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Coming to your nearest taxi service: Women Drivers

I read in the Deccan Herald today that an institution named Janodaya is training women to drive taxis. Women in bangalore have already made inroads into bus services. They are now conquering another bastion. This is truly good news. I guess the women drivers will be plying only in daylight. However safe the city might be, night driving could still be an impediment for women.

Meanwhile, here is raising a toast to the three new women who will be joining service soon! May their tribe increase!

Nothing magical about it?

Well, well, well. In spite of all the hard work that they are putting into the project, repeated delays have just proved that the BBMP is hardly the epitome for living upto deadlines.

The BBMP has pushed the deadline for completion of magic box underpass (pre-cast elements) near Cauvery theatre Junction for the third time. First it was January 19, then January 29 and now, it’s the first week of February.

One wonders why such infrastructural projects cannot be handed over to entities in the private sector better suited to the job specifyiing time bound actions and imposing penalties for delays.


Summer is nearing and wondering how to quench your thirst?

Well Cane-o-La is the place to be.


This is an outlet that serves just sugarcane juices.
I visited Cane-o-La at Basavanagudi.
So what’s so special about it?

Gallerie Niche presents Dilip Kale


From the first of February to the tenth, Niche Art Gallery will showcase a promising young artist from Belgaum. At this exhibition, Dilip Kale brings to life a free-form interplay of lines and moods that seek to depict surreal dimensions.

Mr Milind Nayak, one of Bangalore’s most distinguished painters, will inaugurate the exhibition at 6.30pm on January 31, 2008.

Dilip is from Belgaum and has a strong art background: Art Master Diploma, Diploma in GD Art, BFA in Creative Painting from College of Visual Art, Gulbarga. He also has a string of awards from notable events – 15th All India Art Exhibition, Nagpur (2001), All India Fine Art & Craft Society, Delhi. Central Lalitha Kala Academy, (Delhi) and KSKA Bangalore Millennium Exhibition, Bombay Art Society Merit and many others.

With a long series of individual and group shows all over the country, Dilip brings to this exhibition, a freshness that captures a rare visual expression.

Now you see it, soon you won’t

Namma Metro’s ulsoor station on the Reach One alignment is proposed to be built on the premises where the police quarters are situated currently. Here’s a pic of the same.


Take a good look at them because shortly, they are scheduled to be demolished. Fortunately, being government owned quarters, its occupants have had no choice but to vacate. Here’s the news extract about the demolition from the Deccan Herald.

Technology @ work…

Technology is seeping through into the Govt departments as more and more technical gadgets seen put to use in day to day administration work.

Tech @ Markets

A tax collector moves around HAL market to collect taxes from vendors selling vegetables in the market the device used helps retrieve tax dues and prints instant receipts storing the data that can then be uploaded onto the central databases once back in office….

A Management School for NGO’s and its initiatives

The Centre for Social Initiative and Management, a project of MSDS Trust, Chennai, is considered the “management school for NGOs”.

It has branches in Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Details can be had from CSIM at Ph: 25635398, and can be found on the net at

Recently, CSIM had organized a photography contest:

And the prizewinners have just been announced:

Both the prizewinning photographs are very moving indeed….

More power to organizations like the CSIM, and the work they do!

Will you prefer to fly out of Bangalore after March 30th 2008?

The vacation planning to Mumbai is overdue for my family, the reason my reservations to fly from BIAL. Looking at the time and cost estimate I am still confused whether to fly or catch the train. Here are few points to ponder..

Time Factor > The access to the HAL airport currently takes 15 minutes for me from Indira Nagar, this time will be history once the new BIAL opens post march and closes down all passenger flights out of HAL (as per the contract I understand) the new airport is almost 35-40 kms from my house that will eat up atleast two hours for travel. Essentially this means I can not take early morning flights that will not be of any advantage anymore. The air travel is usually taken to ‘save’ time of travel and the BIAL is taking ‘passengers for a ride’ for sure on the ‘time’ factor.

Cost factor > for the present HAL airport it takes me just 50 rupees by auto or Rs.125 by a call taxi. To use the new airport I will have to shell out atleast Rs 600 for a call taxi minimum and completely forget using auto. Knowing the ‘nature’ of private taxi operators to take passenger for granted this cost would easily end up around Rs.800-1000. Reaching airport thus becomes costlier than the airline ticket (that I am used to pay Rs.500/600 if booking is done two months in advance )which I certainly will not ‘agree’ to pay just because someone singed a contract with BIAL without taking general public views / reactions into consideration. It is also learnt that BIAL has sent a proposal to the Union civil aviation ministry seeking to levy use a development fee of Rs 675 on outgoing domestic travelers, which makes me wonder why??

Essentially this ‘arrangement’ of a large airport would have a major impact on domestic travel for both family and business travelers. The business travel which ‘prefers’ the same-day-return travel to save on accommodation cost, this now looks a distant possibility! On the other hand this BIAL can get going good for international travel as it is more pre-planned and these time and cost factors may not have major bearing there…

I am yet to get the grip on this ‘new airport’ arrangement for domestic travel due to these aforesaid practical reasons. I feel BIAL has just lost one customer for sure before it even starts its operation, what say??

Flower Exhibition at Lalbagh

It was late afternoon when me and my friend hit Lalbagh on Saturday evening. Much of the crowd had already arrived, and having arrived from the east side entrance, we were greeted with the Bonsai exhibits. Have very little idea about this art of miniaturizing trees and plants and cannot but think that this was the eastern man’s way of making plants in the same size that the God made him: Cut them down to size, literally. The bonsai plants are for sale, and it was very hard resisting the idea of not buying one myself. Finally, the idea that I might kill the plant with my haphazard ways worked in my favor.


Khadi Exhibition

Yesterday I went to the Khadi Utsav that was organized at The Boys High School Grounds, Malleshwaram.There were several kinds of things that I came across. Here’s my experience.

As I entered the vicinity, I saw lights decorated all over. It got bright and brighter as I entered inside.I took the entrance ticket which was five rupees.

Entrance to the exhibition.


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