Tai Tai Restaurant, M G Road

We wanted to try out a restaurant serving Oriental cuisine, exclusive of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi cooking, and decided to try out Tai Tai Restaurant, on M G Road:

tai tai restaurant card 090108

We did go on a Tuesday (8th of January), but were rather surprised to find the place deserted except for one table in the upper outdoor area. However, perhaps we were early, and perhaps Tuesday is not a popular day for eating out!

The decor was very warm, uncluttered and inviting, and made good use of the triangular space under the eaves of the EGK building:

tai tai wooden boards

We ordered Vegetarian Momos for starters, but rather than the tangy, crunchy vegetables one usually gets as filling, there was a sweet lentil filling, which gave a new experience in both texture and taste.

For the entree, we ordered a Spare Ribs platter, a Seer Fish platter, and a Rice Crepe platter with Spinach Fritters and Gravy. (the Thai/Korean/Vietnamese names for these were not given, so I am not sure which country’s cuisine each of us was trying.)

I was so hungry that I completely forgot to photograph the food when it came, and remembered only later…so here’s the Spare Ribs platter, half-demolished (those are two halves of stewed peaches.)…

food..the spare ribs platter

From the wine list, which had a good selection, we chose the Grover La Reserve red wine.

The food was well presented, and really delicious, and we tucked in with a will! The service was also excellent, and I do hope it maintains the same standards when the restaurant is full!

For dessert, we chose the bread pudding with orange and whiskey sauce. The sauce was rather mingily spread on top of the pudding (not a drop on the plate!) and we had to ask for some extra. It was much sweeter than I like with this sauce, but was still nice.

The lunch menu was on the table, and, at Rs.250 plus taxes, seemed excellent value for money, being about half the expense of the evening meal!

lunch menu at Tai Tai 080108

The expense for two would work out, on average, to be about Rs. 1000….not your average Darshini rates, but on the other hand, this is “dining”, not just “eating out”…and one pays for the location, too, I guess. (Our bill, for three people, with the wine, came to about Rs.2000.)

Strongly recommended for those times when one would like to enjoy Eastern Asian cuisine in a relaxed, upmarket ambience….

Tai Tai, on M G Road…all the details are in that first photograph! Valet/Self parking is available in the basement. (Unless you are really eco-friendly and have come walking or cycling or by bus….!)

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  1. rambhai (unregistered) on January 11th, 2008 @ 7:38 pm

    thats a really good place it seems . i will make sure i will visit it the next time i go to bangalore although i am a very ” eating out” kind of a guy as you mentioned in the article

  2. Libran Lover (unregistered) on January 12th, 2008 @ 12:53 am

    Oh, God! It’s okay if you forget to photograph the plate before you eat, to post on the blog. You don’t HAVE to post the picture of a half-eaten plate. That was not in good taste at all!

  3. nithya (unregistered) on January 12th, 2008 @ 11:02 pm

    This sounds like a great place.. i normally use http://www.needgrub.com to keep track of all my favorite restaurants and get good reviews there… i will drop in a few good comments there about this one too..

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