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If you are in Bangalore and find an animal or bird needing rehabilitation or medical help and want to be sure of not being turned away, one name comes to your mind: Saleem. This magic man seems to have a way with animals and birds, meticulously cleaning the monkeys’ cage as they jump on his shoulder, play with his hair and run away with his keys while talking to them as if they are three year old kids in a nursery class.And while you are amused by it you realise that they listen to him and understand him! Five minutes later you watch him handling a huge but sick python and helping some foreign veterinarians perform medical check up and administer treatment on it. You shudder with terror as he handles the huge predator gently and calmly as if it were just a sick kitten. There is something about this man that makes him very different from all the people you know – a kind of dedication , a sense of purpose all of which comes naturally to him. Asha is right when she writes about him and says:
“In the small guest room, there are 2 tiny little abandoned bird babies. He has made a mixture of seeds and atta, and he carefully feeds each one with the tip of the forceps, while they jump around chirping all excited to see him, their mother for all they know.

Indeed there is a God for small broken things. He sent them Saleem.”
You can read the rest of her post on Saleem here.

Anita and I visited the Wildlife Rescue and rehabilitation centre on Jan 1 this year and Anita’s post and photos on the same are here.

I also came across another interesting post by Deepa Mohan here on the changing face of bangalore. Deepa remembers the small sleepy cantonment town she knew many years ago and contrats it with the faceless megapolis of today. Reflects the nostalgia felt by anyone who has known Bangalore in the 70s and 80s.And that is the price every city pays for growth.There is a lot the city has gained from this growth. But surely there are ways to preserve some nice things from the past, or is there?

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