E-Coli Outbreak!!

Seventy-two villages on the periphery of Bangalore have water classified “highly contaminated and unsuitable for use”.Of this, 38 villages are now in Greater Bangalore. With summer upon us, this is the verdict of civic officials, who undertook a study of potable water on the periphery of Bangalore. These findings gain significance in the newly formed Greater Bangalore, to which 110 villages have been added. Reports TOI

Now that this was an Open secret that the e-coli contaminations is due to sewage getting into the ground water and the water distribution network? while govt dept now engaging themselves into their defense rather than identifying the root cause… will their resort to implement following idea’s can stop the e-coli infection and spread…I doubt!

Stopping the sanctions for new constructions.. > This will not even have any bearing as the infection is not spread via new or old construction al all. As if all new constructions are sanctioned by BBMP only if they have corporation water supply connections, most of the buildings/complexes have been issed Occupation Certificates without a proper water supply connection leaving them at a mercy of bore wells and tanker mafia’s operating in these areas…

Having a joint analysis and preparation by BDA and BBMP and BWSSB : What is the purpose? They all have been completely desynchronized and dis coordinated all along, the BDA approves layouts without ensuring that the residents don’t even have sewage and sanitation facilities carrying the waste water till the water treatment plants run by the pollution control board…now why not the health department join the bandwagon too?

Deploying Water Tankers to affected area’s > Oh, this is another one, as if all water tankers use the clean, treated potable water supplied by BWSSB, yes their own are but almost all private tankers operate via Bore well route which is the main cause of spreading the e-coli…also to note with a severe short supply of BWSSB water in summer how is this plan workable…

As a long-term measure, a DPR is being firmed up to separate the sewage from water in storm water drains : Why not immediate? Why constructions are allowed, new townships come and get sanctions, registration and even occupancy before the place becomes actually livable, will our dear commissioner decertify the sanctions given to large complexes when they actually make people stay without potable water and sewage treatment plants actually installed and made available via BWSSB,BBMP?

Constructions sites will be asked to provide potable water to both laborers and other on-site staff.: How? From where? Again all constructions underway in the Grater Bangalore for sure run on the private tankers sucking ground water from any source not even certified by BBMP, btw does anyone know that the tankers who provide / sell water should have a certified source duly examined by health department?

I feel it is so foolish to list such important questions and not having them logically answered, but keep on using the wisdom of our ill-intellect systems to analyze the root cause and continue failed problem solving techniques, as they never outsource thinking to professional bodies and use the intellect this city has been offering to rest of the world rather using for their own well being back home!! what can we say…we are strategically suffering

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