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Fine Art Auction by Bid and Hammer

Art has become fairly big business now, and Bid and Hammer, who are fine art auctioneers, are presenting an auction of modern and contemporary Indian Art in Bangalore.

The preview of the works, which include such well-known artists as Souza, J.Swaminathan, and our own Balan Nambiar, will be from 4 June to 14 June 2008,


Bid and Hammer Preview Hall
226-1/1, 39th C Cross, 8th Main Road, 5th Block,
Jayanagar, Bangalore 560041

and the auction proper willl be on the 15th June at

ITC Windsor Sheraton
Sankey Road

at 7.00pm sharp.

For general enquiries:

+91 80 2211 0684

To place an order for catalogues:

+91 80 2211 0681

For registration: Bidders who wish to participate, either in person or through absentee or telephonebidding, will have to register all details, such as id proof, bank information, security deposit, etc.) that is required by Bid and Hammer, prior to the start of the auction.

The registration form is available on the Bid and Hammer website

and it can be filled and sent in by post, email ( or fax (+91 80 2227 2223), at least 2 hous before the start of the auction.

This is the second auction that Bid and Hammer is conducting.

Even if one is not a bidder, one can go and look at the art, and watch the fascinating process of the auction…but do make a prior appointment.

Article about Clean and Green

Clean and Green is a group of volunteers who are trying to actively manage plastic waste and ensure that it gets collected and well-used, at at least one tourist location near Bangalore.

Read my article about them

click here

A simple agenda for improving our environment…I am very impressed with the way Clean and Green functions.

The New Bangalore Airport – The outside experience

The new Bangalore Airport has been written about & talked about a lot largely due to the fact that it is far off from the city. A not so positive point that but then the fact is The Bangalore Airport is up & running. Flights are taking off & landing, getting delayed & canceled. I was there a day after the inauguration and came back…well…read on…

First facts, yes the Bangalore International Airport is far from the city. This fact is so drilled into all of us by now that I suppose we are so mentally tuned to a long travel & starting off well in advance. Once the mental tuning is done the ride becomes that much more bearable. Largely the road from the Hebbal flyover is wide & good so a good car should be able to travel 80-100 km/hr. It took us about an hour to get to the Airport from Commercial Street that Saturday evening.

I really don’t know what a layman should expect from an Airport or from a new Airport for that matter. And especially for someone like me who doesn’t travel around by flights then it is once again of very little significance. But all the hype of the new Airport mostly for the wrong reasons got me curious & I wanted to be there & check it out functioning. Luckily, Brother was off to the US so we went there to see him off.

Only the passengers are allowed entry in to the terminal building while those who travel with the passengers to see them off basically have to hang outside the terminal building. Entry inside is allowed only in the Arrival section. That said the facilities for people who go all the way there to see off someone are not great at all.  The Terminal building is all glass & completely see-through type. So the only activity for most people who go there to see someone off is to follow the progress being made by their traveler in the check in queue. Apart from doing that we looked around for two things. One, some place where we could sit & two, for the toilet. Both were not to be seen. When we enquired with some uniformed facility management chaps their answer was, ‘there is no toilet outside’. That definitely had to be wrong. How could BIAL miss out on something as basic as that? Some more enquiries and we got the directions. We had to walk about 500 meters from the Terminal building for the toilet. And honestly there was nothing International about this toilet, at least in its maintenance. It is very Indian & very local.

I was keen to know how different can an ‘International Airport’ be from an ‘Airport’. I mean really what can be the difference? Well this is what I realized. There is no difference. An Airport is an Airport. And that’s pretty much it. For all those of us who hang out a lot at the malls in Bangalore, we are already used to the escalators, glow signs, uniformed facility management chaps, colorful chairs in the food zones, the organized parking & so on & so forth. The Bangalore International Airport is no different. But yes where the Bangalore International Airport can learn something from the Mall’s facility management chaps is in the maintenance of the toilets. One other area where they can take tips from a mall is in putting up some displays as to where the toilets are. I guess the kind of people who make malls & airports are the same. Because at both places you cant sit.

But yes where the feel of International comes in according to me is in the fact that you don’t see any autos & two wheelers around (I didn’t see any two wheelers at the air port that day but can’t confirm if they are not allowed there). Another area where you get a feel of International is in the size of the entire thing. It’s big & especially so when it’s compared to the previous HAL Airport. Despite these stand out features where it probably lacks in the International tag is Security. It does seem relaxed. Even the area next to the terminal building where some flights are parked can be clearly seen from the distance. The flights are only about a stone’s throw away.  One other area where some improvement would be great is in the food area. Is darshini type food or South Indian food per se not International? Why is it that we get more North Indian & the burger/sandwich type fare there than South Indian? Where is the promotion of local culture there

To sign off on a good note there is one good thing and that too with the most dreaded aspect about the airport, the connectivity. One can rest assured about the connectivity. BMTC has buses every half hour & round the clock. We took a BMTC Volvo well past mid night. This definitely is more cost effective & convenient but only to get into the city. From there you will have to rely on the auto or a taxi again. Other wise of course there are taxi services round the clock as well at the airport.

Introducing Airlift – Airport Transfer Services

Just came across this Airport Transfer Service for BIAL. Since the New airport is far from the city and current Airport Transfers are very expensive for the families or individuals with lot of luggage. This service claims to make airport Transfers less expensive and still provide the required luxury while taking customers to and from the airport. They will pick up the customers from the Airlift pickup points and drop them to the airport and vice versa bring them to the city from the airport.


