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Calligraphy Exhibition at Ethos Art Gallery

Having been interested in calligraphy, I decided to visit the Ethos Art Gallery that has come up in Jayanagar, and look at the work of Poosapati Parameshwar Raju, a calligraphic artist from Hyderabad.

Calligraphy has a long association with Islam and is less often practiced in the Hindu idiom. But Parameshwar has done a fine job of it, demonstrating a skilled command over the use of his nibs and pens.

There were several works on display, mostly done in red ink, and they have been chosen from eight series, starting from mythology, with thems such as Ganesh, Shiva, Narasimha, Om and so on.

The vowels of the Devanagari script are also treated in a variety of designs and forms:


Finally some Rain!!!!

Few parts of Bangalore witnessed heavy rains yesterday evening. It was pleasant to glimpse downpour after having experienced the effects of the fiery heat rays since sometime.

We were at airport road and witnessed hailstones as well.


Bangalore really needed some rainfall isn’t it?

Pleasant weather indeed!

How rich are our politicians?

With elections coming up, things are bound to get a little exciting on our political stage.

So we might not have proper roads, or good infrastructure and we can talk all day about the lack of our public transport system. But one thing is for sure – these folks are so rich they can possibly get a whole highway created just on their wealth!

I was reading an news article about how much these folks are worth and here are some really astonishing figures. These have been declared assets in their affidavits filed for the first phase of the poll.

Prasad Reddy: Declared Rs 220 crores. With assets in real estate, and more than 200 crores invested in land, commercial property and apartments. He owns 15 vehicles at a combined worth of Rs 3 crores!

Kuppendra Reddy: In terms of finance is worth more than Rs 180 crores. Owns commercial buildings worth nearly 55 crores and a residential building worth Rs 5 crores. And added to this are bank deposits, bonds, debentures, shares…

Krishnappa who is a contractor and an agriculturalist. Cash of over 27 lacs and deposits over 14 crores and bonds and debentures over over 19 lacs. Also, around 21 vehicles at 1.79 crores and jewellery of more than 2 crores. There’s more!

It took me a few minutes to let all these crores sink in. I for one, can’t even imagine how anyone can amass wealth of this size and quantity in one lifetime, especially with their respective backgrounds. Amazing!

What’s the significance?

At the Karnataka Road Transport Corporation bus stand last week, I noticed this strange sight:

upended pot in bus stand 260408

The pot was not there to provide a home for birds (in fact, I would say that pigeons and crows rate as pests and are not encouraged there) and it was upended in a net, so that the opening of the pot faced down. I could not find anyone who could give me a reason why it was suspended from the roof of the bus station. Any explanations, anyone?

Invitation from the Shiri Dance Company


My friends at Shiri want me to share this event invitation with the readers of Bangalore
Metblogs – especially those in Bangalore.

Shiri Dance Company invites you to ‘Prayana’- a neo-traditional presentation
progressing from the classical form, into the subtleties of expression and further
into today’s urban reality. Join us for an evening of theatre, movement and verse
featuring guest theatre artiste Anil Desai.

‘Nitya Nritya’
Ravindra Kalakshetra
Kannada Bhavan, JC Road
on April 28, 2008, at 6.30 pm

More information from :
shiri dance company
No 16/1, First Floor
Behind Nritya Apartments
18th Cross, Malleswaram,
Bangalore 560 055
Tel: +91+ 2356 2758 / 98451 90333


Another cleanup by Clean and Green tomorrow….

I had written some time ago about Clean and Green , the group of concerned volunteers which has been making periodic trips to various spots on the outskirts of Bangalore, and making an effort to pick up the plastic trash and get it recycled.

My earlier note about them was at

this post

I am glad to say that Clean and Green have continued with their efforts and since they found the local residents, the Forest Department, and Jungle Lodges and Resorts more responsive to their efforts, they are concentrating on the Muthathi and Sangam areas of the banks of the Kaveri river.

They are now involved in tapping corporate resources for several things: getting in more volunteers for the cleanups, who will also spread the message of anti-litter; using the funds that corporates can spare, to provide bins at the picnic spots, and efforts at sensitizing the visitors and the villagers on the benefits (and indeed, necessity) of keeping the area as plastic-free as possible.

clean and green presentation slide what can I do 250408 sun

Tomorrow, 26th of April 2008, with the help of Sun Microsystems , they are undertaking a cleanup of the Sangam area. There are to be about 65 volunteers this time around.


Vaikom Muhammmad Basheer Centenary celebrations at Ranga Shankara

It’s always nice to be able to go and attend when a writer whose work you respect has his centenary celebrations!

vaikom mohammed basheer road RS 230408

Perch, a theatre group based in Chennai, came to Ranga Shankara to celebrate a hundred years since the Malayalam writer, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, was born. Perch has members from various backgrounds, and they are doing a great job of exploring the boundaries of theatre.

sangathi arhinya 230408

There were three parts to the celebrations at Ranga Shankara: the adaption of seven of Basheer’s stories into a play, “Sangathi Arinhya!” by Perch; the Moplah food festival at the Ranga Shankara cafe by Anju Sudarshan; and the collection of photographs (“Images from Kozhikode”) and sketches (by Vasudevan Namboodiri) of Basheer and his world.


Car-Free Week….

We are having a Car-Free Week initiative this whole week, where each of us tries, on one day, at least, not to use a car, but a cycle, or public transport, instead….

The SMS should be to: 99801 53695

The week’s efforts culminates in a Cycling Rally on April 27th.

For registering, go to

Car-Free Day, and Week

Here’s the poster for the Car-Free Day

Do join the initiative if you can….

The car-free week is already on and will culminate in a cycling meet on April 27th.

ATREE Vacation Training Programme on Bio-Resources in Bangalore

bhisheka Krishnagopal wrote:
Date: Tue, 22 AApr 2008 11:42:00 +0530
From: “Abhisheka Krishnagopal”
Subject: Training Programme on Bio-Resources’

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE), Bangalore chapter is organizing a free ‘Vacation Training Programme on Bio-Resources’ from May 6th to May 26th 2008.

Funded by Department of Bio-Technology, Government of India, this program consists of lectures and interactive sessions with eminent scientists and experts in the field of biology and bio-resources, visits to research institutes, orientation to skills required for field-biology and out-door camps.

Students who have appeared Class X examination in 2008 from recognized schools in Karnataka are eligible to apply.

For application forms and other details visit or contact 98806 12474.

Last date to receive completed applications is 28th April 2008.

You may also contact:

Abhisheka Krishnagopal for any clarifications

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