Re-discovering Volvo Routes…

Now that it is evident that Volvo incorporation into BMTC is useful for the commuters and many have opted using it for regular commute giving away their own vehicles. I still feel that it is important for BMTC to cater to this V-class commuters more and introduce more buses on major roads / area’s and enable criss cross travelers to enjoy Volvo travel within city. Here are few more options worth think about….

1. There is a huge opportunity to use these buses more creatively and assess crowded areas connecting them back to residential areas like connecting Commercial Street to Bannerghatta road or Indira nagar.
2. Tying/Teaming up with corporate to give monthly passes and use them as point to point shuttles to Whitefield. Electronic city etc help take off the private buses employed by IT companies.
3. There is an opportunity to ply them on weekends from and to major malls in the city from different area’s like forum mall to Indira nagar then to KR Puram and HRBR layout. Or Garuda mall to Malleshwaram etc
4. Add point to point buses from religious important places like Iscon temple to Koramangala, Bull temple to Indira Nagar etc.
5. Simply map these buses for every normal BMTC route and add them in say ratio of 1:8, one Volvo for every eight normal buses. These can run only on peak times ( 7-10 am and 5-8 pm) to start with and gradually increase the ratio and timings…

The demand to elite travel within the city has been rediscovered by these buses and eventually it has started growing with expectations, in future these Volvo’s have potential to become the backbone of v-class travel and have ability to provide flexible options which can not be provided even by metro rail. As we continue to add more roads we should get far more creative adding more options for travel for those who opt for private transport …this certainly will have more space being created on roads for public transport and reduce no of private vehicles on city roads! What say??

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  1. Sawan (unregistered) on December 7th, 2007 @ 6:18 pm

    Seems a nice idea…

  2. A S (unregistered) on December 7th, 2007 @ 7:44 pm

    I had visited Bangalore in Jan06 after eight years and was astounded by the huge increase in traffic, traffic jams and pollution in the city. Now that I am considering a job offer there, the traffic is something I am certainly *not* looking forward to.

    If the govt/BMTC invests agressively in such luxury vehicles for regular public transport as you suggest, and brings in a reduction in the car-commuters, that would be a very welcome change. Perhaps private transport companies should invest in this too.

    Searching the web on this topic, I came across the following article:

    It says:
    Suggestions and proposals could be sent to or over telephone/fax on 22952534.

    Maybe you should send them your suggestion.

  3. Blr News (unregistered) on December 8th, 2007 @ 3:17 am

    All Bangalore news in one place

    Planning to use this site as a spring board of ideas on how to change Bangalore for good..

    By the way, I had a chance to see S. M. Krishna at close quarters at a Bangalore Habba venue tonight.. I almost yelled “Please come back sir!! We need you here!!”.. Well if only I had consumed a couple of beers :)

  4. Vasanth (unregistered) on December 10th, 2007 @ 12:05 pm

    Problem is for Buses,there are not enough passengers and for passengers there are not enough buses. People from different class think that they want Volvo buses, but, they may or may not use the bus is the question raised by BMTC. On the other hand, if normal buses which runs crowded, there is a definite return to BMTC. Also, it helps a poor/middle class man who has got no other option to travel.

    Also having criss cross route with Volvo buses to religious places where people may or may not travel is very expensive when there is an urgent need for the buses to IT corridor which is the only revenue earning sector for them.

    Mind you a City Volvo is more expensive than an Intercity Volvo costing 1 crore each bus whereas an ordinary bus costs 18 Lakhs.

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