Traffic Woes

Hmmm, this is one freaking subject, that people would love to hate. Lots has been told and discussed across every newspaper and TV news. But there is no end to it. Nevertheless, I just thought , let me add my 2 cents.
Couple of days back, I saw an article in the newspaper that some folks from the United States Of America are coming to Bangalore, as consultants, to solve the Bangalore Traffic issues. Ok, whatever, to solve or suggest. It is definitely a good thought. But what really bothered me was that, it was never the issue, that we didnt know what the problem was, and how to solve it. There are more than enough suggestions thrown by across all kinds of Media on this. Its just a matter of implementation. That’s where we really lack. When are the concerned authorities really understand this simple fact. Today when I look into the paper again, I see exactly what I had in my mind from the same folks from US. They said, its the simple issues that need to be taken care, and if done ,most of the issues would be solved. I guess if a firangi says something which we have been saying all the time, it might be taken in a better sense. Probably the accent makes the difference. But if these firangis are acting as a catalyst for the betterment of Bangalore, I dont think its a big price we are paying these consultants. The only part pending is the implementation.

Now to add on to the implementation part, here is something which really puts me off. Everyday I travel via the Marutinagar route towards BTM Layout from Koromangala. Those who have traveled on that small road, would clearly know how slow the traffic can actually move on that road. Now the authorities seem to have got a brilliant idea as to how to further slow down the traffic. They have now built 2 speed breakers within a distance of 100meters. I really cant understand the very need of a speed breaker on such a cramped road . Here’s something for the authorities, A speed breaker is supposed to cut down the speed , not to get the vehicle to a standstill. There is no way that the vehicle can go above 20kmph on that road. Please use some common sense.

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  1. amit1agrawal on September 22nd, 2008 @ 4:51 pm

    Hi Anita,
    You brought out an important point.There seems to be no recognition for Indian effort/suggestion within India itself, but when a foreigner comes and praises us, tells us to do something this or that, we immediately see the point in his advice.
    For eg: In ‘I Too had a dream’ Dr Kurien mentions that only when International awards were bestowed upon Kaira District Cooperative(better known as Amul),were the efforts recognized by the Indian government.
    Another eg, Kishore Biyani of Pantaloons, he has been pioneer in recognizing the true potential of Indian consumer, when all the other big names were skeptical of malls like Big Bazaar.Today, Pantaloons is the biggest retail company in India leaving the competition far behind.But they are not talked about in the same light as Walmart founder,TESCO founder, Cooperatives of New Zealand, or even founders of technology companies like Google.
    I fail to understand why we as a nation are so obsessed by anything foreign.

  2. surekash on September 27th, 2008 @ 8:46 pm

    While the firangi twist to the tale calls for a seperate debate – using speed breakers to slow down the traffic is one blunder we make in Bangalore in all roads and even in gated communities. There is a known set of commuters and rash driving is definitely dangerous for every living person – yet the so called elite, resort to driving at speeds which they cannot do on the public roads. Result call for speed breakers by a vocal few was constructed. To give a picture 10 speed breakers were constructed on the peripheral road of the gated community which is less than one kilometer. And another 5 speed breakers were constructed in 500 m of the internal roads.

    Then there were some other senior citizens who complained that the speed breakers impeded their walking as they cannot lift their legs to cross – this complaint was given a pass. But this also led to water pools being created cos of the terrain of the community.So grooves were created on the speed breakers to let the water flow. Net result parents of small kids are unhappy again as the little ones feet gets cught in the grooves or they trip from their little cycles !! Phew – whom do we satisfy !!

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