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If this were modern art …


If this were modern art, I’d forgive the designer for going all over the place in terms of linear logic. I’d also forgive him (or her) for trying to make a 3-D puzzle for the bored passer-by.

I do hope I’m not sounding over-critical on an issue that could be a creative detour that wants to have an identity of its own. Creative expression, perhaps, that breaks the mould of narrow, limiting thinking. A bold departure, from design that has predictable guidelines.

In case you haven’t seen this building, it’s half-way down St Mark’s Road – at the turning into Vittal Mallya Road.

I’d really like someone to give me a perspective on this.

Shoot for Mint

A few days ago, as a birder and the author of a light-hearted article on the Bangalore Bird Race I was interviewed by Archana Pai, who wanted to write an article about birders in Bangalore. Later, Hemant Mishra of Mint called me up and we organized a gathering at Lalbagh to do the photo-shoot.

Also called were Nirmit (18) and Abhijna Desai (14)…Abhijna was accompanied by her dad and her younger brother, Ganesh. Here they all are:

Arun Desai,Ganesh,Hemant,Nirmit,Abhijna Lalbagh 270208

Vyuti at Ranga Shankara Today

Yesterday, as part of the New Performance Festival by the India Foundation for the Arts I went to see “Vyuti–Inflections” at Ranga Shankara.

The performance, which featured Anusha Lall, with light architecture by Giti Thadani, music composition by V Chandran, Light Design by Karsten Krauss, and which was produced by Aditi Biswas, lasted about an hour.

The IFA brochure says,” the performance is the result of an urge to evolve a new language of Bharatanatyam by re-interpreting it in the ‘light’ of image architecture.”

This sounded very intriguing, and we settled down to watch.

Here’s Anusha Lall:

anusha lall vyuti RS 280208

Eating out, try Bobby-Da-Dhaba@Ulsoor

– Pure Punjabi taste in an atmosphere so down to earth!

No nonsense but good food at an affordable price. It took me sometime to absorb the shock looking at the place and the stunning crowd that flocks it…all those reactions took off as soon as tastebuds took over..

The Menu

Ok, where? Bobby da dhaba shares a common wall with Ulsoor gurudwara , the little shack with just five to six table has been keeping people busy licking fingers and fulfilling ‘paratha’ desires… !

Towards being a truly global city

How does one earmark a city as being truly global? I guess one of the dubious yardsticks is being set by the terrorists unknowingly. If a city has achieved enough, and can make it to the headlines readily, it becomes a potential target for terrorists. The analogy that was good for human beings now unfortunately applies to cities too. When I hear of terrorists being unearthed from our soil, I know we have arrived on the global map.

IPL & the Bangalore Royal Challengers

Big bucks make news always. Be it when MBAs get it as salaries, or a company acquires another or like in the recent case of how much our cricketers stand to earn from the newly launched IPL. So IPL made all the news & became a topic of discussion with friends over tea & with colleagues over lunch. But to me as a Metblogs blogger, IPL just made blogging about cricket on Metblogs a possibility. I am sure you will agree that there is not much written here about Cricket, the sport that most of us feverishly follow in this country. The only reason for it is because there is nothing very Bangalore specific about it. Its just a game. But now that we have a Bangalore team (supposedly to be called Royal Challengers) in the IPL, the urge to write on it is high.

The New Performance Festival at Ranga Shankara

One of the difficulties of coming back after an extended absence is being unable to immediately participate in the events in the neighbourhood. I completely missed the beginning of the festival by the Indian Foundation for the Arts , and appear to have missed some good events.

Indian Foundation for the Arts

However, I was able to go to one of the performances yesterday, and came away impressed.

The performance was by Astad Deboo and the Pungcholom dancing drummers from Manipur .

Pungcholom is a Tandav dance form that is performed as an invocation preceding the Sankirtana, ad also as a prelude to the Ras Leela in Manipur, according to the excellent brochure provided by the IFA.

Silkroute- A Moghalai Chinese restaurant

Working in an office on Bannerghatta road, we aren’t actually pampered for choice when it comes to eating out, especially when the time you get to eat in that place is an hour or so. The closest places are Sahib Sindh Sultan at Forum, Bay leaf and another restaurant at Raheja Arcade, Kormangala, and Rampur ka something, again at Kormangala. We have been to these places so many times that the waiters can now tell exactly how many shirts we repeat in a week.

These Nirmala’s?


Well I am referring to “Nirmala – the pay and use toilet ” that is present almost every 3-4 kms on the main roads, in and around the city. Many a times it’s the government that is blamed of but being the common man, how far are we able to contribute to the betterment of the city.

It is obvious that one cannot avoid the nature’s call. But when an appropriate space is being provided, why not make use of it? Time and again, I have seen people answering the natures call outside the Nirmala zone that I might refer it to as. The first question that comes to the mind of a common man is ‘why pay?’

Think different!

Does this sound better ‘Why not keep the city clean? Or Why not make namma bengaluru a better place to live in?’

Any thoughts?

Forward March @ Indiranagar

Me and Rajesh were witness to the first Leadership march that began at Mahatma Gandhi Park a fortnight back. Subsequently, the organisers have had another successful weekend march at Jayanagar drawing people from all walks of life. The next march is slated in Indiranagar this March 2nd.

I caught up with Sangeeth Varghese, founder, Leadcap and asked him the rationale behind the marches, something that’s slowly but surely catching the attention of Bengalureans.

Here he is with his impassioned answer.

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