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Gandhigiri Works !

One of my collegues pointed me to this nice little story showing Gandhigiri at work.

This also reminds me of an awesome TV ad-campaign that was telecast a few years ago. The ad starts off showing a taxi driver at a traffic signal, spitting on the road. A babe in a car nearby drives close to the taxi, lowers her car window,looks in his direction and says “Cheeee” making a grimace. The taxi driver gets really embarrassed and the slogan shows up: “Say Cheeee, Keep Mumbai Clean”

We should try this in Bangalore.

Dandiya Night in Palace grounds

The below poster contains all details of the event. Enjoy Maadi !!!


October 4th – Be Prepared!

So there is going to be a bandh on October 4th, as most of us already know. It is most likely that your employer might decide to declare the day as holiday and make you work on one of the days in coming weekends. I got to hear that some of the bigger IT companies have already declared the day as holiday. And most likely that most of the shops and utilities will be closed till evening, and buses and autos will be off the road. So be prepared in advance for closure. If you are one of those single fellas who eat out all the time, you would do good to stock up some ready-to-eats. Others would do good to stock up perishables like milk, curd, vegetables etc. And if you think you will be bored with nothing much to do, bring home some DVDs to kill time.

With the assembly session in Belgaum, I think Maharashtra was given a strong enough message that makes the bandh redundant. But with not much that can be done about it, lets hope it remains peaceful and no one is troubled.

Nagarahole – Tales from an Indian Jungle

Some good news for Wildlife & Nature lovers!!!

The Wildlife Conservation Society, Centre for Wildlife Studies & Wildlife First is celebrating Wildlife Week 2006 in Bangalore.

Also they have arranged a special documentary film show “Nagarahole – Tales from an Indian Jungle” on Oct 02, 2006, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm, since Oct 02 is a public holiday I feel many can make to watch this movie & enjoy.

For more details check WCS website.

Order food online

Check out this site Hungry Bangalore. You can order food online, apart from reserving the tables. Wish more hotels are covered by this site :)



Here is another weekend break from Bangalore that one could explore. The 16th century temple of Lepakshi is around 125 km from Bangalore and is surely worth a visit. The temple is built on the Vijayanagar style of architecture and is known for the unique paintings on the ceilings of the temple.

Take the road to Bagepalli through Chikballapur and continue along the highway till you reach Kodikanalli, where you must take a left. Although the route through Dodballapur and Hindupur is a little shorter, the roads are horrible. Riding to Lepakshi on a bike would definitely be enjoyable.

Lepakshi is a tiny village and apart from a few ‘tiffin’ shacks there are no good options for an eatery. You could try the basic ‘meals’ available at these shacks or carry your own food. It is best done as a day trip.

Foot overbridge near BTM

Its virtually impossible to cross the road near this Jayadeva flyover (BTM side). To add to the misery, there are around 2 to 3 bus stops in either directions in the same place. If someone has to cross the road legally, they would need to walk all the way till Bharat petroleum junction, and cross the road.

Right now, people just look in both directions and cross the road in a haphazard manner causing great danger to themselves, and the motorists.

This place badly needs a foot overbridge! When the city developers are planning a flyover, they should also come up with foot overbridges to avoid such problems. Wonder, when that will happen?

Law to regulate this and that

Oh my god! I seriously thought the real issue in this whole mudslinging thing between the Gowdas and Mr Reddy was one of these:
– Illegal mining of iron ore
– Bribery at levels low and high
– Illegal land transactions

And look at what gets their attention first – a law to regulate fake CDs – clap clap clap!

Well, no wonder we preferred Rang De Basanti over Lage Raho … for that Oscar entry :)

Sharks in Bangalore?

Time to get scared, very scared? You bet it is. The BMP has been trying its best to reduce the eyesores that go by the name of ‘hoardings’. Mostly, routes along commercial areas/locations are prime targets for hoarding contractors. But when citizens allow these companies to install hoardings from within their residential compounds, then its time to be afraid, very afraid with what greed can turn people into.


Sankey, Unforgettable name

Bangalore has got two places with the name Sankey, One is Sankey Lake & other is Sankey Road where it is named after R.H.Sankey, who is one among who has given a modern touch to Bangalore.

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