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More google earth

Sitting jobless in a hotel at Pune. So why not try another google earth quiz!? Everyone is so good and quick with these, there are no explicit clues this time.

1) A water body in Bangalore. Shape is the clue.

2) A very popular tourist spot few hours from Bangalore. Honestly, image itself is clue enough.


AUTORAJA, This word brings a thousand sensations among the auto drivers in Bangalore! , Autoraja is a person being worshiping by thousands of auto drivers & also his fans here. I guess many have noticed that majority of Auto’s in Bangalore exhibit his picture in there vehicles.


Helmet rule: Off again, on again!

After months of hither and dither, the government has finally decided to make helmets compulsory from November 1, 2006. As most of you might have read here and in other places, the government just wasn’t able to make up its mind, in the face of all the pressure they were being subjected to. For example, they had to ponder on very important aspects like:
– Are helmets really needed to keep one’s head safe?
– Are they required for the pillion rider also?
– Don’t they result in hair loss for the rider?
– Will they result in young people not driving bikes because they won’t look cool anymore?

Okay, jokes apart, I think in the face of Bangalore’s growing traffic, this rule should have come into effect ages ago.

The rule will come into effect within the limits of the Bangalore Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (BMRDA), Mysore, Mangalore, Gulbarga, Hubli-Dhawad and Belgaum city corporations. The Bellary City Corporation area has been exempted in view of the high temperature there (!).

It now remains to be seen whether this is going to be another of those rules that WE will not ever follow!

Paris and Bangalore

Tell me if this is funny.

When mobs burn 2 buses in Paris, our national news channels carry video footage in prime time, and no one even mentions the brand of bus that was set on fire.

But similar event in Bangalore, with the added ‘bonus’ of two pedestrian deaths, doesn’t get a mention on national news channels (forget international media). And moreover, Volvo gets some local marketing done for free!

I know. ‘Relative shock’ value matters more than the content. And, kahaan Paris, kahaan Bangalore! But hey Tata and Telco, listen. Start marketing a new brand of luxury buses. Or else Volvo will be all over you in a few years!


Hampi, it was a capital of well established strong Vijayanagara Empire in India. However later it was destroyed by many invaders, Later it was know as Empire of Ruins.
Later with great efforts of Archeological department of Karnataka Govt & UNESCO lot of ruined monuments has been brought in to light.

[Photo Source]

October Fest is back!

Starting tomorrow for three days, you can enjoy Octoberfest, which modeled after the famous Oktoberfest celebrated in Bavaria, Germany every year. The event is scheduled to be held at Palace Grounds from October 27-Oct 29, and will feature not just beer but also music, food, games, parties and shopping!

DJ Ivan, Manoviraj Khosla, DJ Chico and Rohit Barker will feature too. The festival will be spread over 5 acres and will have an international carnival ambience. The live music will include bands like Pentagram, Brahma, and Theme Clones.

There will be a flea market for those inclined towards shopping and other fun things like face painting and tattoo stalls.

The fest begins on Friday, October 27 at 4 pm, on Sat, Oct 28 from 12.30 pm and on Oct 29 from 11.30 am.

The entry is Rs 150 per head. Tickets will be available at the venue.

I had gone for the Octoberfest last year and caught the local band, Thermal and a Quarter’s performance. It was very well organized and turned out to be a nice affair, though I only went on the last day.

So if you’re looking for fun things to do this weekend, this is an option.

For more details:

More Rings alright, but what about dates?

Incidentally, I scanned BMRDA website only day before yesterday to enlighten myself on the new Ring Roads. And today’s Times of India has a story on the upcoming Rings. Only extras over the content on BMRDA website are budgeted amounts CM Kumaraswamy mentioned for these projects.

We all knew about the ring roads, I certainly did. But before you think I am trying a self-boasting exercise here, let me cut to the chase. Why is it that just like that BMRDA website, ToI story too doesn’t mention any dates and deadlines of STRR and IRR projects? If I were a journalist being briefed by CM about these roads, “when” would be the first question I’d ask.

Trivia: Weird, but true!

In the whole of India (some tell me “whole of world”) there is no flyover with a traffic intersection and a signal.

But, only in Bangalore, we have a traffic signal and criss-crossing traffic atop a flyover.

Where is it?

Photo of the Week: Cirque Meli Melo

The Cirque Meli Melo from France performed in Bangalore a weekend ago.

Arindam Thokder managed to click a few pictures and here’s one of them. It reflects well the colour, excitement and mood of the event!

Two New Connections

If you are a frequent air traveler, here are two updates for you…

Emirates will soon open direct connections to Dubai. I couldn’t locate this in the mainstream media, but it was confirmed to me when I got my return tickets confirmed back from New York directly to Bangalore via Dubai instead of the usual Chennai connection.

Air Deccan introduces a direct connection to Madurai from this month end.

Will the infrastructure take this additional load? That’s a different question altogether.

But for now: Go on, fly more!

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