Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Development Foundation…Meeting

The Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Development Foundation, which has been in existence for the past 15 years as the Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Educational Research Trust, is a body set up by the family of the famous horticulturalist, Dr M H Marigowda, who put Karnataka on the botanical, agricultural, and horticultural map of India and the world.

The Foundation invited some concerned citizens for an informal gathering at the beautiful Mahadevi Marigowda Mansion.

The Chairman of the Trust, Dr T Prabhu, who is the son-in-law of Dr Marigowda, welcomed the informal gathering that had been invited to brainstorm about the objectives that should be pursued by the new foundation that has absorbed the old trust.

Mr C P Shaker, Dr Marigowda’s grandson, asked the people present to introduce themselves, and initiated the discussion on what the foundation’s goals should be.

Among those present were:

Sri B A Chennappa Gowda, who was the CEO of HOPCOMS for 15 years.

Sri Ashok Krishnappa, from Mulbagal in Kolar District..the head of the Zilla Panchayat, and the son of the famous luminary, M V Krishnappa.

Sri M N Krishna Prasad, who is an agricultural scientist at present running a polymer industry.

Sri Santosh Attavar, the MD of Indo-American Hybrid Seeds.

Dr Sadanand, a noted IT and horticultural expert who is now based in Sydney, Australia.

Sri Raja, a planter.

Dr Usha, a paediatric physician who is now an activist.

Smt Krupa Shivarthy, an environmentalist. Dr Usha and Smt Krupa were very active in the “Save Cubbon Park” agitation some years ago.

Sri Sanjeeva and Smt Yashoda Shetty; Sri Shetty was the CEO of McNeill and Magor.

Smt Suneeta Prabhu, the daughter of Dr Marigowda.

Smt Pallavi Shaker, Sri Shaker’s wife and a keen horticulturist.

The problem of depletion of green cover in Bangalore was discussed, and later, the problems that farmers in Karnataka face was more fully gone into. The suicide of the farmers was a social issue as well as a horticultural one, was an important point made. A possible pilot project in Kolar, under Mr Ashok’s supervision, whereby software could be introduced that would allow the farmers to regulate their crops and production was discussed in detail.

Mr Chennappa Gowda also mentioned the urgent need for rainwater harvesting, especially in drought-prone areas.

A resolution was taken for each person to come forward with concrete suggestions, which could be listed out by the Foundation, prioritised and acted upon.

Mr Shaker mentioned that the Foundation has received immense support from abroad, and a newsletter is proposed, backed by D C Publications.

A powerpoint presentation was made by Sri Ashok, regarding the plight of the farmers and possible solutions to the same.

The hospitable family members thanked those who attended the meeting, and promised to take the initiative forward.

If anyone is interested in proposing initiatives that are to do with agriculture/horticulture or protection of greenery in Bangalore, please contact:

Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Development Foundation, 288, Marigowda Mansion, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560082

or email the Foundation at

or email Sri C P Shaker at


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