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Chandrayyan-1, The ISRO Moon-craft @Bangalore…

Creative Bangaloreans at the best….when the competition conducted by has enthused the students to use their talents and imagination in designing and devising a spacecraft towards journey to Moon via the first Indian mooncraft – Chandrayaan-1.. Special mention of a Amarah Ahmed from Malleshwaram at her age of 15….

Ramanjaneya Gudda

Ramanjaneya Gudda(Hill) … is one of the hotspots of Hanumanthanagar. There is a Hamuman temple atop this hillock, hence the name Hanumanthanagar to the locality. On the temple roof there is a 9 meter high statue of Rama and Hanuman(Anjaneya) hugging each other.

Some Tamil Channels

…back on air. Like KTV and Podhigai. But other channels are still blacked out. I really wonder who got the brain wave that Tamil channels fight for Tamilian cause. What will they do to people who have dish Tv or Tata-Sky? Go and snatch the dish?

It would be interesting to see how many more days this so called blacking out is going to contInue. Am not going to pay my cable operator this month. Same is the case with many of my friends. We can survive without watching Tamil channels :)

R V Dental College

Today I went to RV Dentail College to get a filling done, and to have my teeth cleaned and polished…

No standing ovation??

Further to fellow metblogger Deepa’s post today,

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) on Sunday added three more Volvo bus routes to the existing 37 services.

One can really empathize with commuters having to pay 4 to 5 times the normal bus fare for the Volvo and then having to stand all the way to their destination.

The Volvo Service….

I have taken this, with permission, from the LiveJournal of “prashathks” who is (surprise, surprise!) K S Prashanth, who is becoming a good friend of mine….

Has anyone else had such a negative experience on the Volvo buses?

An International Alarm @Busting Bubble of Bangalore

Ok, until now we the bangaloreans, have enough rants and roars on the various well-being barriers, noticeable it has been caught by the international media now and then, coming to the note of Bangalore: Has the Bubble Burst? an article now appearing on captures all the gist of Bangalore woes…

Some Reasons Why I Think Ranga Shankara Is Slipping

Here are some of the reasons I am less happy with Ranga Shankara than I used to be…

After water, it’s ‘Power’…

– As Bangalore fights it out for water shortage, another forthcoming would be ‘Power…

The IT city is heading for major load shedding as a severe power shortage has hit Karnataka and just ahead of exam time, the government is planning to impose major load shedding. The state needs nearly Rs 900 crore to tide over the power crisis this summer. Load-shedding is inevitable. The only thing that remains to be seen is to what extent it will affect industries, homes and farmers.
Chief minister H D Kumaraswamy has already said load-shedding for 3-4 months is inevitable to cope up with 500 megawatt shortage.


Need of thinking out of the box, beyond being MBA and BE

Premier skills-testing agency MeritTrac has just concluded, after testing 790 B-school graduates in six cities on seven key parameters, that 77 per cent of them are “unemployable”. Heads of some top B-schools say this finding doesn’t surprise them. “The industry is employing more and more students and finding later that many of them are not worth recruiting,” said IIM-Bangalore Director Prakash Apte.

The anomaly runs deeper. Every year India Inc needs some 1,28,000 MBAs — 2,000 as CEOs and the rest at other levels. There are 1,257 B-schools recognised by the All-India Council for Technical Education turning out only 70,000 MBAs. MeritTrac’s study sample covered this “recognised” talent pool and found that only 23 per cent of them were of employable quality.


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