Daily Dump: Start waste management at home!

I’m not sure about you, but garbage scares and worries me at the same time. Look closely, the next time you’re taking a walk on any road and just keep a look out. There is garbage just about everywhere.

On the footpaths, in the drains, in the front of shops, on the roads, around trees, on the pavements – I am not joking – it’s everywhere. We as Indians have obviously become slightly impervious to garbage. Many a time, we just pinch our nose and walk through.

But if you look at the problem at a larger level, it’s a BIG one, folks. Waste management is a major challenge for any big booming city and it is becoming increasingly so in Bangalore too. Where does Bangalore dump its daily garbage (I am sure it’s tonnes of it) and what happens when we start running out of space? (As we already are, I’m sure). Most of the garbage is hardly disposed, it just thrown out on the streets and goes into a drain somewhere and just clogs our waters or one trods through it. We also have no proper system yet of segretating organic/ in-organic, plastics etc. and even if there is an option people aren’t disciplined enough to follow it. Even in office, where we have not one or two but FOUR bins, for different garbage types, people rarely take that extra moment to pause and check whether they’re using the right bin. And these are educated folks.

Now you know, why I worry about garbage all the time.

poonam_team.jpgOn a related note, I read about this lady who has started an initiative called Daily Dump. It’s about waste disposal in your home.

The project is a brainchild of Poonam Bir Kasturi, who writes that Daily Dump is about creating a new perception of “waste” and “enabling dignigied action”.

team_ramkrishnappa.jpgShe explains: “When I visited the Media lab in MIT some years ago – I was amazed at the money and the technology that they had – and the work they were doing to make “intelligence” sit within and without products and materials. So I asked myself what I could “do” with the “intelligence” that sits within my bio-pscho- system that seems to be the result of an evolutionary system!”

Poonam has designed a simple easy-to-use composting system that can take care of some of your daily garbage at home. Not only do you contribute to a lesser degree to the piling garbage outside, but also get a sense of satisfaction at doing something constructive towards your environment.

There are different products on offer like the gamla, kambha, patta kambha and mota lota depending on your needs and size requirements.

Daily Dump can be contacted at:
2992, 12 A Main, HAL IInd Stage,
Bangalore 560 008, India
(+91-80) 41152288
(+91) 99164 26661

Go ahead, don’t let your household waste go waste! Do your bit to reduce garbage and improve your enviroment – your children deserve a better world!

NOTE: Bangalore produces over 2000 tonnes of garbage EVERY DAY and the government waste facility can only handle 500 tonnes. You can see the rest around you.

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  1. rAm (unregistered) on August 22nd, 2007 @ 1:19 pm

    Hi Anita,

    Have been following your blogs for some time.
    Dailydump is really a good design.I wrote about it in my blog (http://sodidi.blogspot.com/2007/08/green-entrepreneur-green-startupgreen.html)
    Hope to see more such initiatives coming up.
    And good to see popular bloggers like you talking about the event.

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