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pic1.jpgOne life. Do more.” says their tagline. The company is called Fuller Life and has been operational in Bangalore for close to five years. For stressed out professionals, Fuller Life offers avenues to hone their interests, talents and skills in fields other than work and turn them into well rounded individuals.

It also aims to find people an ideal work-life balance. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as we all know. So what does it really offer? In this interview, Arvind Krishnan of the Fuller Life offers an insight into how you can do more with one life.

The Fuller Life is also hiring people to work with them, so in case you’re looking for a job that is different, check out what they have to offer!

Q: What is Fuller Life and when and how did it begin?
A: The Fuller Life is a recreation company. Our job is to make people live a richer life by giving them avenues for new experiences or by rekindling old habits.

pic2.jpgWe do this mainly through the companies who hire us to devise and deploy recreation programs for their employees. These programs cover activities are varied as
a. Online crosswords and treasure hunts
b. Games on the floor
c. Quizzes and literary competitions that are company wide
d. Treks/ rock climbs

And pretty much every other form of recreation that you can think of.

We also run a runners’ club called (predictably) Runners for Life and help individuals follow their interests.

We are about 4 years, 8 months and 25 days old as of Aug 25. The company started when a functioning workaholic decided that there must be more to life than the work-home-work cycle.

2) Today’s youth often complains of stress, being over-worked and having no time. How does Fuller Life fit into this kind of a scenario?

pic3.jpgA: In today’s context, when many people complain about their work-life
balance – we offer options (in conjunction with companies) right at the desk of the employees for them to live our motto of “One life. Do more.” Also, our health offerings (Runners for Life/ Fit for Life) address fitness concerns that working people have. So in that sense, we fit right in.

3) How important, do you feel, are extra-curricular activities in the life of a professional?

A: I’m biased about this – but I do think that the extra-currics are vital. They speak of well rounded individuals, who have a healthy out-of-office life. Usually, the people I call successful are Renaissance men and women – folks with more than one area of expertise.

4) Do you work with companies only or can individuals approach you also?

A: We began our trajectory as an individual focused company. Though currently 90% of our business is from companies – individuals can still do what we started out with i.e. call us and find out what courses are available at what locations – and they can do this free.

pic4.jpg5) Fuller Life is also hiring at the moment. Can you give us the details of what kind of people you’re looking for? What kind of background do they need to have?

A: We have no fixed profile that we hire against. We are looking for articulate people who have high energy levels, like the recreation business, can use computers and are curious about the planet. People
with extra-currics exposure are usually a good fit with our DNA. A sense of humour is optional, but useful.

Contact Information
Web: The Fuller Life
Phone: 080-5669 8001/2

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  1. Shruthi (unregistered) on August 30th, 2006 @ 10:28 am

    Very interesting… thank you!

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