The Second Bangalore Photo Walk

Here are the details about the second Bangalore Photo Walk, to be conducted on June 1, 2008, as given by S Karthik, who is organizing it:

* The walk will happen on 1st June 2008 between Ravindra Kalakshetra and the erstwhile Central Jail
* We begin at 7:30 am sharp – it’s a slightly longish route and there are too many things worth photographing on the route so I think we should start early
* From what I see, I think it’ll be a building-oriented walk. Lots of good buildings in the route
* Some of the buildings that we’ll see during the walk
o Ravindra Kalakshetra
o Sir Puttannachetty Town Hall
o The LIC Building
o The Corporation Building
o Bux-Ranka house
o Hudson Church
o RBI (though I’m not sure if it’s safe to photograph it)
o Daly Hall
o Central Jail
* We should end the walk by around 10 am near the Central Jail, following which we will proceed to Kamat Yatri Nivas for breakfast
* All are welcome. You are welcome even if you don’t carry a camera and are just interested in walking along with us on a nice Sunday morning. Of course you should be prepared to walk
* I’m not sure of parking facilities around the Ravindra Kalakshetra. The nearest bus stop is Town Hall, to where you should get buses from all over the city
* As usual, you don’t need to pay anything. Except for the breakfast of course.
* I would advise you to carry a cap, a water bottle and a camera. I would also advise you to wear comfortable footwear.
* There is a yahoo group I’ve started. it’s called blorephotowalk. Join. I need to approve your membership though
* I request you to give more publicity for this walk. On your blog or website or maybe even in some papers or something :P .
* RSVP. Either leave a comment here (with your name) or mail me at skthewimp[at]yahoo[dot]com
* The latest issue of Bengaluru pages, and citizen matters have carried reviews of the first walk. The CitizenMatters article is at

Karthik has a very interesting blog at

So now, we have BJP in Karnataka

After months of dithering without a government, the results are out – we will now finally have one! I heard fire-crackers on the way back home in the evening and I realised it was probably someone celebrating the victory of their party.

So the BJP have won in Karnataka and the finally tally is:
BJP: 110, Cong: 80, JD-S: 28, Others: 6

BJP is now 2 short of 113 – the magic figure required for a simple majority – does not seem like a difficult task.

So now, the first Bharatiya Janata Party government in the south will be sworn-in on May 28 and B S Yeddyurappa will take oath as chief minister.

So what’s in store for Karnataka? I guess we will all have to watch over the next few months!

From Bangalore to Hyde Park, London


When Radio Indigo sent Zubin, a Marketing Manager from Aztec on an all expense paid Formula 1 weekend to Monza, Italy, he became the most envied among F1 fans. For Zubin not just got air tickets, stay at the Four Season’s Hotel but also exclusive Ferrari Paddock passes to watch the race last September. Now what’s lying in wait has got to be the biggest ever treat for a music buff. Radio Indigo and Hard Rock Café is sending one Bangalorean with a friend on an all expense paid weekend to London to watch some of the biggest artists live in concert. ‘Hard Rock Calling’ at Hyde Park, London will have Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, K T Tunstall, The Police and Starsailor performing live! Imagine a chance of an all-expense paid trip all the way to London to watch them perform. What’s even better is the STAR treatment. Air tickets, posh hotel accommodation, a limousine to go around town and seats at the VIP grandstands to watch the stars perform up close and personal!

On the contest, Geoffrey Thomas – National Programming Director, “Radio Indigo has always brought the best of International music – on-air and by bringing diverse International talent to perform here. The Indigo experience has always been about bringing the best to our listeners. This is one chance that any music buff will absolutely cherish”

Stay tuned to Radio Indigo for the details.

This post is from an email sent to me by Radio Indigo

Retaining HAL !! The last hope…

– “HAaL ya B(IA)haaL!!”

May 22nd 2008, yes that’s the date! Just a day before HAL is pushed to cease domestic travel. Despite formal position of the civil aviation ministry is that metros require two airports likes of Mumbai and Delhi….

In an interlocutory petition filed by social worker B Krishna Bhat, Bangalore City Connectivity Foundation (BCCF) and advocate G R Mohan, SC sought the details regarding the meeting’s held involving the Chief Secretary and other senior officials on April 19 and May 12, it is learnt that in these meeting they found it impossible to retain the HAL airport.


Ready for take-off? BIAL Airport gears up for May 23

So despite all the controversies about keeping our HAL airport open, according to the latest reports and press releases, the BIAL Airport will finally open its doors at the stroke of midnight (00:01 hours of May 23). All flights landing and departing after midnight will operate from the new airport and flights arriving before midnight (on May 22, 2008) and departing after midnight will operate from the new airport.

BIAL Airport

To refresh your memory (in case you haven’t been reading enough of it already!), the new airport is on the National Highway 7 and is 40kms from the city’s central business district.

Meru and EasyCabs are the taxi services which have tied up with the airport. An indicative price from the airport to MG Road is around Rs 600 including waiting charges of Rs 60 per hour. And if that’s a little scary, the shuttle services that connect the airport to different parts of the city might be a better option. There’s also an option of long term and short term parking at the airport.

So hope you folks are all geared up for the new BIAL airport!

For more information, go here:

This Will Have You Pouring, Not Roaring, With Laughter…

My friend Anush Shetty spotted this poster just opposite the Bangalore Fort in the K R Market area…..

The hero of this recently released movie is obviously using this drainpipe to “pour his heart out” to his beloved….but, as two ladies near me kept giggling and pointing out, “Where’s the water going to come out from?”

We kept laughing about it all the way home….people who put up posters may lack imagination, but people who look at them certainly make up for that!

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