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Re-use and Re-cycle…

Re-use and Re-cycle…

While some prefer to buy new books, there are still many who prefer visiting the book lane ( avenue road) to these merchants / book sellers who encourage people to re-use and re-cycle ( circulate) the ‘used’ books for the needy, on a longer term this provides a great value not only to the user but the others as the cost of the books keeps coming down, a single copy is used by many thus is a noble cause for environment support too…

The new roads of Bangalore….

Here’s Bannerghatta Road, at the Jayadeva flyover; four years ago, all the trees that had been planted on this road were cut down and the road widened, and the flyover built.

Can you see even a blade of grass in the picture?


What has the effect of the tree-felling, road-widening, and flyover-building been on traffic?

The traffic is as choked as ever, and all that has happened is that we have lost a lot of greenery and tree cover; the area has become much more polluted and noisy.

Can we stop further unnecessary felling of trees and widening of roads, which result in the same traffic congestion + lack of trees, just a few years down the line, and think of more long-term and people-friendly solutions to our traffic problems?

Profiteering of few Sr. Govt officers….

Lokayukta has done it again; surfacing the bemani properties of corrupt sr.govt officials… this still seems to be the tip of the iceberg …

Lok Ayukta sleuths swooped down on the Bangalore residence of Davangere assistant commissioner (commercial taxes) Amanulla Sharief on Friday morning, They unearthed documents for property worth Rs 1.35 crore and cash from his house, whereas his entire 30 years’ earnings would have come to just Rs 30 lakh.
The Lok Ayukta also raided residences of nine officials, including an IAS officer, a deputy superintendent of police, commercial tax department officers. The raid yielded properties worth Rs 20 crore, disproportionate to their known sources of income. Read more..

What’s happening is not something new; the corruption has deeper roots in almost everything in our country, the lac of drive from political and administrative fronts to uproot the same. The need of hour perhaps is to protect the public wealth and interest rather than compromising our democratic principles and maintain the ‘chalta hai attitude’. The legal framework though has noted this down the ‘suo motto’ actions from political arena must be deep asleep over these cases for sure…

Old Faithfuls


Meet Raju, our dhobiwalla from Frazer Town. He’s been a regular with us over the last 25 years. And a good example of peripheral relationships in old Bangalore. You know all about his kids and he has seen your kids growing up right from the time they were in diapers.

Raju is like our postman, who often drops by for a cup of tea and to chat about how things have changed after “email”.

But Raju is now endangered species – with coal prices spiraling, power tariffs on a shock-spree and shop rents hitting the roof. The “new age” cleaner around the corner is another looming threat to his existence. He is getting old and does not visualize his children getting into the same line. So it won’t be long before his trusty cycle leans against his wall to gather dust.

I don’t know how many old Bangaloreans can identify with this feeling of loss in terms of a close “peripheral relationship”, but I’m sure many of you have grown up with these familiar faces who have been so much a part of your life.

Another closed chapter on the changing face of Bangalore.

Fries Anyone?

Fries anyone

A wholesaler of local fries checkingout his cart customer early morning on his two wheeler, these cheap hot chips are munched along sipping the tea by local crowds …

The Third Bangalore PhotoWalk

Details of the Third Bangalore Photowalk to be conducted by Karthik S.

Date: 29th June 2008, Sunday
Time: 8 am to 10 am
Starting point: Intersection of Brigade Road and Residency Road.
Ending point: Intersection of Brigade Road and Residency Road.

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To participate mail at skthewimp [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Development Foundation…Meeting

The Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Development Foundation, which has been in existence for the past 15 years as the Dr M H Marigowda Environment and Horticulture Educational Research Trust, is a body set up by the family of the famous horticulturalist, Dr M H Marigowda, who put Karnataka on the botanical, agricultural, and horticultural map of India and the world.

The Foundation invited some concerned citizens for an informal gathering at the beautiful Mahadevi Marigowda Mansion.

The Chairman of the Trust, Dr T Prabhu, who is the son-in-law of Dr Marigowda, welcomed the informal gathering that had been invited to brainstorm about the objectives that should be pursued by the new foundation that has absorbed the old trust.


Jolly Colours Run!

It was great to see a really big turn-out at the Sunfeast 10K run last month. It’s events like these that will popularize physical activities like running and walking – a great form of exercise as our lives become more sedentary!

For those of you who live around the JP Nagar area, there is the Jolly Colors 5K – a run followed by a Painting competition will be organized at JP Park on Sunday June 15. Run and then paint and express yourself! A mighty fun way to spend a Sunday morning with the family!

You can either bring your own paint and brush and palette for the painting competition or use the painting supplies provided by the organisers.

All finishers in the 5K run event will get a prize. Painting event prizes will be decided by a panel of judges. There will be prizes for all-round good performance in both running & painting events.

This event is being organised by Run Walk India.

And take it from me, there’s nothing as refreshing and fun as an early morning run!

For Young Minds .. Really ?

From 26th May, Bangalore city has one more newspaper under circulation. The newspaper is by a Hyderabad based media company Deccan Chronicle, the group which is more famous nationally for being owner of a bottom performer team in recently concluded Indian Premier League(IPL).What's on your back ?

The newspaper claims itself to be ‘for Young Minds’ through provocative hoarding ads depicting a lady with news printed on her back. (more…)

For that ‘Clean’ Drive….

Clean Drive

Fuel prices are soaring, entire World is going after the ‘green’ and ‘clean’ options, perhaps these riders have taken this too seriously, have they?

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