WiMax, one more player in the market!!

It’s been awhile that we are taking about WiMax in Bangalore, after BSNL, AIRCEL, it is said that RComm to join the bandwagon but start the services from June 07.

“Reliance Communications (RCOM) will soon launch its wireless broadband technology commonly known as WiMax in Pune and Bangalore in June. Unlike wireless fidelity (wi-fi), where radio waves can cover up to 30 meters, WiMax services are accessible for over 10 miles in theory. WiMax is offering better mobility to the users without being connected by a wire to a service operator. Indian wireless market, which is growing rapidly by 40%, is expected to react positively to the new technology” Refer..

While many netzians keep struggling to get their boradbands connections from various players in the market and due to resource limitations they have to wait to get online. The bandwidth and reach of WiMAX make it suitable for the following potential applications:

1. Connecting Wi-Fi hotspots with each other and to other parts of the Internet.
2. Providing a wireless alternative to cable and DSL for last mile (last km) broadband access.
3. Providing high-speed data and telecommunications services.
4. Providing a diverse source of Internet connectivity as part of a business continuity plan. That is, if a business has a fixed and a wireless internet connection, especially from unrelated providers, they are unlikely to be affected by the same service outage. etc

Many companies are closely examining WiMAX for “last mile” connectivity at high data rates. This could result in lower pricing for both home and business customers as competition lowers prices and with a faster and reliable access to Internet . Enough heard! When will it work? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!

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  1. silkboard (unregistered) on May 25th, 2007 @ 1:30 pm

    BTW, the last mile DSL problems that Anita and others described in that post is mainly due to govt “protecting” BSNL. Govt is not allowing others use BSNL’s last mile network infrastructure (un-bundling their local-loop).

    BSNL has regularly been unable to hit its lofty broadband subscriber number targets despite offering what I think are unsustainable prices right now. If they open their “local-loop”, may be others can use that and do better than say “sorry no ports available” all the time.

    Of course, there’d be another side to this that I cant see. But to a layman, all broadband providers digging their own set of cables to everyone’s house seems like a needless waste and expense. Share and prosper please and compete on service and support.

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