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Greater Bangalore, bigger promises

BBMP LogoRead about the BBMP budget? Definitely some big promises in there, though not all of them new – most have been talked about recently (see links below). But the budget puts money on these promises, and that is exciting indeed.

# Elevated Core Inner Ring Road (Details are already out)
# Elevated roads over storm water drains (Could mean 250 km of new roads!)
# That road-tunnel from Minsk Square to Hebbal flyover. The idea is to get people out from CBD to North of city (new Airport?) as quick as possible.
# Skywalks as we told you, 34 of them!
# Comprehensive lake development plan, life for 14 lakes (so more places like Sankey Tank and Hebbal lake?)
# JUNURM project to separate sewage from drains
# Remodelling of pavements on IT-BT roads (so that we have pedestrians on pavements, and vehicles on road, and not other way around)

The list is bigger, with few more items. But all the noise recently has been positive. Let us wait and watch!


As a blogger, I had registered for BarCamp3, which is today and tomorrow (31st March and 1st April) at IIM-B, on Bannerghatta Road; but I chickened out at the last minute at the thought of meeting a lot of Zorba the Geeks with whom I would have nothing in common, and who would look down their software noses at me.

However, when a friend said he was going at nearly closing time, I decided to have a look, and took a ride with him to the venue.

Security personnel stopped us at the gate, but as usual, all it takes to gain entry is a confident statement of purpose. The guard asked us to stop and make an entry in the logbook, but did not even check if my name was actually in the register or not (it was, btw) or whether I was just making a pretence of ticking something and walking in. I suppose it was understandable, given that it was the end of the day.

April @ Rangashankara

Plastic Free Zone

Plastic free zone, this word sounds unusual for Bangalorean’s as we only know plastic zones everywhere in the city till date, but in future we may get used for this kind of word too…

Great News!!! From 01-Apr-07 Karnataka pollution controls board & Horticulture department had brought a BAN on using plastic in Lalbagh, so our ever loved garden Lalbagh will be plastic free zone. I expect that the rule should be very strict & people follow it.


Karnataka Tourism Counter at Bangalore Airport

Waiting for my baggage after my flight back to Bangalore, I decided to get some information about Bangalore Palace, which, I have been informed, has been thrown open to the public at Rs.100- per head, for a while now.

I went to the KSTDC (IKarnataka State Tourism Development Corporation) counter, where a lady was busily chatting into her mobile phone. I asked her for information about Bangalore Palace.

“The *Bangalore* Palace?” she said disbelievingly….it appeared that she doubted whether I was talking about the right palace. But she didn’t ask me if I meant the Mysore Palace.

Friendly Cop…

Implementation of any law should and must be monitored for effective execution and implementation on the ground… While this is no more a secret; that the cops are friendly…here is a ‘friendly cop’…no, no more friendly for law abiding drivers but for the law breakers …


I observe this cop sitting behind a rider without helmet and chitchatting with smiles with a driver of tracker-trailer used for commercial purpose from a nearby construction site on the old madras road…no doubt that laws are there for interpretation!!

Inspired by Life

Generally we drop by Manipal Canteen on Saturday morning’s to relish the breakfast (sincerely a topic for separate post!), while observing the early morning routines in the hospital campus caught my attention by this contributor…

Hebbal Lake

Chitra’s post on Sankey Tank inspired me to write about Hebbal Lake. And the timing was just perfect, as I had visited the lake only 3 days ago. A bunch of us had gone there to try our luck in photographing birds. We did not find too many birds that day, but still managed to catch a few of them through the camera.

Morning at Hebbal Lake

Fresh Milk!

Being new to India and Bangalore, I was astonished to discover that not only can you get milk delivered to your door (something I’ve seen in other places) you can get it delivered still in the cow! Wandering around Indiranagar last night with fellow Metroblogger Rajesh Rangi, he pointed out to me a small herd of dairy cows. Evidently in the morning they are led around the neighborhood and they will be milked for you right on your own doorstep.

I haven’t seen this in my neighborhood yet (Shivajinagar) but I’m keeping my eye out. Defnitely something I look forward to trying!

Sankey Tank

View of the Sankey Tank

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