Volvo bus survey

I was on my way to work on a BMTC Volvo bus a few days ago, and was surprised to see the conductor handing out survey forms to passengers. Surprised because I never really expected a government owned enterprise to even think about customer satisfaction. Even the conductor who was handing out the forms seems to have been taken by surprise.

Coming to the survey, it was a short one and contained some predictable questions, like “what was your previous mode of transport”, “why do you opt to travel in a Volvo”, etc. The questionnaire also asked if you would be willing to buy a monthly pass if it is priced at Rs.1250, which indicates a likelihood of BMTC introducing Volvo passes soon. The missing but much needed question was “how happy you are with the service.” Neither did the survey ask the passengers to make improvement suggestions. I hope the officers at BMTC include these when they plan a survey again.

I am not sure what actions would come out of the survey, but am glad that at least some one in BMTC decided that they should also go back to their passengers and ask for their inputs. Hopefully they will put some efforts to make commuting in non-Volvo buses comfortable too.

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  1. famus (unregistered) on August 27th, 2007 @ 12:21 pm

    Survey is a good move.When these buses introduced, very few people used to travel. after reducing fares,it is crowded now. the reason why i travel is for comfort. They need to increase bus frequency in peak hours.The advertisements what they put on windows sometimes difficult to view where exactly we are going( when it rains ).

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