Giver of all good things in life?

Well that’s what Subhiksha, the retail chain store that started in 1997 from Chennai means.

Subhiksha, India`s largest discount retail chain, announced a Rs 550 mn. rollout plan in Karnataka, by opening 60 outlets in Bangalore and Mysore, to be operational over the next 12 weeks.

Here’s the place in Bangalore – Indiranagar to be precise, which we patronise:


I have no qualms stretching money to the max. Many of us do. For people like us, there is a choice in such retail stores, the no frills, no fuss, no fancy stuff type. And who doesn’t want discounts? All those who are lying raise your hands.

Besides, who doesn’t like a bit of honesty and homegrown, successful entrepreneurs? R. Subramanian is one such type. Why not encourage an Indian Sam-Walton in the making?

We’re brutally honest people and we believe that there are a lot of people who love brutally honest businesses like ours.

His logic is impeccable.

“…we also consciously make less money per rupee of sale but make it up with more sales. We are happy to earn 3 per cent on Rs 1,000 rather than 10 per cent on Rs 100.”

Its my belief that in a city like Bangalore where the ordinary, ‘working class’ citizens are in the 95% category and struggle to make ends meet, for whom 10-15% annual increments, stock options, ESOPS etc make little sense, to whom malls & fancy cars are the stuff of dreams, retail/discount chains like Subhiksha will give more than the good things in life.

Some sanity, perhaps!

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