Armed men confronted the Joint legislature Committee headed by A.T. Ramaswamy, which has been seeking to identify encroachments of government land in and around Bangalore, at Binnamangala on Old Madras Road here on Thursday.

You read that right. Armed men!!! As land turns scarce in Bangalore, its becoming apparent that all types of vested parties & interests will turn to extreme measures to secure / protect it.

The committee, which visited Survey No. 4/1, Byappanahalli, Binnamangala Manavarthekavalu, in response to the demand of the local residents, found that eight acres and eight guntas of government land has been encroached by a group of people who have since passed on the general power of attorney to a prominent developer to build an apartment.

Here’s the land in question and my earlier post on the subject.


The “prominent developer” in question i.e Puravankara Builders, in this case, do not seem to be unduly worried. As can be seen from the above picture, an excavation machine / earth mover has been brought into the site in apparent readiness of digging the foundation.

The residents contended that the land belonged to the Government and at least four of the 51 sites sold by various persons were part of a road.

Its a bit baffling why and how ” residents ” seem to be more concerned that the government which, by giving a blind eye to this encroachment, does not seem to be half as bothered. As to how this whole sordid affair has come about is this line in the news report.

Collusion of the employees of the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BMP) and the gram panchayat had resulted in the encroachment.

Nothing surprising about this, eh?

With all types of people – greedy builders, concerned citizens, interested legislators – locking horns on this issue, it will be surprising to see how this whole saga turns out.

Here’s my prediction: A PIL will be filed by residents calling the attention of a suddenly active & vigilant judiciary!

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  1. George E Matthew (unregistered) on January 21st, 2007 @ 9:35 pm

    Shame on Puravankara builders. Sadly, no newspaper will ever name them to criticise them-they are only callled a “prominent builder”. BMP/BDA officials are named and criticised, but never them. Please do not buy their flats and boycott them

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