On World Environment Day…

It’s World Environment Day today; but instead of observing just one day in a token fashion, we will have to make each day an Environment Day so that together, our individual efforts can make a difference.

I personally take the following small steps:

1.Conserve water as much as I can, by putting a pet bottle full of water in the flush, not leaving the tap running, using the washing machine only for full loads,and being careful that my taps don’t leak.

2. Take my own bags to buy vegetables or provisions and ask for paper bags rather than plastic ones. Also, re-using plastic bag several times is a good idea.

3.Be careful in throwing waste, especially plastic. Proper disposal is as important as careful usage.

4. Pick up any trash that I see in lakes etc. Just the fact of seeing me do this sometimes makes others do it too. (Of course, sometimes I get laughed at, but I have to bear that.)

5. Don’t take the car unless it is absolutey necessary. I walk or cycle as much as I can. If I am taking the car to some function or workshop, I ensure that I pick up as many other people as possible.

I was happy, on a trip to the Manchinabele Dam area on Sunday, to see the area remarkably plastic-free…here’s a photograph of the region, a reminder that we are surrounded by beauty and with effort, can keep it that way:

Manchinabele Catchment Area, 3 Jun 07

Make World Enviromment Day the day that we start thinking seriously about our environment and our impact on it, and act responsibly…every day!

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  1. Glen (unregistered) on June 6th, 2007 @ 8:25 am

    One way to reduce plastic water bottle trash is to use a Hydropal, see at http://www.hydropal.com.au

    I use one of these all the time, and I love it…

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