For Young Minds .. Really ?

From 26th May, Bangalore city has one more newspaper under circulation. The newspaper is by a Hyderabad based media company Deccan Chronicle, the group which is more famous nationally for being owner of a bottom performer team in recently concluded Indian Premier League(IPL).What's on your back ?

The newspaper claims itself to be ‘for Young Minds’ through provocative hoarding ads depicting a lady with news printed on her back. I guess majority would have bothered to see company behind this, for obvious reasons. In case by mistake an onlooker puts on a thinking cap, what really could he/she interpret from the ad ? We know palm-reading, mind reading etc but this ad is trying to project a new concept – ‘back-reading’.

Read my back.

According to me, the ad tries to convey the following …

  • if you’re looking for the ‘front page hot news’, there’s no need to point that out to you.
  • if you’re looking for the bulls and bears of the business news, you can see that its there in the highs and lows.
  • sports is out there in the unkempt jet-black hair.
  • fashion and page 3 news needs no mention. (and if you’re gonna read fashion this way, you’ll probably disagree with the cliched statement that beauty is skin-deep).
  • the hands don’t carry any news obviously due to lack of space; (does it point out that this newspaper comes with ‘no strings attached’ as it is ‘hands free’ ?)

An ad which sets the though process going …nice enough! But will this create loyal subscribers ? I managed to get an invitation copy while traveling in a BMTC -Vajra (Volvo) bus.(Ads of the newspaper are in side windows of the some Volvo buses). In the first impression, the newspaper looks like a hybrid of regular daily newspaper and a tabloid. Other than this there is nothing special in the newspaper to be called “made for Young Minds”. The print quality is very bad and as a result many photographs even though coloured look abysmal. From the layout perspective, the only thing I liked was the page header section which has some easy read news in the briefs. There’s also the supplement ‘Chronicle Bengaluru’ that has nothing special to mention about.

It’s too early to comment about contents in general. but I can’t resist myself mentioning about the the editorial section because it is just disappointing, there is nothing worthwhile to read in it.
[with inputs from Sudhir]

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