Aab to Jaago Re!

One thing was blatantly apparent during the events of last week in Mumbai – the lack of dynamic and strong leaders. And as much as we might lament the state of our system and the lack of good leadership, we the citizens are also at fault. Though we complain at the drop of a hat about everything, we are largely apathetic and indifferent towards who we vote into power. Or many of us don’t even bother to vote.

Jaago Re is a bid to awaken the entire country, including the youth. To facilitate this “One Billion Votes” campaign on-ground, Tata Tea has tied up with Janaagraha, an NGO with a background in social awakening. With plans to create awareness in colleges and organizations in 35 cities across the nation, One Billion Votes will create a platform to help the people vote. The take away message of their on-ground and online campaign being, “If on Election day you’re not voting then you’re sleeping”.

Janaagraha is a non-profit organization that works with citizens and their governments to improve the quality of life in our cities and towns. It was founded in 2001 by Swati and Ramesh Ramanathan, working to address issues of urban governance. Janaagraha actively partners with institutions to leverage capacity and knowledge – India Urban Space, City Connect, PROOF (Public Record of Operations & Finance), and WISA (Ward Infrastructure and Services Assessment) – are partner programmes that address a range of urban issues from urban planning, transparency in governance, to infrastructure and services.

Click here to know more about Jaago Re. And please do pass the word around, write about it in your blogs, mail to to friends and make sure you participate! Today, we need to bring about change and it’s all in our hands.

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  1. sanjaypandey on December 11th, 2008 @ 1:53 pm

    The Mumbai attacks have once again proved the power of propaganda and proved Goebbels right. A massive media blitz is being carried out as if everything is going to end.

    It would have been funny if it was not sad. The dead bodies are being used by vultures in human form to further their agendas. Where were these so called concerned people, when these blasts took place in different parts of country killing ordinary Indians? They were nowhere to be found. Wherever we could see them, their tone used to be, do not be jingoistic and so on. Now, once the hangout of elite has been touched, look at the noise pollution on every media. Various myths are being touted. Let us face them one by one.

    1 – India is protesting – Oops, I used to think that population of India is 1 billion plus. After this incident got to know that it is around 1 lakh. How did this population reduction take place? A few thousands in mumbai, few thousands in bangalore and same numbers in major metros do not comprise India. India is not protesting. Common man is not bothered. It is the elite and chatteratti who are bothered.

    2 – It is an attack on Indian economy. Again Oops. Indian economy is not run by 5 star hotels and Ratan Tatas. It is run by common man and common man is not impacted by Taj and Oberoi.

    3 – We must punish the politicians. Should we and should we forget those who used their money and muscle power to keep those politicians in place. Yes, I am talking about Ratan Tata and his ilk. I find it really hypocritic, that when Ratan Tata attacks a honest politician like Mamta Banerjee after he has unleashed a reign of terror in Singur, all the media including blogs, applauded him and now when Tata’s hotel has been attacked suddenly he is a victim. Funny, going by the logic of singur, the media and chatteratti should have been blasting Tata and praising Terrorists. How the perspective changes when money is at stake?

    4- Urban voting will make difference. No, you are just trying to use painkiller to kill cancer. It simply does not work out. Will post the arithmetic and reasons sometime later on. By the way, did anyone ask, how did jago re got the funds for the TV campaign. I do not believe it comes cheap. We tend to brush the corruption of those we are financed by under the table.

    3 –

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