Playing the National Anthem.

I rarely watch movies. However I was compelled to go to one recently.
I visited Fun Cinemas theater located at Sigma mall, Cunningham road.

The high intensity sound, hygienic atmosphere, made me feel truly high-class.
While I was all excited to watch the movie after a span of 5 yrs, there was pin drop silence all of a sudden.
No time to think what was going on, while I just realized that our national anthem was being played.
Everyone stood up and remained silent; from the old to the young as young as 4 yrs- giving due respect to our anthem.

How often does one feel patriotic?
Breaking all the barriers of religion, caste, creed, sect, it truly made me feel proud to be an Indian.

It was a similar event that occurred at Fame lido located at Lido mall.
Is our anthem being played in all the theaters before the movie is showcased? Or is it just a few of them?
Does everyone feel the same way? Or is it just another movie and another time the anthem is being played and I’m there to watch the movie?
Your thoughts please?

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  1. faiqg on September 16th, 2008 @ 11:12 am

    National Anthem before a movie is a Mumbai funda, which i think is in Pune also, don’t about rest of Maharashtra. Fame and Fun cinemas being Mumbai based firms must have brought the custom from there.
    Though i have overheard people complaining about it, i love to stand up and sing along. :)

  2. geeksand on September 20th, 2008 @ 5:05 pm

    I think the national anthem is played only for movies related to Adlabs (Distributed/played at ) . The national anthem that gets played at the Adlabs here (Pune) is not the real national Anthem its a remix (by A.R Rahman ) . While i am not here to create any fuzz about some one remixing the national Anthem I guess one does not necessarily need to stand up or be silent for a remix of it (I do though). As faigg said I love to stand up and sing along

    There was a practice earlier (I have heard) to play the national Anthem at the end of the movie (like every other public gathering)but people were jumping out and running by the time the movie finished without giving it respect and tha practice was stopped. Anyway good idea to play it at the start.

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