Concerns about safety – and a possible solution?

Safety in Bangalore is becoming a growing concern. Mobbing, assaults, petty thievery – all these are becoming commonplace.

And now we hear an appalling bit of news, that a man was murdered because he protested against someone who was eve-teasing a girl.

This is very disturbing. For one, it shows that no matter how much we scream ourselves hoarse, street harassment is very much a part of life in the metro. And more than anything, it sends across the message that it is dangerous to protest against street harassment.

Girls are taught to “ignore” eve-teasing for their own safety. And when a sensible and right-thinking man tries to protest on the woman’s behalf, he is killed. Does this give us any hope on the future of our society?

What can be possibly done to counter this social evil?

Atanu Dey, in one of his posts, writes about what can be done.

He says:

Publish and make it known that violence against women will not be tolerated from such and such a date onwards. Make that date a few months into the future. Plaster the notice on such places where potential assaulters will have the opportunity to know that there will be zero tolerance for the crime. Make it known that the punishment will be exemplary and harsh.

Then go out and on that specified day, catch a few guilty of street violence against some women. Throw the book at them and report the incidents far and wide. Let it be shown on TV, talked about on the radio, discussed in the pages of the newspapers. Let the pictures of the guilty be published all over the place as if they were movie stars. Do this every few weeks and I guarantee that in a few months, street violence against women will be a thing of the past. The culture would have changed.

I think this could be an excellent idea. It could work not only against street harassment, but against lots of other evils, including, perhaps, bribery and corruption [With a slightly different plan of action, of course].

What do you think? Do you think this approach would work? And do you think that our “leaders” have it in them to adopt this kind of stringent and drastic action?

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  1. Praveen (unregistered) on August 4th, 2006 @ 12:35 pm

    Hi Shruthi,
    Yes, This apporch may work upto some extent but i am sure it wont solve the issue 100%.
    Always Human wont tolarate the ENFORCEMENTS.
    Also in past many have punished to death for there guilty rape, murder etc… Is people stopped doing this kind of crime ????

    However i support this kind of ideas to reduce the crime.

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