooms, which are mirror images of each other, are separated by thin walls. Through the play, we slowly discover that the only thing that eventually separates them is not the physical wall between the rooms, but the invisible walls between each other.

The second playlet “Immobiles,” is an exposé of human disconnection in a world without mobile phones. A frustrated couple tries to coordinate a proper meeting place using an answering machine and coin operated phone booths for their foreign friend when he arrives at the airport. Broken bones and broken hearts are the result of this techno faux pas.

Why Alarms and Excursions:

The Michael Frayn-esque thought process (quirky and comic) is a genre that Dramanon has always found fascinating. And when, 6 months ago, a generous sibling couriered a dusty second hand copy of Alarms and Excursions – BINGO! we had a new production on hand.

The immediate connect we had with the play was its relevance with today’s times – In a world whose borders are shrinking – iPhones, email, sms, social networking sites – in a world that affords every form of communication, we find increasing intolerance, increasing misunderstanding and alienation between people. Our understanding of each other and ourselves, borders dangerously on the superficial – leading to a chilling isolation. Is this because we have grown increasingly dependant on technology to communicate? In our fast paced lives, have we forgotten what it means to be empathetic?

Talking about how the play forces the viewer to critically assess ourselves and our connection with the world, Sharanya Ramprakash, the play’s director says: “A couple I know broke up over an sms… my friend got hired over a telephone interview… my local coffee joint is Wi-Fi enabled… disconnect and wire in seems to be the way to go. Its remarkable how the script unerringly zeroes in on all the disconnection in the connection. Maybe its time to sign off from facebook and get some face time with the people you care about.”

Whatever the reasons, Alarms & Excursions explores, in its inimitable style, the comic potential in such world – and a bit of soul searching in the process!

About Dramanon:

Dramanon (Dramatist Anonymous) was founded in 1991 and originally comprised of student and faculty members from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) who shared a passion for theater. A few student alumni of Dramanon, Manipal who are now full-time professionals, helped Dramanon spread its wings by establishing chapters in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Since 2006, Dramanon, Bangalore has frequently staged plays at both the Ranga Shankara and Alliance De Francaise.

Play Details:

Cast & Crew:

Director: Sharanya Ramprakash

Cast: Anshu Bora, Priya Venkatraman, Serena Punch, Deepanjan Dey, Nakul Bhalla, Siddhartha Rao & Payal Chowdhury.

Production: Sridhar Prasad, Rupesh Patange, Karan Shurpalekar, Nishita Vasanth, Mohit Dhir, Suraj Sunder Raj and Harish Shesadri.

Play: Alarms & Excursions

Date & Time: February 5th & 6th 2009 (Both days at 7:30 PM)

Venue: Ranga Shankara, Bangalore

Telebooking No: 9845017975

Online Booking: www.indianstage.in

Tickets also available at: Rs 150/-


Ranga Shankara

KC Das, St Mark’s Road

Blossom’s Book House, Church Street

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