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Colourful Textiles

One of the things I love about my city (and, indeed, country) is the abundance of bright colours everywhere. Not for us the muted greys and neutral greens which Europeans favour; when we use cloth, we make it as bright as we can, and make a splash of colour.

Here’s a pushcart, selling towels and other assorted clothes….

Colourful stuff for sale 25jun07

Each of those towels is a textile rainbow! A lovely burst of a myriad hues on a dull, monsoon-cloudy, overcast day….I also love the thin “native” towels rather than the “Turkey” towels which are so difficutl to dry in this weather.

And some of these towels are also used by rural folk as turbans; they make a bright spot, wound around the men’s heads.

Successful transplantation / translocation

I didn’t believe this news report at first so I decided to see for myself.

The initiative of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to translocate adult trees for road widening and construction of Metro, seems to have yielded good results.

To all cynics out there who scoffed at the efforts of the BMRC and BBMP in translocating trees chopped from MG Road boulevard to Manekshaw Parade Grounds, here’s proof of its success. You can see new leaves sprouting from several branches.

The Reverence in which Dr Rajkumar is held here

Spotted in the City…

Dr Rajkumar 27jun07

I wonder what Dr Rajkumar’s own reaction to this poster would have been!

What Is Next, indeed….!

The play/musical by Darpana made me think of the difficulties faced by the physically challenged in this city of ours. I wonder how blind people negotiate roads and footpaths which are dug up at different places each day; and yet I see so many blind people walking on the streets independently, with sometimes a companion, or just a cane to help. So many buildings are still very wheelchair-unfriendly, when just a little imagination could make many more spaces accessible to them.

Almost as if to echo my thoughts, I spotted this message as I passed by on Bannerghatta Road, on the back of what, for want of a better word, I must call a mobile wheelchair. Though primitive in design, these wheelchairs are yet a boon to the people who own them, for they bestow much-needed independent mobility. And certainly, with just pedals and no motors or batteries, these chairs are very eco-friendly too.

Physically Challenged..the Challenge 26Jun07 Bannerghatta Road

I mused on what might have caused this message to be painted on the back of the chair. What troubles have been overcome? Is it optimism about being able to face anything, or pessimism at what has already been faced?

But what struck me was that the profoud message, “What is Next”…applies to every one of us! Who knows what lies ahead of us the next moment, day, month, year! Surely we should celebrate the present!

Thank you, unknown gentleman, for bringing this truth home to me in a most unexpected way.

“Unsuni…Unheard Voices”

On the 25th of June, I went to IIM-B to see “Unsuni”, a musical (for want of a better word; it was a play/dance/music, all combined) by Mallika Sarabhai for the Darpana Academy.

Mallika Sarabhai, "Unsuni-Unheard Voices" IIM B 25jun07

The play was about the way we make some of our brothers and sisters do our dirty work, quite literally; we make them scavengers, who clean nightsoil; and then we marginalize them as unclean. The play was moving and rousing by turns, and at the end, Mallika addressed the audience for feedback.

Want to learn Kannada? For free? Here’s how!

Kannada Sahitya Parishat (Varthur assembly constituency) will be conducting free Kannada coaching classes. They will teach the spoken language + some reading and writing for people who are new to the language.

Start Date : July 2nd
Duration : 3 months
Timings : 5-7 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday of every week
Where: Vijayabharti Junior College, 7th Main, HAL 2nd stage, Near ESI Hospital, Indiranagar
Contact: Mr. Nagabhushan on 25293664 / 9844051067. He is also the president of the Kannada Sahitya Parishat, Varthur assembly constituency.

They are also hoping to start another such session in Cox Town. If you are interested, please call Mr. Nagabhushan for details.

Nandi Hills

One of the really lovely places to get away from the rush of Bangalore is just 60-odd km from Bangalore…Nandi Hills. In spite of a large influx of tourists at weekends and consequent litter and trash, it remains a lovely place. If you can, of course, going on a weekday, getting there early in the morning, and getting back by 4pm, would ensure that you beat the traffic both ways, and also that you get to see the Hills in a much quieter way.

The best way, of course, is to take a car or bike there; but buses are also available.

Here’s the milestone thay says you have arrived at Nandi Hills, or Nandi Betta:

Nandibetta 0

And as you alight from the vehicle, this sign with the details of the Nandi Hills station greets you:

Nandi Hills Board 19Jun07

Door to Door Garbage Collection Initiative

Well, there is nothing much to say with this new initiative of the BBMP. Chitra has already mentioned it here as well. Suffice to say its credible that the BBMP is slowly divesting itself from things that it cannot handle and offloads the same to private parties who, perhaps, can do a better job. If this scheme is extended to cover the whole city, boy, what a clean place we can all have, eh?

The only point to consider is if these private garbage collection agencies are also allowed to set up further links to the chain by having sorting / segregation centres, then waste collection, management & disposal will become an end to end process.

Currently, its not clear who does the final act of waste disposal. Are they just dumped into landfills? If yes, what a rotten shame.

Corn on Charcoal..

It’s cool and cozy, the rains have changed the scenario. Many parts of the city got so much rain that literally caused flooding, but without any severe casualties. We catch up on a roadside corn seller who was offering the corns roasted on charcoal.


What bliss to have a hot roasted corn in a damp and wet surrounding!!

Bajji Centers

Lokesh had mentioned in his Beautiful Weather post that “weather with drizzle & breeze are perfect for pakodas & chai”.
Well, with people having little patience now-a-days to go home and prepare bajji-bondas-pokodas in a rainy day, Bajji centers are fulfilling the need of the crispy bajjis, bondas. A stop in the evening rain results in a bee line in front of the Bajji corners around the city.


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