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There’s more to namma Bengaluru, we have many names for our city of Bangalore, be it Garden city, Pub city, IT city but the very essence of Bangalore remians the same. The city has not changed but its people and the perceptions definitely have. One of the famous places here has been Cubbon Park, the place that acts like a much needed lung space for the city. That now needs you!!

As anybody and everybody is welcome here (and that’s the beauty of this place) for relaxation, unwinding. Also for the health concious, fitness freaks who do not enjoy the ambience in a gym, don’t worry Cubbon Park is the best place to walk, jog or even do your yoga / general exercises. The kids love this place due to bal bahvan and the mini train…

If you thought this is only for the old or the kids, think again! There are many groups involving youngsters who hit this place to maintain themselves and connect with the environment. Now when Cubbon Park has so much to offer, this place needs to be maintained well. The government authorities do take care of the basic requirements in this place but seems they do need a helping hand. That’s when a voulntary organization called the Cubbon Park Mitra Sanga has stepped in. It is a group of caring citizens who have come forward to maintain this place. They play the role of the catalysts who remind the Government to do their job also take charge of few things when they fail to get a response. And this group works solely on the interest and efforts from the Bangaloreans.

Cubbon Park Mithra Sangha is small group of environment conscious people formed by Mr. Narendranath an architect three years ago. It has started the task of spreading awareness among the users by picking up garbage over week ends. It also periodically interacts with the officials of Government horticultural department and brings home issues like, fencing, protecting the flowerbeds and lawns, repairs and improvements. It also invites volunteers from various organisations to participate in litter picking and spread awareness.

It has chosen the children park (bal bhavan) to focus area for demonstrating the entire sequence of collection of litter, sorting out into biodegradable and non biodegradable, carting it out to towns outskirts, handing over convertible part to conversion agents and compost makers and disposing the rest scientifically in sanitary fills. This it does in association with SAAHAS which is in the area of waste disposal since 1901. SAAHAS is registered as a society in 2001. They are based in Bangalore and committed to find solution to problems related to solid waste. They believe in providing suitable guide lines for solid waste management

Objectives of SAAHAS..

SAAHAS is working towards
• Implementation of Solid waste management rules
• Encouraging waste segregation at source and retrieval of recyclable items
• Introducing regulations in the use and disposal of plastic and other household hazardous waste like batteries, light bulbs and electronic waste
• Encouraging the composting of organic waste at local level
• Strengthening recycling sector

The aim of the Cubbon Park Mithra Sangha is to catch the young visitors to Balbhavan and inculcate them the need for control in generating garbage and its proper collection, segregation and handing over to Corporation garbage collection system in a proper manner. They need volunteers like you and me to carry out activities which would retain a balance in this place. They have many successful activities to their credit and they are still looking forward to have enthusiastic individuals who can contribute with their presence for their activities or just being a well wisher.

If you wish to volunteer for their activities, please mention your name, email id and phone number and send it to this email ( Read more here) Once registered to this yahoo group you will get advanced notifications of programs calling volenteers and can help you join the cause…

Together let’s make a difference in a small way so that this makes a great path for the rest to follow !!

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  1. pavithra on November 21st, 2008 @ 4:39 pm

    Hi Team,,,

    I would like to be as a part

    what do say???

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